Never Trump

What Hillary Clinton's Win Brings into Focus


I'm looking forward to Hillary Clinton and her supporters work to bring the Bernie Sanders supporters back into the fold.

Clinton will collude with the Republicans to deregulate Wall Street, start more foreign wars, sign trade deals that will continue the economic evisceration of working people for generations, and slash what's left of the social safety net. She was strongly in favor of all of that til she found Jesus on the campaign trail.

Feel free to continue gloating and mocking those of us who reject Clinton and say that we have no one else to vote for. To hell with all that.
@2 she'll cut it. Hell, Obama offered to cut the rest of the social safety net several times over the past 8 years. The only thing that saved us was the racists in congress who refused to work with the black guy.
I don't know if Hillary believes in American democracy. I sincerely hope she does. The current state of our democracy is distressed. Money's influence in politics has created some very undemocratic situations. An excellent example of this is the TPP. According to Obama, it's a great trade deal that will benefit America. However, we are not allowed to read the text of this wonderful deal. Hillary was a big booster of the TPP, until her polling and focus groups told her it was not popular. Obama is now covering for her by blocking the release of her emails relating to TPP until after the election in November. That is one example of our distressed democracy. There are many others, such as lobbyists literally writing bills, pharmaceutical money keeping our prescription drug prices the highest in the world. I know lots of people like to simply blame Republicans for this. But it's more complex and many Democrats are on the receiving end of big money.

The question that needs to be resolved is what does the Democratic party stand for? Are we the party that supports ordinary people or do we support big business and big money? We can't do both. Big money has been eroding our democracy for decades. My fear is in the coming months, when people bring up the topic of money's influence on the Democratic party, the only reply will be "Donald Trump!"
This is precisely the wrong tone for a piece that is intended to persuade. Indeed, one of the things I've noted consistently during this election cycle is how fucking tone-deaf Hillary supporters are. Do you simply not understand the mechanics of persuasion?

The fact is, Hillary Clinton is such a weak, compromised candidate that she needs Sanders' voters to beat the pot-bellied trust-fund caudillo against whom she's running. Given that, a little humility might be the order of the day. And seems to be the one weapon missing from the pro-Hillary arsenal.
While Trump's overt racism is certainly horrifying, I am puzzled why no one seems horrified by Clinton's genocidal hatred of Palestinians. She literally cheered on the mass slaughter of Palestinian children in 2014, praising the IDF for shelling schools and hospitals. She's expressed unconditional support for Netanyahu, even after he ran an openly racist campaign-- even now, as he appoints the fascist Avigdor Lieberman as Defense Minister. We can be sure Netanyahu will double down on his brutal, genocidal tactics... and we can be sure he'll get a green light from Clinton, no matter how many children he murders. How can anyone who claims to be a progressive support this monster?
Well, there goes our last hope of not having a truly...interesting 2020.

This is not to say that I think that Clinton is worse than Trump. This is to say that the only thing most conservatives hate more than Obama is Clinton.

This means that IF Clinton wins that things won't get any better and will most likely get much worse for the country overall. And if Trump wins? Still have no idea how that will go but it will be pretty awful, I'm sure.

And we are going to continue to have the middle class be hollowed out due to automation and outsourcing no matter who wins and they won't address the consequences of that.

You are so right. Those stupid HRC supporters and their shrill criminal genocidal corrupt war monger monster candidate that wants to skull-fuck and throw under the bus the middle class. They are tone-deaf and know nothing of humility.
So very happy. Also confident that Hillary will be the best U.S. President of my lifetime, at least to date. You go girl!!!!!!!!
It's literally about preventing the nuclear apocalypse, You are all fools if ugly-orange's fingers have access the nuclear codes.
*to the nuclear codes
If everyone who is unwilling to support Hillary keeps arguing about her using conservative-produced soundbites as fact, nothing will change. Hillary's voting record as a senator is as progressive as Bernie's. Her decisions as Secretary of State were all in the context of the clusterfuck America is embroiled in in the middle east because of Bush II. Her 'courting' of big money and Wall Street is systemic more than personal...all politics since Citizens United is screwed by big money and as fucked as it is that's how one is competitive as a candidate today.

