If the study was so far off the mark, and the WSLCB knew it, why did they use it? the stranger


Mark Klieman and BOTEC are a scam, they pass themselves off as some sort of "experts" make up a bunch of siht and collect big bucks .
5052 "The Cannabis Patients Protection Act" was written by the 502 Recreational lobbyists. The first draft actually said that patient coop grows had to be 30 miles from a 502 recreational store! Imagine that! The final law still says have to be at least 1 mile from a rec store -- still a ridiculous requirement.

State Sen. Ann Rivers even said that the bill was written by the 502 trade group, led by Microsoft millionaire/502 entrepreneur Martin Tobias. Of course they want all the patients to have to get their medicine from the 502 stores.......

I think the point in the article about the LCB being unable to regulate a larger number of stores is also another factor in the limiting of the expansion to 222 more stores.

Wish we'd done the same as Oregon, and allowed the dispensaries to convert.
Leave it to Washington state to take a perfectly viable industry, which started with medical marijuana, and fuck it up just as badly as they fucked up the liquor stores when they ran them into the ground.

What a bunch of idiots, I just mailed in my ballot and I didn't vote for any incumbents, time for a house cleaning from the ground up. The only power we have left is making sure we remind these idiots who they work for.
I suggest that three changes will solve a lot of problems.... Home grow for all. Consumption venues for consumers. Samples at events and tasting rooms and take away sales at all producer / processor sites. I seek parity with the alcohol industry and freedom for the consumer and producer alike. I think these measures will increase responsible sales and use, therefore benefiting all the people of WA with increased revenue and well being.

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