Let's take a little more time to recognize the Costco-sized shaming of our 'anarchist' underclass, who were herded around the town like sheep yesterday.

Baaaa Black Block Baaaaaa.

At about Century Link, two hours into their forced jog, the evening sun got the better of our righteous liberators and they started to shed their black gear, to reveal a meager looking pack of 'C' students at Seattle Art Institute. (The Revolution Will Not Be Letter-Pressed!!!).

Poor Ansel, left Tweeting regrets while the police force-marched him to well south of the industrial zone, made them sit until they were good and sorry, and then made walk back several miles, in small groups, on the sidewalk.

And by the look of some of those marchers, they could use the exercise. Seattle: Home of the slothy revolutionary.

Game. Set. Match. SPD.

You seem angry. You might benefit from some therapy and/or counseling. Maybe consider looking into it.
The "Riot Privilege" article was a waste of time. I mean, the poor anarchists who smash windows and loot businesses productively getting unfairly lumped in with anarchists who smash windows and loot businesses malevolently are the real victims.

But belittling statements aside, the fundamental problem with anarchy is that it ignores the reality of how societies and social psychology works. The past 120 years are littered with countries where the power structures (be they democratic or oppressive) crumbled and many fragmented groups sprung up with their own ideas about how things should move forward. Often they began fighting among themselves, cities became war zones, and the average person just wanted the fighting to end. Consequently, when the most powerful and most ruthless got a leg up and began sending their rivals off to forced labor camps, people went along with it since the fighting in the streets had ended. As a result, we ended up with North Korea, every Russian government since the Czar (not that he was any good), Myanmar, Burma, Egypt, China, and a whole host of other disasters.
Now, anarchists might say "but there have been successes too" and the rebuttal is "and you want to tear them down as well." So leave the anarchists to stew in their frustrations along with the Sovereign Citizens and Conspiracy Theorists.
Those sink holes are related. Second cousins, once removed.
The 1957 sinkhole was badass. Sinkholes these days get off my lawn.…
Labor should expand the May Day marches and events to the weekend as well as May 1st. That way they could at least get a news cycle that didn't involve the idiots smashing things being the only news reported. Hell, make it a week or a whole month of labor stories!

If you ever want to send a white male Seattle anarchist (or anarcho-communist) into a gibbering rage, just suggest to him that the Sovereign Citizen movement is a form of anarchism.

Given that every other peaceful march or demonstration in the city is essentially ignored by the media, including The Stranger, that might not work out the way you hope it would.
I'm starting to lean towards mustard gassing next years May Day festivities. Then the protesters can really have something to bitch about.

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