News Jun 29, 2016 at 4:00 am

Signature Gatherers Are Being Told to Give People Few Details About Their Anti-Trans Ballot Initiative—And If They Tell You I-1515 Is a "Fair Vote for Coed Bathrooms," They're Lying

The I-1515 campaign is being run by the same people who fought gay marriage in 2012. david wilson


I'm shocked - SHOCKED I tell you - that BIGOTS would LIE!

Someone needs to report the stats on how many assaults on children . by trans people v. how many by Godly people: priests, ministers, youth ministers, born again Christians, Mormons, Evangelicals, etc.

These people don't believe in their God at all, or they'd be afraid of Him striking them DEAD on the spot!
Another aspect of this bill that hasn't gotten a lot of press is that it directly impacts people with disabilities who require an aide in the restroom. They are going to be forced to use the restroom that corresponds to the aide's gender, not theirs. From the initiative: "(5)...the sex of the parent, guardian, supervisor, or caretaker is the same as the sex for which the facility is designated."
@3 Thanks, I hadn't heard about that point.

I guess they consider men with disabilities to be harmless coming into the women's room. That's, um, nice of them?
Or does it end up implying that you must have an approved sex-matched caregiver?
One of the organizers campaigned to have disabled children banned from the swimming pools at the YMCA where she worked (and was later fired from for stalking her ex) so I think it's probably fair to assume they don't really give a shit about people with disabilities.

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