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Families of Those Killed by Police Push to Remove "State of Mind Language" from State Law

There have been 213 killings by police officers in this state over the past decade. the stranger


We also need to make it harder for convicted rapists like Che Taylor from having such easy access to guns.

Let's do both!!
Aaand Ansel Herz references the killing of Che Taylor and the dispute around it without mentioning that a witness gave a statement that the deceased had a gun, that a gun was recovered from the vehicle in which he was shot, and that Taylor was only even apprehended in the first place because an officer had seen him carrying a gun 45 minutes earlier.
Teach the controversy!
Sorry, David in Shoreline. Killer cops don't get to be prosecutor, judge and jury by pulling triggers at a man who paid his debt to society. This was murder covered up by classic planting of a cop's gun at the scene of the crime. SHAME on all of us for tolerating politicians who exonerate rogue cops.
@5: So, the witness who reported that he had a gun with him was...what exactly?
Mud Baby, what evidence (if any) would convince you that the shooting of Mr. Taylor was justifiable?
@5 "Killer cops don't get to be prosecutor, judge and jury by pulling triggers at a man who paid his debt to society."

Che Taylor was on parole. He would had been sent back to prison, if he was not armed, was in possession of drugs, if any of the people in the car had criminal records. The drugs they found on him, would had put him back in prison, not jail waiting for trial, but prison, while waiting for a pending trial.. if he was found guilty, the sentence could had been pretty much a life sentence, given his previous criminal record. Add the firearm charge, and depending on the amount of drugs on him, (possession charge or a intent to distribute charge) There are a couple reasons why Che Taylor was either stalling or not cooperative with Seattle PD trying to make an arrest.

I have no problem in overhauling Police Training, having County DA's office having more of a role in police shooting than IA section of the Police doing an internal review, if that can help with less police shootings. Also remember one of those stats of police shooting people, was Maurice Clemmons..

Che Taylor shouldn't be the poster boy for police shootings. He was on the path in going back to Prison for decades. Felons with firearms, going into Police Stake Out Drug house, and refusing to comply with Police demands with drawn guns, is a recipe for lethal force..
Okay, so let's say they remove the language about good faith belief. Police get multiple 911 calls reporting a man pointing a gun at people. Officer arrives on scene to find a man who immediately runs at him, pointing a gun. Officer shoots and kills man with gun. Gun turns out to be extremely realistic looking pellet gun, not a real gun.

Objectively, in hindsight, there was no real threat, right? But of course, there was no way for the officer to know that at the time they fired. So now that you've changed the law, that officer in the hypothetical above would have to be prosecuted for murder, right? How does that make any sense at all?
Fueling hate against the police will end up in wide spread de-policing. Cops, who feel as though they are held under a microscope for every move they make will simply shut down. It is already occurring. They will handle their calls but will cease making investigative stops. This is apparently what the Mayor and city council want.

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