Your link to Harrell ( though unclear it was HIS link) does NOT discuss redlining.
It's a very good report but it doesn't cover redlining.
Obviously someone never actually read it
Pretty sure the city itself is in part to blame... They let car sharing companies come in serving whichever (rich) neighborhoods they want, with the stipulation that the car sharing companies serve the entire city (rich and poor) within two years.

So if they are going to belly-ache about car sharing companies not serving the entire city from day one... maybe change the rules to requires serving the entire city from day one.

Until then, why the hell wouldn't car sharing companies stick to only serving rich areas as long as possible?
Isn't it weird that Bruce enthusiastically supports BMW's corporate effort to seed our city with more cars, after bein a no-show at events aimed at extracting the much needed Graham St ST station sooner than 15 years after never?

P.S. It's a given that Bruce will construe this comment as "class warfare."
@1: What?
This link…
is not about redlining in Seattle.
It's a very good link and discusses racial restrictions and yes explains the term but doesn't explain redlining in Seattle and how it disappeared.
It's a minor point in big picture but link buried in Harrell's quote (which I assume is yours, Ansel) is overstating the matter. There is a lot more to redlining in Seattle & its history.
You think the Germans care about a "sharply worded letter"? Bitch please . . . . they are the masters of "sharply worded letters". How about this? How about we let a private business operate as they see fit, as long as they are not directly physically harming anyone, or committing fraud? Other than that, no rules? How about that?
Leave it to Ansel Herz, The Stranger's Great White Justice Crusader, to mention only the rapidly gentrifying parts of southeast seattle.

It's as if he's never even heard of Rainier Beach, let alone been there.
Ansel failed to mention that Magnolia and West Seattle were also added to the service area. Anyone who looks at a map might think that Reach was taking a geographically phased approach to expanding the service area, but why let that interfere with a bogus story about "redlining?"

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