How Washington State Screwed Over Its Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

A Loophole in the Recreational License Application Process Created a Black Market for Dispensary Employee Pay Stubs and Left Longtime Dispensary Operators in the Dust


Once again " good intentions" were flushed down the toilet over greed ....
Cannabis therapy is the least toxic method of treating pain and suffering... it should be available to all citizens who wish to use this therapeutic plant instead of the toxic prescription medications without the governments position that Cannabis is still " SIN AND VICE"...
There were many shenanigans that went on over the licensing process... so why not allow the medical stores that served the sick and suffering to have a license and keep their doors open?
How in the world would that create any negative consequences other than allowing free market to exist and stop this foolish path we are taking under this regulatory process.
There is NO SIN, NO VICE with cannabis therapy... and if we remove the GREED part of this equation we can provide to the sick and suffering in a cost effective sliding scale method, including free cannabis therapy to hospice care. all things we cannot do anymore...
The COMPASSIONATE ASPECT of the cannabis community is gone now... and SHAME UPON US ALL for allowing the politicians in Olympia to get away with this...
We are better as a society than this.. and our neighbors and loved ones deserve better access and free market in the cannabis community.
We deserve better of our government and regulatory agencies.
thank you washington state for creating a mess when you could of been a model of success. there were no good intentions here, only unqualified judgmental puppetmasters with no compassion for those who really are in need of medical marijuana to ease to the horrible side effects of western medicine. I have end stage glaucoma and take horrible medication that is saving the last of my sight and must endure nausea, ringing in the ears, erratic numbing in the fingertips and toes, loss of appetite and knee joint pain. I ate small portions of brownies so the side effects would be tolerable and help with the nausea. instead, the state has decided to be unprepared for the mess it has created and now prices for edibles at recreational level are triple than what was at medical marijuana level. for such a liberal state as washington claims to be, it is really conservative here, there is no balance but only flat out greed that mirrors the housing condition in seattle.
I'm one of those people who don't fit into either political camp, because I'm a strict Constitutionalist. I believe we are all free to live our lives as we see fit, as long as we don't violate the rights of others. I believe in personal and fiscal responsibility, and the government minding the business that is assigned to them, and staying out of our personal lives.(Once again, until we violate the rights of another.) Their job is to uphold the law...not create it, influence it, manipulate it etc...
Jay Inslee is a Democrat, who somehow is supposed to serve the will of the people. The will of the people was passed with the Compassionate Care Act. But now, for monetary gain, he has overruled the will of the people, and changed the laws, which damages the sick, injured, and diseased, all for filthy lucre.
people need to realize one thing: party politics is all about political ideologies, and the agendas of different groups of people, all focused on the same goal...control of the people. Basically, how do we steal more money and rights from you, and still get you to vote for us.
Jay Inslee is a heartless selfish dingbat (have you ever listened to this guy speak?) masquerading as a democrat. He serves the coffers of government, not the people.
true or not, most folks perception is that the medical law and era were just a charade we used as a stepping stone to legal recreational, and it's disingenuous to keep it going now that we have legal weed. While there are probably some folks who use it medically and are now inconvenienced, the reality was that millions of college students did not in fact have glaucoma and back pain.
Hmmmmm, John says those who got licenses were cheats. LCB says their inspectors weed out the cheats. John did not get a license.
Does this imply that the LCB thinks John is a cheat??? The initial process for these licenses was open to all. I note a certain sort of irony in the fact that in 2010, there were only about two dozen MMJ "dispensaries" in Seattle. I note that there was an "extra legal" proliferation of store fronts which bought cannabis from patients, doubled the price and sold it back to patients. I note that many of these operators were adamantly opposed to I 502 and spent money to fight it. I note they now claim foul because they were not allowed in after the fact.
The state's legal marijuana industry is in the hands of the very same idiots who proved beyond all doubt with the alocohol debacle that they're incapable of competently running a business. I sincerely hope Mr. Davis's lawsuit is successful and the LCB's corrupted process and the incompetence behind it is exposed for all to see because this is NOT what we voted for.

And now thanks to SB-5052, I can't buy rec or medical marijuana because the rec stores don't use smell jars and I only buy products that I can smell first. Labels are fine but my nose tells me more than any label ever will.

A conservative friend told me before I-502 passed that the LCB would end up fucking the industry up just like they did with alcohol and at the time I, a newcomer to Washington, didn't believe him. Now I know he was right. And I also know that I will continue to buy black market marijuana until the state gets its act together. I suggest others do the same since the only way to effectively protest the state's incompetence is to vote with our wallets and go black market.
Ugh, medical users deserve better than this crap. And sure, there was sketchiness in the medical system, there were quasi-medical users who will be served okay by the recreational system, but that certainly wasn't everybody.

The needs of legit medical users ought to have *higher* priority than rec users, not lower.
It's all about greed, and Inslee does NOT care one bit about Patients, but Pat O'Rourke wants to take Inslee's place & fix things for Patients! I'm voting for him.
Thanks Washington Senate Republicans for 5052, This was a Republican bill that unfortunately became law. That said. Had Gov. Inslee not vetoed a MANDATORY State patient registry. The party of small government is a lie proven with their authoring and not allowing any opposition votes to 5052. Vote every GOP Senator out of Olympia.
Republicans in the Washington state legislature are trying to use the tax money from cannabis to pay for the McCleary decision. Rather than implement a capital gains tax, or an income tax, they want to use yet another regressive "sin tax" to pay for education. Anyone who says otherwise, just needs to look at the Republicans first budget proposal during the last legislative session....

The Republicans in the state legislature referred to the medical patients who gave public testimony at the 5052 committee meetings as being "the yellers and smellers".
Rep. Chris Hurst, chairman of one of those committees, said that "99.5% of medical patients were "fakers".

Also, why does everybody 21+ in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Wash DC, and soon California, get to have homegrow, and we don't?

Thanks for throwing patients under the 502 bus, State House and Senate Republicans.
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