The Supreme Court is the issue that matters most in this election. You may not like Hillary very much, but she will not allow the court to go conservative.

Grassroots efforts need to continue to make progressive agenda items matter in federal legislation, which, if passed, Hillary will not veto.

And a vote for a third party or write in or abstaining is a de facto vote for Trump because no third party candidate, including Bernie, can get enough support to win the election.

So choose what you will.

Sane people that know how politics work know how important this is. We don't need to 'court' Bernie or Busters; you should be smart enough to know better. When you run a horribly negative attack-based campaign, why do you expect people that have had to put up with that horrid shit to bend over for you? You don't deserve it. If you aren't smart enough to know that supporting Hillary is the strategically sound thing to do, and that your policy agenda will now get prominence at the Democratic convention, go ahead and waste your vote and suffer the consequences of not helping keep our country moving in the right direction.
Man you nitwits would really be apoplectic if your saint actually won the presidency and the inevitable occurred: US foreign policy did not change much.
@11/12 Nuclear war is this year's Nazi comparisons. Have fun with that.
@13 "Hillary's voting record as a senator is as progressive as Bernie's"

Stopped reading right there. Lie better. Hillary has learned how...

@16 - Do better research if you disagree. It's true. No lie necessary.
@17 Three words: PATRIOT Act. Twice.
@16 I thought "regressive left" was the new Hitler card for 2016?
@19 Neolib is the new DINO.
You're right that it appears Hillary beat Sanders for the Democratic nomination. It's the fair and square part of your title that is highly suspect.
This thread only proves @5 comment to be true. Hillary and her supporters are clueless and the election vs Trump will be close.

This election is so interesting because "true progressives" and "true conservatives" both hate their own party's candidate. A large segment of voters want an option C - other. Unfortunately the corrupt two party system will continue to fuck its citizenry further.
@22, in a couple of weeks we are going to start to see how close the election will be (or maybe how much of a blow out it will be) but I assure you, if it's close, the Clintonmaniacs will immediately blame the Bernie supporters for Hillary Clinton's lack of appeal. Remember: it's NEVER the Clinton's fault...EVER!!!
What a joke of an article. Not only was there a great deal of BLATANT voter fraud, but the media had enormous bias, and the bias of the stranger is showing as well.

Hillary is a fucking joke, but what is even MORE of a joke is this quote from the article:

"and respects the rule of law"

Are you aware of the VERY SERIOUS AND VERY REAL FBI investigation she is going through in regards to the e-mails? Broke a number of basic security laws and protocalls because she just was lazy. Not to mention all of the extremely conservative and war mongering she has pushed over the years and sheer incompetence policy wise.

What a fucking joke this country is, caring more about image and media presence than actual substance. This country deserves the consequences of the lies it eats willingly.
The best thing you guys could do for Hillary Clinton is to stop talking. Just shut up.

Condescendingly explaining (again) that she is not Trump is not helping. Everyone knows she is not Trump. Yelling it at me just pisses me off.

Filling my Twitter, FB, and RSS feeds with articles portraying Hillary as victim (again) of sexism, partisan skullduggery, and media bias is not helping. Being a victim of something is not a qualification for becoming President of the United States. Yelling it at me louder and more often doesn't change my mind about that. It only pisses me off.

You've had this explained to you a thousand times and you don't seem to be able to pivot from repeating these failed tactics that make those who dislike Hillary dislike her her even more. If this approach was ever going to work, it would have worked a long time ago. But it doesn't and it's not going to start working now.

If you were capable of hearing the reasons why people don't like her, you could frame an argument to change their minds. But something is preventing you from grasping it. I don't know what that something is. I don't know why you seem so blind and deaf to it.

