Not sure why The Stranger has decided to stalk this guy, though I wonder if they have passed these stories by a lawyer? I'm trying to understand how a sex / Kink friendy pub like The Stranger is having an issue with this listing?
Yuk. What a piece of work.
@2 because it appears with all the evidence shown that this man is a serial rapist and deserves to be outed at every turn?
@2 right? are we going to get updates on everything this guy does just because? i don't even see how this is news.
@2 It could be because his accusers mentioned alcohol as a precursor to his alleged rapey behavior.
Well he took the first half of my advise but totally blew the second half.
Move to somewhere else, check.
Lie low for a little while, duh!
This profile isn't helping, sounding pretty rapey.
@5) And she probably was dressed like a whore! She asked for it.
[/sorry I even need to include this tag][/sarcasm]
Keep up the pressure, Sydney! This person has not been charged with a crime, yes. Sydney has shown at the very least he is a creepy dirt-bag and not in a fun way. If nothing else, this is a PSA to women who may encounter him.
@9 - The "evidence" such that it is, is that he slept with a bunch of women who thought he was a pron producer and could get them into adult films, but in fact he is just some guys that figured out a scam that ladies who want to "act" in porn fell for. If he had done anything illegal, he would be jail.
@11 Oh. Sure. As well all know anybody that ever does anything illegal just magically get's transported right to jail!
@2 @11 Arty Zifferelli is either Matt Hickey or a Trump suportter. They probably think Bill Cosby is still funny too.
The point is that Mr. Hickey discovered a legal way to commit rape. He is a rapist, except he will not be brought to justice. We have a legal system in America, not a justice system. Because of that vacuum of accountability by our political leaders, others must fill in when it fails. Until our lawmakers, at least in this instance, fix this loophole, we must rely on people like Sydney to enforce the small justice available against such creative rapists.
@16 that's my though exactly. if this guy is such a dangerous predator isn't it good that he'd be trying to meet girls on a site like this? i mean it reads like "let's get drunk and fuck" so how can there be a danger? it's total kink shaming. if i was into pictures like that then i know what i'd expect when i answered the ad.
@15 Thank you for summing this up so succinctly, Nobodaddy!
@16 Just read the freaking articles already, preferably before you go shouting about The Stranger "kink-shaming" for gawd's sake:……
first off, there was a follow-up story where -- and god i hate to say this -- actual rape rape was reported to have been committed. so there's that.

secondly, committed no crime? even doofuses agree it was at least fraud, as well as identity theft, copyright infringement, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. so there was a crime or two or so even using your stupid logic. and finally, duh, not every crime is prosecuted due to a number of factors including one that came into play here, the statute of limitations. he may not have been found legally guilty (yet) of anything, but that doesn't mean rational people disregard the overwhelming testimony that says he did, in fact, commit crimes.

third, and most important, his MO was to get girls -- real girls sorry CD girls -- drunk and have sex with them. he found the best/easiest way for him to do this was to lure them to his place by criminally impersonating a woman and fraudulently representing valuable consideration for work. if you read this new ad, it seems like he is setting up to do the exact same thing.

now, even in your trollish worlds, if a person is actually not committing any crimes but is taking advantage of people, a warning would STILL be warranted. but here in the real world, where people accept that some crimes can occur without the person being found legally guilty, and where we listen to multiple witnesses and victims, and where we can see a pattern of behavior, in that world, this is news that he looks to be at it again.
This is a person many long-time SLOGGERS knew and interacted with both online & in-person back when The Stranger sponsored regular SLOG Happy meetups, and frankly, I'm pretty sure we were all equally disgusted when this story came to light. And just because something is technically "legal" doesn't make it right or any less predatory and exploitative. But you know, let's just keep blaming the victims and making excuses for the perp, cuz ole' Matt is just doin' what boiz do, right?.

So far as I'm concerned, The Stranger should hound him to the depths of Hades if necessary...
Hound! Hell! Hellhound! It's a joke, son!

