News Jun 29, 2016 at 4:00 am

The Parents of 20-Year-Old Haram Kim Are Challenging the Law's Constitutionality

Ducking responsibility: the law is on their side. kelly O


Yes the law is unfair and the company should be liable, but please stick to the facts. The driver did not lose control. The crash happened because of the sudden failure of a defective axle on the vehicle, making it impossible for the driver to steer. Don't casually slander the driver.
Jesus fuck, how do we have a law designed for dehumanizing railroad workers still on the books?
Ducks CEO Brian Tracy should be in prison. And these fucking vehicles need to get off the road.
Time for some public shaming at the tourist pick-up points.
A mechanical failure caused the driver to crash. Accurate reporting would be appreciated, ans-hole.
Will the Federal court have a hearing on the law without a challenge on the state level first?

Is there any history of the law being used/cited in recent decades?

Does anyone know when was the last time Olympia killed attempts to change the law?

It's hard to believe that such a law exist.

Wasn't there a non-related SCOTUS ruling in the past year? that basically said that if you're in the U.S., legally, or otherwise?, you get the full expectation of law regardless of resident status?

If the kids were here on Student Visas, the parents should be able to bring a lawsuit.

The whole thing just sucks.
I'd this greedy corporation won't take full responsibility for damage caused by these death machines, shut it down! At a minimum they should be notched to make people sign liability waivers so people--especially foreign nationals-- understand the risk they are taking on when they ride one of these things.
@1 @5 Yes they did lose control due to a mechanical failure. However, the issues were brought to Brian Tracey's attention some time ago and he decided to blow it off. He's a worthless piece of s$%t and belongs in prison. And yes..fuck Ride the Ducks.

"Ride the Ducks International, an Atlanta-based firm that refurbished and sold Duck No. 6 to the independently operated Seattle company in 2005, has said it issued a service bulletin recommending a safety repair with the front axle-housing assembly for 57 Ducks, including the Duck vehicle involved in the wreck in Seattle.

“According to a statement issued by the NTSB to The Seattle Times, the vehicle involved in the Sept. 24 accident was not repaired,” the UTC’s complaint states."

@8- rage? Enough with the histrionics.
Glad Pat Buchanan could take a break from defending sex abusers to defend negligent killers using racist statutes.
Not worried. My uncle went against patterson Buchanan law firm. they just bleed their clients with BS arguments about how they can win b4 they get whooped.
"We are simply following the laws that govern these sorts of actions" said Pat Buchanan. Please. They are affirmatively trying to dismiss people's claims and stop their access to justice. Also, I looked up Pat Buchanan and he is a woman.

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