Whos going to be our runner up, Brady Piñero Walkinshaw or Jim—I mean JOE McDermott?
Who's going to be our runner up in the 7th CD, Brady Piñero Walkinshaw or Jim—I mean JOE McDermott?

Members of the Stranger Election Control Board infiltrated primary election parties across Seattle last night. Some parties were boozeless and (maybe?) a little bloody while others were basically empty.

The primary resulted in a victory for Seattle's Housing Levy and advancements for Senator Pramila Jayapal (running to represent Seattle's 7th Congressional District) and housing affordability warrior Nicole Macri (running for Seattle's 43rd District state house seat) into the state's November general election. But it's not over yet! Ballots are still being counted across the state, which could result in tie-breakers for close races. Or, actually, for one close race.

Although Jayapal received the largest number of votes from the 7th Congressional District, former State House Rep. Brady Walkinshaw and King County Councilman Joe McDermott are still neck and neck for second place—and the right to run against Jayapal in the November general election.

According to King County Elections' latest results, Walkinshaw (21.5%) is ahead of McDermott (20.9%). But 7th district also includes a sliver of Snohomish County. Because of this, voters must also look at statewide election results. These results also show a slightly closer race between Walkinshaw (21.3%) and McDermott (20.9%).

"I'm encouraged by tonight's ballot drop. It's just one [of many] to come," Walkinshaw told The Stranger. "We've been the underdog in this race from the beginning. I was the lowest in the polls in the beginning of July, but we've picked up this tremendous momentum over the last month."

Republican incumbent Congressman Dave Reichert still has a hold on the 8th District, which includes King, Pierce, Kittitas, and Chelan counties. Strangely, Santiago Ramos and Tony Ventrella, who dropped out of the race in July, are still duking it out for a spot in the general. Statewide results show Ramos falling behind Ventrella 13% to 17.1%. In King County, however, Ramos (16.1%) is catching up to Ventrella (18.5%). Although Ventrella is out of the race, there is, bizarrely, still a chance that he will make it onto the November ballot.

In the race for Lieutenant Governor, Sen. Cyrus Habib (35.4%) sweeps King County, but is in a dead tie for first place at 20.2% with candidate Marty McClendon in the statewide race.

While Futurewise director Hilary Franz was nearly 10 percent ahead of retired U.S. Navy Commander Steve McLaughlin (24.1%) in the Commissioner of Public Lands race in King County, McLaughlin creamed her 39% to 21.2% statewide.

More than 4 million ballots were sent out to households across the state, but counties have reported that just 1.15 million were returned after today's mail and ballot drop box pickups, media representatives with the Secretary of State's office reported in a press release. As of 4:32 p.m., King County's voter turnout was a depressing 21.7%.

More than 333,000 ballots still need to be counted before election results are finally certified on August 16.