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He's Back! (David Schmader) Kelly O


Nice photo. Those dudes look underage.

I'm supportive of the civil disobedience aspect of Hempfest but not supportive of underage use at the event which is rampant.

12 and 13 year olds taking bong hits is not helpful to the cause.
I could give a fuck about weed but happy to have more Schmader in my life. WB, buddy.
Wow! You ran a column from 1872 to 2015? Dude, have you considered retiring? Surely after one hundred and forty-three years you could use a rest.
Welcome back David. Looking forward to Clean Your Bong!
I think the latest wave of cannabis users doesn't really jive with the "old guard" culture that you tend to see at Hempfest. Dreadlocked white people no, dancing circles no, drum circles no, being zonked out of your brain in public and sharing it with other strangers zonked out of your brain... that isn't the whole thing but that's a lot of it. Why would you go do that when you can have fun with buds & bud almost anywhere now?
It's had its day. The main battle was won - of course there will be years & years of clean-up.

But weed in Seattle is WAY past the tie-died hacky sack Bob Marley crowd. You just go to the shop and get what you want. No skeezy purchase meetings inside old Dodge vans.

How about having a Milkfest to promote a healthy dairy lifestyle?
hempfest really is pretty lame. 10 million glass pipes. a few information booths that hardly anyone visits. lots of kids psyched to be able to imbibe openly. admittedly a spectacle, but, like any organization that's accomplished its initial mission, it doesn't want to disband (law #1 of organizations).

what's needed now - and maybe you can use your column to help - is making sure the state busts growers who use dangerous pesticides. we're paying a premium for legal weed, so they should be using some of the proceeds to protect consumers.

great to have you back! I miss Last Days!
Love to see you back around!

I have to put out there, the illegal market had all sorts of legislative and social-justice problems that pollute weed's pleasures, too.
Great to have you back, David! I have missed your wicked wit from the Last Days days. This column is off to a great start! P.S. in case you're looking for a theme song:
;) Keep up the great work and cheers.
I certainly know about the Hempfest funding issues from the on-stage MCs constantly asking for donations. How about some beer gardens to raise funds? Beer and wine are big money makers for festivals around here. I go for the bands, and with the heat and long distances between stages, I would be happy to contribute with the purchase of a few cold ones.

I've asked volunteers in the info booths and the answers varied from, "this is a marijuana event". "You can't have beer gardens in a city park." Wrong. "We don't want a bunch of drunks here". Well, without funding you might not have anyone there. From the reactions, I got the feeling they are proud weed defenders and beer and wine are competitors. No one I talked to thought it was a good idea.

My 2013 and 2014 Hempfest photos:…
Dear Mr. Schmader,

I miss "Last Days" a lot, but, so glad to see you back on board at The Stranger with your new column!

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