It's a crash, not an accident Charles, because it's fixable.
I'm glad that freakishly warm temperatures on a regular basis isn't anything to worry about. And I'm glad our region has decided to place such a low priority on light rail that I can keep driving my car. I'll probably buy two more before we have a fully functional rapid transit system that makes sense to use.
Today's talking points are the things we are going to talk about. The story of these stories is that they won't stop developing.
charles is two steps away from blaming high housing prices on the jews
90 degrees in June is not global warming. We've always had summer temperatures in summer.
@5 except it's not's spring. Look it up and educate yourself.
"my rents high, guess I'm going to now be homeless."

Really, thats the garbage you posit to start this article? If it's expensive to live somewhere (say, capitol hill), you have 90% of the rest of the state which is cheaper as an option to live. I want a lake front house in Medina, but because I can't afford it doesn't make me homeless. It means I commute, with thousands of others, from the south sound.
Raise the speed limit and solve the housing crisis.
18 hour cities are great. I hate road trips where you have to stay in Podunk Nowheresville, you arrive at 7.30pm, and absolutely nowhere is open for dinner. Appleby's closes at 8 and won't let you in, and even the McDonald's drive-thru window is shut.
@6 June 1st is the start of meteorological summer. June 21/22 is the start of astronomical summer. Look it up and educate yourself!…
You can lower the speed limit to 2mph and it would not make a bit of difference in this town. The only place you can get a speeding ticket in Seattle is on Aurora by the bridge or within a school zone that is having an "emphasis" patrol that day. With zero enforcement by SPD we are already working on the honor system and most people just drive as they please (because they are all above average drivers).
@7 which means vast amount of wasted resources Monday through Friday; twice daily.
Stop letting Mudede write things.
@7 has hit the nail on the head, and also outlined why our Transit and Housing issues are intertwined.

The outcome of an elevated minimum wage is localized inflation, which will accelerate gentrification and 'poor-flight'. This in turn increases the costs of social services, as they become decentralized. It is a cycle, one that was going to happen regardless- but it is being sped up. Nothing wrong with it, but likely not the effect we were going for.
The union suit/buttcrack picture is cute.
Limiting the limit to 20 mph demonstrates a rigidly fixed mindset of establishment decimal integers and antiquated devotion to old white English metrics. We must shake off these foul old prejudices and standardize upon 31.4159265 kilometers/hour! The slower the safer, so love your neighbor and practice negative velocities.
I always call them "wrecks"
@14 Trump University graduate?
There is no free lunch, the cost of housing will track with the value people place on the amenities. If any time the cost of housing lags behind, new residents will pour in (from the eastside, from tacoma, from california, from the south, etc) and drive rents back up again.

if you want rents to go back down, rezone for heavy industrial use, for auto shops and paint factories and paper mills; build more strip malls, replace parks with warehouses, that kind of thing.
@19, or progressive income tax.
@20 Because that's worked so well to keep SF rents down
That "18-hour city" story is bullshit:

Cities like San Francisco and New York are obvious choices for grads who want to get ahead in the tech or finance industries but they don’t come cheap...An 18-hour city has all the same features and amenities of a major city like San Francisco but it doesn’t run on a 24-hour basis.
I lived in the Bay Area for decades, up until a few years ago. San Francisco is not a 24-hour city. BART and Muni Metro shut down at midnight and 1 a.m. respectively 7 days a week. The after-hours club scene and availability of all-night restaurants is lackluster for a place of its size, density and cultural prominence.
Sorry, CreditSesame, but every city I can think of in the US/Canada — except New York and Las Vegas — is an 18-hour city.
If Cliff Mass only ran a successful entertainment and restaurant empire that advertised heavily with local alternative media, he could call up his good friend Tim Keck and ask that the Stranger stop saying such mean things about him.

But he doesn't, so everyone will just have to remember that Charles is being myopically stupid on this topic.
More anti-science bullshit from Charles Mudede, what else should I expect?
@23, next time i will try to be myopically smart on this subject.
@11 is right; there is zero enforcement of speed limits in Seattle so asking people to slow down won't do it. I'm sure it would be safer but it would, of course, increase the time that cars are on the streets. I think people getting off their damn phones would improve driving more than a 20-mph speed limit.

