Let's just hope they take his advice, and place their heads in swivels.
Was he trying to be coy by using "a" as the article instead of "the" before "minority movement" -- as if to suggest there's a minority movement of cop-killers? Too contorted to be the case.
It's really frightening that the union that represents our city's police feels like this. And to use "We shall Overcome"!!! Is he mocking the Civil Rights Movement? How did we get here? What happened to our police force? To us all? This is unbearable!
What the hell does "heads in swivels" mean? Apparently "be alert".
He just can't help himself. He knows he's going to get called out, embarrass SPOG, forced to backtrack, etc. when he posts racist shit on the SPOG feed. But he does it anyway. Unbelievable.
Connie Rice interview on NPR yesterday was painful. She sells me on the idea that you really can fix a police department... but it's so damn far from what we're doing in Seattle. The SPOG 'leaders' would be sent to the rubber room so fast.
the SPOG really are assholes.
Acting like a racist prick in public during secret contract negotiations is a great way to reassure the SPOG rank and file that Murray is indeed Smith's bitch.

Because apparently some cops actually worried the Mayor might be doing his civic duty? It's almost charmingly quaint that there's anybody out there with that kind of faith in Ed Murray.
Ugh. Another one. In Tennessee. A poor paper gal is dead so far.…
Smith should stick to gunfights in biker bars at Sturgis.…

Pretty much, yes.

And I guess we just have to get used to this incessant, escalating state of violence. Some people have been itching for a good, old-fashioned race war for decades. Well, it looks like they're going to get their wish...
Charles Manson is finally getting his race war. Until ALL AMERICANS and that means 100% OF WHITE AMERICANS demand that the murdering of black people by police in this country stops and police who murder black people in this country go to jail, for life, after each murder they commit, there will be no peace. If cops can disarm and not murder crazy ass white people waving guns around and shooting at police (like just happened in North Carolina) they can NOT murder black people. They are choosing to murder black people. Nothing in response to the continuous murder of black people has put a stop to it - not the murder of a 12 year old unarmed child, not peaceful protests, not begging our government to do something about it, not crying, screaming, marching, hoping, NOTHING HAS WORKED. It's time now for every single American and that means EVERY SINGLE WHITE AMERICAN sick of this genocide to make it stop. Demand cops who murder get indicted, tried, and jailed. Demand that we put an end to the militarization of our police forces. Demand that cops stop treating black and brown bodies like shooting ranges. Listening to that 4 year old little girl calmly comfort her mother after a man is shot FOUR TIMES and killed right in front of her has finally broken my soul and my soul has been cracking and bleeding and dying for a long time now. This is not the society in which I agreed to live. It is time for the racist plague in this country to finally be put down once and for all. ENOUGH. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY ENOUGH. It's time for EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN WHO IS SICK OF THIS TO PUT THEIR BODIES ON THE FRONT LINE UNTIL THIS ENDS. ENOUGH.
So....the SPD union leader is a skinhead biker? Wow. The entire department should be fired and replaced.
There will be no race war. People are basically good and this country is blessed.
Not like we need confirmation that Police Unions are the most reactionary aspect of the force, but the research is out there and it is decades old. How the City imagines that it doesn't possess significant leverage regarding civilian oversight and disciplinary measures is beyond me - unless our Mayor really doesn't consider those checks and balances necessary.

As for the legitimacy of public unions and the practice negotiating CBA's behind closed doors, smarter people/lawyers can speak to that as a practice, but if you do grant PD's the right to form unions as they are, in actually, public employees, I don't see how you can cherry pick (?)

@15: That was a good delivery, xina, everyone should read that. Although I can think of more worthy figures than Charles Manson that would better fit the passion (you don't need the helter-skelter -- not to mention poor Sharon Tate) -- but yeah, a good read xina.
@6, SPOG is not capable of being embarrassed.
Christ on a Stick, we suck.
Considering everything that's come at him and everything he's mismanaged by himself, I'd bet Murray wishes he'd waited in the antechamber of the state Senate and gone for Jim McDermott's seat. There's absolutely nothing that's going right in Seattle at the moment. All we need is for the housing levy to fail. Vote for it, people, please.
Posting your own tweet on your own article to brag about a quip you made is extremely lame.

