Marc J. Randazza, a lawyer who only considers the rights of men, defended Feldman's unhinged behavior to the Business Journal. “I myself received emails like this from him while I was his professor, and I did what any coward would do—shrugged it off. That's part of being a man without any courage or conviction. You hide in the social power arbitrarily afforded to you, based not on merit or intelligence or character, but on gender or skin color. You use it to protect yourself from having to emotionally mature and be a complete human being, while pretending to be superior to everyone else. That way no one challenges and you can continue to be an emotional infant, where people rush to bring you food and comfort whenever you cry and whine, and feel that they've done something wrong when you pout. I love being a white male and if you're not, it's your own damn fault."

Thanks, Mr. Randazza. Good to know.
It would be nice if the mayor and the male CMs were not disappointed, but furious.

So could sports teams bar some of these assholes from attending their games on account of the danger they present to women?
Feldman / Randazza -- Perpetuating Sexism & Hate, 2016.

And hey! They're lawyers! So it must be ok... Or at least, they know how to get away with it.
It wasn't "coincidental," Bagshaw and the ladies basically colluded. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but let's not kid ourselves. The gals made it happen.

"Councilmember Sally Bagshaw, a former prosecutor who spearheaded opposition to vacating the street, is said by sources to have lobbied her female colleagues hard in recent days to sway their votes."…
That's a lot of words for a silly and trivial incident. Almost comes across as hysterical.
@6 For sure. I am sure they got together like hens in a hen house.
1. Spew with no filter because, uh, Trump
2. ???
3. Profit!
This shit bag lawyer should definitely be disbarred, and the people tweeting sexist hate are assholes.

I don't like the mode of political rhetoric that finds moral outrage at the sadly inevitable worst sliver of responses to massive public issues, and diverts all attention there, and so away from reasoned responses of the opposition. It's an insidious species of "shouting down." The Stranger does this too often; Barnett has fairly made a career of it.

FWIW I think the City Council made the right call.
It's unfortunate that the main story behind this NBA related vote is some citizen (i don't care if he's a lawyer or not) who sends a vile email. Sure, it's a reprehensible email, but why is he being singled out amongst all the hate mail that the Seattle council members receive? Or the hate main that any politician receives. Want proof, check out the responses on the POTUS twitter account.

Why is no one questioning why this vote was split between the sexes? All men voted in favor, and all women on the council shot it down. What is this, a grade school popularity contest?

It's hard not to look at this situation as being fueled by personal interest rather than consideration for the greater good.
I'll also add that the way the Mayor and media are treating this situation is a disservice to the female politicians at the council. It's basically sending the message that women in public office can't handle the criticism. Oh no, they're women, be nice guys.

Meanwhile, America has no problem personally trashing Donald Trump with as much vitriol as we can muster. He's a man, he can take it.
@6, @12: Have you considered that the female councilmembers are representing the legitimate views of their constituents? This arena deal does not seem as bad as some (including the deals for the existing arenas in SODO), but voting against having the city bend over and spread 'em for pro sports could be construed as protecting the city's interests (i.e. "the greater good"). It certainly does not help the arena's cause that every time the topic comes up tons of backwards dudes start slinging misogyny, homophobia, and general nastiness at the political opposition. If that is the kind of dude pro sports is going to bring into Seattle, please build your stupid sportsball stadium on the eastside.
@6 But the four male council members who voted yes didn't "collude" in your mind, I'm guessing. When men all vote the same way, it's just agreeing on an issue. When women vote the same way, it's collusion? Alrighty.

The Council members do NOT need to talk to these sad trolls - whose lives are so lame that they need another sports team so they can pound their chests and yell "We're #1" - doesn't matter to them that even if the team wins they'd wouldn't be #1, since they're not the ones who played!

The Council members already explained that they voted no because of the damages and $$$ losses that the Port of Seattle and the workers and industries would suffer. Anyone who says there'd be no loss clearly hasn't been driving in Seattle in the last 15 years!. DOT says last summer it took 79 min to get from downtown Seattle to Sea Tac. You guys might enjoy wasting several YEARS of your life sitting in traffic, the rest of us have other things to do.

Maritime trade is billions $ exports imports business in WA, AND in all the landlock states that ship their exports through our Port. Hundreds of thousands of people depend on this trade to feed their families - farmers, ranchers, fishermen, shellfish workers, orchards, vineyards, bookstores, Amazon, etc.,etc.,etc. Oppose to all those, we have Basketball. MANY stadiums across the country have not been able to pay for themselves before their usage lifespan runs out. Seattle's WILL BE one of these money losing stadiums. Basketball can get lots of people to fill up the stadium in places like Indiana where there's NOTHING ELSE TO DO. Seattle wasn't even able to fill up the stadium when it was a sleepy burg with not much going on. These days people have hundreds of things to choose from every week. The City would be paying corporate welfare so this rich dude and a bunch of sad unathletic people can pretend they're sportsmen; while people and businesses that depend on the Port suffer and lose billions, and the rest of us get emphysema from sitting in traffic. It's a no brainer here why they voted no!

These oh so brave men who are harassing the Council members should forward their. "freedom of speech" email and tweet objections to the Stevedores Union. I'm sure if they can convince these Port workers and users to withdraw their objections the Council will reconsider! Go ahead guys, we'll wait, (with Brando😘 😈)
Before you misogynistic trolls start with your mansplaining or insults/death threats, I should disclose that I played basketball for several years, and went to State twice, only high school AAA league; but still, I did play and I love basketball. I just don't need to send thousands of people to the food bank and crash economies to pretend I'm still a player. Go to a freaking sports bar and watch it.

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