"Why are we not offered the choice to live in places that just pay for themselves?"

What the heck does that mean?
Why are we not offered the choice to live in places that just pay for themselves?

Right -- and why am I not offered the choice to have sex with Mila Kunis whenever it strikes my fancy? Perhaps I haven't found the magic tree on which these choices grow, as Mila hasn't been offering that choice to me?

Charles -- nothing's preventing you from giving up on vomiting out the drivel that you write here and starting a non-profit that builds market-rate housing that merely "pays for itself", thereby offering such a choice to your fellow neighbors.

Given the number of people around here who feel that they should be able to live where ever they want for whatever they want to pay, it seems like you'd be able to enlist quite the workforce who'd be willing to pay it forward! Come to think of it, I wonder why this hasn't happened yet?

Surely people would be willing to do this for minimum wage, you'd be willing to put up the licensing and bonding fees for all of this, you'd be willing to spend all of your waking hours swinging hammers, battling with people who fight your building permits, all while trying to avoid getting sued, and everyone would be happy not making a profit for all their troubles, right? We can just Habitat For Humanity-afiy all new construction in Seattle, right!? Maybe even fund the whole thing via KickStarter or Indiegogo?
Was Charles Mudede high on crystal meth when he wrote this? Bunch of ridiculous gibberish.
@10- We had 9 days of above 80 degree weather in Seattle before June 1st. That's summer weather in springtime.

@23- Cliff Mass is fucking terrible at explaining himself on human caused climate change and no amount of "but he's scientific" makes it any better. If he's going to be writing for/speaking to laypeople then he needs to tailor his delivery for the audience.
Charles, if you're so insistent that Seattle is a crapstain backwater compared to "real cities", please do us a favor and move to whatever hellhole you admire. New York, I'm guessing? Perhaps you're not aware, but it's even more expensive there - are you sure there will be enough tech workers there to blame the housing problems on?
Just remove on street parking and turn it into bike and transit lanes
@22 - Agreed. San Francisco is probably the perfect example of an 18 hour city. It's gotten better, but I don't think it'll ever run 24. However many hours the 3rd tier is I have no doubt Seattle would be king of that.
@26 What the fuck anti-vaxx candidate do you think I'm voting for, Jill Stein? Someone else? When did I ever make such a statement? Are you high, too lazy to click my post history or just making shit up? I've always been against the Greens for their lazy environmentalism and dangerous views on healthcare.

It doesn't matter, I'd rather cut my arms off with a hacksaw than vote for some anti-vaxxer or their ilk.

As far as "accusing democrats of being anti-science", we (and I say we because I'm a fucking member) certainly hold our share of anti-science views and they should be called out.

Unless you think that's too droll, of course.
@30 No, you suck at understanding that climate change is measured in trends rather than specific events, and that weather events are the result of numerous factors rather than just the blanket charge of climate change. Particularly in the Pacific Northwest. This stuff is measured over time, and it's clear that it's happening but you cannot take a few days in isolation from everything else and scream CLIMATE CHANGE!

Folks like you always complain about pedantry and nuance, but guess what? That's how science works. Those who are going to ignore the mountains of evidence that climate change is real and dangerous aren't doing so because people like Cliff Mass - they're doing it because they're shitheads who have something to gain from it. They're not participating in good faith and Cliff Mass and other scientists shouldn't dumb themselves down in response.

Folks like Mudede are nothing more than hypocrites when they demand simple answers - it's amazing to me how a supposed "intellectual" is so eager to ignore the beauty and complexity that is our weather. Don't fall into the same trap.
@30 um, yeah, I know? That's not what I was arguing.
"20 is enough. 20's plenty. 20 saves all lives."

Why do you hate the working class and poor so much that you'd propose doubling their mass transit commute times? I'm also pretty sure that getting hit by a bus at 20MPH will also hurt a lot, so perhaps we'd be better off removing them from the road altogether. Everyone should only walk and ride bikes, including the elderly and/or the infirm.
That was a mean spirited post. Maybe you should take a break from the internet for a while..
Solk512, I'd just like to thank you for laying some sense on these people.
A 20 mph speed limit, Charles? Where do you think we are --- Ferguson?

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