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Highlights from the Republican National Convention

Hello Cleveland! We’ve already had a lifetime’s worth of sunburns, sweat, and sexist drivel. the stranger


This isn't really about the RNC, and I do apologize for that, because I hate derailing, but I wanted to say something.

"So yeah. In left leaning Seattle, it's easy to forget this particular brand of in your face anti-sex, anti-woman sentiment."

Please understand that that's a huge driving force behind the population boom in Seattle, especially after the last couple election cycles. It's why I moved to Seattle. Dealing with that level of dehumanizing hate is exhausting. For a while, I worked in a job in a residential neighborhood that involved carding people (side note - have your fucking ID with you if you or the person you are with is buying anything age restricted). When I saw an out of state ID, I would smile and say, "Wow, you've come a long way! What brings you to Seattle?". The most common answer by far was something along the lines of, "I just needed a change". Being in those shoes myself, I can tell you that a lot of it's political. We leave our families, professional opportunities that are actually accessible to us, and affordable costs of living several states behind. In my case, I moved across most of the country with exactly one housing-related connection, no job connections, and very few resources. I absolutely love Seattle for being a little respite of progressiveness from the rest of the country's shitiness. I, and most other transplants, would fight like hell to keep this a haven for marginalized people who are hated and shit on all over the country.
@1: That's pretty much been the driving force behind Seattle's population boom since the Denny party landed at Alki Point. Gold too.
@1: its why I'm here, too (and no humidity, mountains and salt water).

cincinnati, ohio is filled with horrible people, many of whom I am related to. just this sunday my father insisted that Obama is a muslim.
I sure hope Keck or Savage have purchased plenty of alcohol to have waiting on your desks for your return. I suspect the two of you will each need a barrel's worth of liquor to get over the psychic scarring you're going to endure.
You expect the extreme language from vendors and supporters outside on both sides. What's truly horrifying is the blatant racism, anti-Muslim rhetoric, white supremacist statements, and misogyny that almost all of the speakers at this event are expressing without any filters or hesitation. I'm worried that too many democrats aren't watching this and don't realize the things these people are saying. Melania's plagiarism is the least troubling thing about the shit that's been said inside.

I'm actually afraid for Hillary's safety. The insane level of vitriol and incessant chanting of "lock her up!" and "guilty!" is creating this mob frenzy of bloodthirsty nut jobs who seriously want her physically punished when she hasn't even been charged with any crime. It is terrifying to watch. Several people have compared it to the Salem Witch Trials, and I completely agree. And I have this ominous feeling that the democrats have saved all of their rioting for the DNC, which will only add fuel to the fire.
I live here because of the weather, scenery, and great tech/IT economy that benefits everyone. It's arty enough to be interesting but actually controlled by Consevative Dems/Liberal Republicans so taxes are low with no state income tax. Can't beat that.
@5 Totally agree. I cannot imagine how some people are still saying there's "no difference" between Trump/Pence and Hillary, and that both would be "equally bad" for our country.

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