Wow, there's a comment on the anticapitalist FB by a guy boasting that he made the 2013 Washington's Most Wanted and hoping this year is going to be a big one. Charming.
Ansel, your twitter link has a ")" instead of the second "/".
Apparently a folding table stacked with pamphlets is now a "mini-library."

I'll try to remember that the next time I get grumpy about the LaRouchies outside the post office.
thanks @4. now i know how all these damned masked children can afford to throw off the chains the capitalist jailer has put on them.
It looks like SPD are running a cattle drive through Belltown.
@5, if we can all work at home and make $89 per hour, we can throw off the shackles of our right-wing oppressors, and we can take back what's rightfully ours. I think that's what @4 is getting at.

Also, don't mind the crowd reaction Larry Wilmore got last night, or the lack of press about him (as opposed to President Obama) - they don't like hearing truth spoken to power.
"We've marched in pointless circle..."


What a great metaphor for leftish thinking.
I fucking hate "anti-capitalist" anarchists! I'm not a Republican, I'm not a corporate shill, I'm a disabled woman on Social Security disability who almost died during the W.T.O. riots because rioters blocked the damn streets and nearly kept me from life-saving medical help for a severe asthma attack. I think these stupid fucks deserve whatever they get. If they hate the U.S.A. so damn much, why in hell do they stay here? Go live in China or Russia. This country is far from perfect but does throwing chairs through windows of stores really change lives for the better? Noooooo, don't think so.

> How do you go from the Haymarket Riots to this stupid shit?

By carefully ignoring any and all progress made via gradual change within the system?
This year's Undergraduate Anger Pageant seems even more ineffectual than usual. However did they end up at a Costco?

> However did they end up at a Costco?

Dramatic irony is a law of physics now. There was a ballot referendum.
@12 Undergraduate Anger Pageant is the perfect title for this event. Ha!
Predictable and boring, like this year's Bumbershoot lineup.
And so the revolution began. In a Cosco parking lot. Where the fearless and nobel stopped the unfair distribution of large quantities of toilet paper, and all things evil that even they don't completely understand, but just know, in their righteous and pure hearts. Well done brave souls. Well done.
Predictable and disgusting (a more appropriate adjective than boring): KOMO:
- Police say five officers were injured, with one suffering facial lacerations that required medical treatment.
- The department issued a dispersal order at about 7:15 p.m. and began deploying flash bang grenades to keep the protesters moving. Nine protesters were arrested and face charges of property destruction, obstructing justice, and assault, according to police.
- Police say protesters threw Molotov cocktails at officers on Fourth Avenue, but it's unclear if anyone was injured.

Ladies and Gents: I believe the spoiled little white children protesting in the streets are called "the regressive left".

Next year I'm all for mustard gassing the whole fucking lot of them. They don't stand for anything except "me me me me!!"
Throwing flaming gasoline bombs at real people, who have hopes and dreams and children and such? Ever seen a burn unit? Fucking awful - you should go to jail for 20 years minimum for trying to light people on fire.
Cruz Super PAC Head Promotes 'Biblical' Slavery for Non-Christians... Trump will not use religion as an excuse & labor will become lampshades...…
@20: Mustard gas really isn't something even to joke about, man. Speaking as someone who knows about its chemistry (heck I could make some given a decent laboratory), especially how it affects biological systems, it's one of the most horrific weapons ever devised.
(It's not an aerosol made from mustard; it's a sulfur-based blister agent that results, upon skin contact, in some of the nastiest chemical burns imaginable. The name refers to its color, not its composition.)
@24, meet @21.
@23, so they'd finally have a legit issue to bitch about that would justify their behavior.
@26: Look m88, sulfur mustard has got to be right up there with acute radiation exposure (and I'm talking about the sort of shit Hisashi Ouchi went through in 1999), dimethylmercury poisoning, scaphism and the breaking wheel as far as bad deaths go. It's a weapon that never should have made it to the battlefield.

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