And anyone who talks about a race war is a complete and utter twit. Give me a fucking break. Race war? Please. Stop with the fantasies, go back to imagining how awesome a zombie apocalypse would be for you, it is a much more realistic fantasy.
@16 spuds mckenzie said "So....the SPD union leader is a skinhead biker? Wow. The entire department should be fired and replaced." Pretty much, SPOG's president is just as dumb and racist and out of touch as you would expect a skinhead biker to be.

The city attorney said publicly not too long ago that the entire top command should be replaced. If we could get rid of Ron Smith and his sidekick Mayor Murray, we can make some progress in this city on police reform, because as we've seen, even with US District Court reforms underway, nothing gets done as long as those two stand in the way, and they are clearly standing in the way. That couldn't be more clear.

Who's going to run for mayor who will back up a police chief who's committed to reform?

Maybe you're too young to remember the widespread racial unrest of the 1960's: Jersey City, Watts, Newark, Harlem, Flint, Detroit, Houston, Milwaukee, the veritable explosion of racial violence after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's assassination? The shootings, the bombings, the riots, leaving hundreds dead and thousands wounded? I sure do.
If SPOG doesn't want people to blame cops collectively for the racist violence of some, SPOG needs to stop acting as if there is no such thing as a legitimate accusation of racist police violence. SPOG needs to admit that there are violent racists on the SPD and needs to abandon its policy of fighting all accusations of police racism. It needs to say to the bad actors "Look, you did it. It's obvious that you did it. We'll try to get fair treatment for you but we're not going to deny that you did it and we won't fight for your aquittal on the charges, because what you did was wrong, you knew it was wrong when you did it and it makes all of us look bad THAT you did it."

SPOG would lose nothing by taking that stand, and it would cause a huge improvement in community-police relations.

SPOG should also fight for a change in police training-a switch from the emphasis on ending a confrontation by subduing people to ending it by de-escalation. AND it should insist that police academies stop training new cops to assume that people of color are always going to be more violent and dangerous than white people.

That's what a decent police union would do.
@28: Haha, yeah, a riot and looting is a race war. I remember those Freddie Gray race wars that happened in Baltimore not long ago. CVS lost that particular race war. Also the race wars that often happen after college or pro teams win championship games.

Since when has the idea of a race war become something liberals are now fantasizing about? Do you think it will prove some point you want made? Are you just fantasizing about the hope of lots of dead whiteys or something? I thought only deranged gun collectors hoped for a race war. Strange times we live in.

You guys want to know what a real race war looks like? It looks like the Holocaust. It looks like the killing fields of Cambodia. Not very fun in real life, I am afraid.
Ansel, were you a tattle-tale in school, or did you just naturally grow into it? "Oooh, we're going to tell the Mayor what you said! You're going to get in biiiiiig trouble now!!"
#31: You're actually comparing legitimate reporting about a real story to telling the teacher that Billy's throwing spitwads again?

I think you're confused. Look at these definitions: fantasy: "noun the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable," with Race War: "noun a state of developing hostilities between ethnic groups divided on the basis of racial group or skin color. See also: Ethnic Conflict." Now, please, tell us again, which of these two things do YOU see happening in this country right now?
Pardon, @33 meant for @30...
Unbelievable. The Seattle Police Union seems to want to push civil unrest against all minorities. Let me remind everyone that this is the same Union who lead the SPD to defraud the citizens for accountability telling all cops to plead the fith on all abuse complaints.

first act as mayor was to put a Police Union Rep in as temporary police chief to erase disciplinary records of already proven abusive, lying Seattle cops.

Then all cops were given retroactive raise going back to 2011 based on their performance. They defrauded the entire city of Seattle again. and still no officers have been held accountable for this massive fraud on all of us as levy after levy comes down on all of us because there is no money in this city of Millionaires and Billionaires.

What a disgrace. Seattle continues to sit stagnant in a hostage situation. Nothing has changed

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