News Jun 8, 2016 at 4:00 am

A New City Law Helps You Avoid a Rent Hike If Your Apartment Is in Unsafe Condition

Not all housing-code violations will trigger the new rule, but the most serious safety-related ones will. clay showalter


I dislike Sawant & rest of her SJW bs but this law doesn't bother me.

It's probably not legal to forbid doing X as a condition of doing Y, but maybe so. No doubt we'll find out when someone goes to court. The real story is Sawant attempt to fine some way around Stafe prohibition of rent control.

But people should keep up their property & if no able/competent to manage it, then sell it to someone with more money to fix up and then raise rents.

It's simply not common business practice to have residential tenants pay for improvements before they receive benefits (though done all time w/ commercial real estate).

However curious to hear other POVs from market-oriented readers.
The apartment will get fixed to the minimum. Then, you'll get served with a rent increase larger than intended because you cried to the city. So, you're still out of a place to stay.

Landlording is a tough biz, and people who are lazy are not a good fit for owning residential real estate. When tenants report something isn't working, a competent landlord (or his or her management company) will hustle right over to take a look. Competent landlords also have call lists of plumbers, electricians, glaziers, painters, flooring companies, appliance dealers, etc. they can use to get the job done ASAP, correctly and at a reasonable price. The other major opportunity for landlords to do repairs is whenever people move out. Just go in there, make a to do list and either fix it themselves or pay someone else to do the work. It isn't rocket science, but it is tax deductible.

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