Uncle Ike's Pot Shop Admits It Violated Seattle's Minimum-Wage Law

The Company Said Misinformation Was to Blame for the Error


That is serious bull from Uncle Ike's.
I do payroll for a small company in Seattle, and it is ridiculously easy to find accurate updated information on the Seattle minimum wage law. And anyone who was paying attention and handles a payroll knows to check each year to see how the minimum wage has gone up. You can do it with a simple internet search. Or, you know, follow the link your employee sends you.
Perhaps they could post one of these. Or an employee could. It's easy to understand.
As if anyone needed any more evidence that this guy is a complete and total shitbag...But thanks for shining the light on this cockroach.
people need to understand that cheap weed comes at a price. Retailers cutting corners, growers cutting corners. There is no reason for it. Pay a couple bucks more for a gram and buy from retailers and growers who support sustainability, not only in growing weed practices, but also their business practices (ie.. paying living wages, dealing fairly with vendors, buying locally, supporting their communities).
Seriously folks why are any of you supporting this creep? He's our own personal weed Trump. And I notice that he has an ad every few pages in The Stranger so I guess they don't want to rock his boat too hard... Sad!
Jeez you creeps ... hate much? I’m guessing none of you has ever operated a business with dozens of employees. Sounds like the company who they outsourced their payroll to wasn’t up on Seattle’s new rules .. he is paying the diff + giving everyone a raise. I shop at this store, as I’m sure many of you do and it doesn’t seem like people who work there are unhappy. Do you know that other pot shops pay more? Do you know if other pot shops suport their community ... and oh Take_a_breath, all pot is local, its the law.
Higher Leaf in Kirkland and Bellevue pays living wages and provides medical coverage to all of their employees.