News Aug 3, 2016 at 4:00 am

The Recent Mukilteo Shooting Killed Three, Injured One, and Is Drawing Renewed Attention to a Gun Control Measure on Your November Ballot

The vigil in Mukilteo on July 31. the stranger


Arguing that the defendant had easy access to guns isn't going to help his client out one bit. It is a losing argument, he is still is going to be found guilty.

The purpose of the second amendment is to allow the people to have access to guns to overthrow an occupying military force. Go Wolverines!

Thank you for wishing to defend the U.S. please follow the links below so that you can so effectively.………

Was the shooter a Muslim?
@1: no, it is not. the purpose is to allow a militia to quickly form to repel an invading force - to protect the security of a free state (and round up slaves, as well). as we now have the most powerful military in the world, and have had it for 70 years, that purpose is now an anachronism.

I will be voting yes. let's do something, for god's sake.
@2 & 4. I'm going to guess by the Red Dawn reference that @1 is joking..
Yay, lets pass more laws that won't actually do anything!
Let's see how tough gun control laws have worked in say, Chicago:…
@7: Well, this isn't "tough" per @6, so maybe you could try not giving a fuck for once.

According to the Supreme Court, abortion is a right protected by the constitution, but republicans in some areas have used TRAP laws to make it almost impossible for people to get abortions. Can we do the same thing with guns here in Washington? Sure, you have a second-amendment right to own a gun, but if you want one you would to need to drive 100 miles to the one place in the state where you can actually get one, have protestors scream in your face, undergo mandatory counseling, have a lengthy waiting period in between applying for and actually receiving your gun, and maybe get some foreign objects shoved into your body.

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