I can't explain it. It is what it is. The fact is, you can't help your candidate. The more you try, the more harm you do. Perhaps there is somebody out there who does understand why people don't like Hillary Clinton, and they could help her by addressing those issues. But they need room to be heard. You need to give them room.

Just shut up.
Write in Sanders! for Trump. At least then there'd be a violent overthrow of this ridiculous excuse for a democracy.
Today's challenge for Hillary voters: convince me that I should vote for Hillary instead of the Green Party without comparing her to Republicans or Trump, and without using her gender as a reason unto itself.

Because there's very little about Hillary that is what I want.

LGBT politics? We'll see (still don't trust her because of DOMA).
Racial politics? Nope (though better than Trump).
Regulating the banks? Hah!
Privacy rights and national security? Nope.
Anti-TPP/TPIP? Nope (don't trust her nimbsy-pimbly stance).
$15+ Minimum wage? Nope.
Fair taxation? Nope.
Single payer health insurance? Pfffft.
More education funding/less student debt? Nada.
Anti-Keystone? Not in her voting record.
Not pro-Israel? Nope.
Isolationist foreign policy? Nope.
Anti-gun control? Nope.
Anti-Citizens United? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

What is there for me to like about Hillary? Even her stance on abortion and women's rights is up for sale, according to an earlier interview.
According to CNN exit polls, 65% of the registered Democrats that voted in Democratic primaries voted for Clinton. I was one of them. We are happy with our choice and think that she'll be an excellent President. And we're confident that she'll absolutely clobber Trump in November.

It's easy to point out America's flaws, but we live in a good and tolerant country. Sure we have our share of haters and bigots - all countries do. But we elected a black guy with a Muslim name as our President. Twice. This year, the best choice for the job happens to be a woman. We are becoming better.
@8: Subtle.
@25: Fuck you. Either listen or don't. But don't tell us to shut up after we had to listen to fucking Bernie-tinged bullshit on repeat for the last year and a half. Much of that bullshit is why people like you won't pull your head out of your fucking ass and see truths that are plain in the record. I will never argue that Hillary is a perfect candidate. But I will argue that she is the best choice in this election to move progressive agenda items forward despite her flaws. Voting Green or write in just won't do that. If you can't see it, fine. Don't try to stop the conversation. We don't have an internet for silence, you fucking fuck fuck.
Yes, DTrump must not be POTUS. If you think something wrong with this country, I doubt that DTrump will makes things better.
If Clinton wins it will usher in the most secretive lest transparent presidency we have ever seen. More money from foreign powers enriching her so call charity.
I'm afraid that neither candidate brings anything into focus for the majority, with the exception of Bernie Sanders. I recommend an excellent documentary, "Requiem for the American Dream" in which Noam Chomsky outlines the 10 principles of how democracy is on the verge of collapsing. Combine this information with global strategic business analysis and it is pretty much a sure bet that the next four years, no matter who wins, is going to see a major economic crash. When people line around the block to buy into mortgages on high-end condos that won't be built for three years, the writing tends to be on the wall. The only exception is that during '09, our economy weathered it, but this time around our economy is still recovering and many, even in Seattle have stagnated wages that haven't increases since '09. The next implosion will be catastrophic. Look for the Brexit vote next week as that will be an indicator as to how fast events will progress or, as I suspect regress .
"Feel the Berne!...
Panama Papers billionaire honoured at York U despite bribery case...
Panama Papers! As you Canadians can tell how well the corporate news media in the U.S. is keeping basically all "Panama Papers" news out of national and local U.S. news agencies. The class/race/gender war always keeps the Puritan-based society occupied. Spokane, Washington is a great example of this. cathy mcmorris-rodgers is #3 in the House and most of the locals can't even name one of the towns north of the border. Spokane will petition publicly about "dirty Mexicans" stealing our jobs, like the car industry, but if I mention our car companies in Canada they have no idea what I am talking about.

"rape kit" Spokane... "keeping it simple, next to stupid".…