Seriously, though - if you're going to be a Rooshbag -- ahh, I mean, DOUCHEbag -- then you own it. Some douchebags need to be reminded that they are, in fact, douchebags. Like this guy.
Ugghhh everything this creep says and does just makes my skin crawl. I can't believe this city tolerated this bastard as long as it did. For shame.
Yep. Rapey McRaperson needs to be outed on every personal web site and at every opportunity. Women need to know that he is a rapist and that he uses drugs and deceit to commit his rape crimes. This is not a matter of this man not being guilty. We need to believe the women who said this man raped them. We need to make sure that men and women are doing everything they can to make sure this man does not rape again. He will. He is absolutely set on it. He doesn't care. He is going on with his business as usual. He needs to be shut down. I SO hope he tries to rape a prostitute that's actually a cop and gets to see the inside of a jail cell - with every woman he's raped giving an impact statement at his trial. All men like this need to be made obsolete and it is men, truly, who need to make rape 100% unacceptable and end it completely.
Thank you for doing what you can to not allow this nasty raping rapist to operate with impunity as so many of them do in our wonderful culture where the predators are blameless victims who are just trying to live their lives and their prey are all asking for it.
How do the Stranger find out about this Las Vegas profile?
Good going, Stranger - keep shining a light on this creepy rapist. He's probably getting off on all this talk about him, but the tide will change. Can't wait til the tables are turned.
Dude is an addict [literally]
@19 - thank you for shutting down the rape apologists with their own sophomoric "logic".
Let's accept as an argument that Hickey is indeed a Dirtbag Rapist, regardless of the laws. That's not really an extreme stance.

It still seems untoward to hound this guy for significantly more-legal activity. There's nothing potentially rapey about this: It says, "hay wanna get drunk and let me take naughty pictures of you, and maybe fuck?" I mean it's no Shakespeare but it's not a part of a ruse. All of us use alcohol to get laid - The Stranger even has a weekly column devoted to it.

It also always dismays me when people feel fully justified in singling out one person for extra punishment based on a personal connection to a crime. It's like you're mugging from being a racist pile of trump.
@27 He is not an addict, he probably has a serious paraphilia that already has put in serious legal trouble. I do think he has committed a criminal act with his rapes and deception in Seattle, even though he hasn't not been charged with any crimes.... yet..
I am disappointed that anyone at The Stranger feels entitled to violate FetLife's terms of use, posting private data for non-members to see. It is reasonable to capture screens (but keep them private) as backup for an article.
Faith somewhat restored in the commenters shutting the victim blamey apologists down. Thank you x1000. I try not to be involved in these comment threads as it usually brings me down, but to those of you setting things straight, thank you. You're making this process a lot easier for me.
Ok, since y'all don't seem to understand this- Matt uses drugs and alcohol to literally incapacitate women. He offers them a drink, and that turns to pressuring them to drink more and more and more until they are incoherent. At that point he does as he will with their blacked out bodies. Posting this is HELLA IMPORTANT as we are trying to warn potential women coming into contact with him that this is what he does, so please please please avoid him. The goal is to keep people safe. And if nothing can be done legally or rather, not a whole lot is being done, the lease we can do is hopefully warn women that he may be in contact with. As a survivor of his, this post reads exactly like the kind of shit he says to carry out being a total scumbag. Fuck that. Sydney is a total angel for making us survivors feel like we have a voice. And if we can prevent a sexual assault by bringing awareness to him and his antics, then why tf not?
This is a disgusting excuse of an "article". It's not news it's a hit piece outing someone for having a profile on a website for those with alternative sexualities. I realize Mr. Hickey is accused of horrific crimes.  From what I've read, he sounds like a piece of shit.

But that doesn't excuse the Stranger outing him & people he's associated with on that social network; that just amounts to harassment of those with alternative sexualities. Given the size of Seattle's kink scene & the Stranger's claimed values of inclusiveness. I guess those values go out the window for the sake of generating a few clicks of ad revenue.
I agree with @33

If you've found evidence of a crime, hand it over to the police, here or in Las Vegas or wherever.

This also falls into the feminist-but-actually-anti-feminist trap of denying agency to those women in Vegas (and elsewhere) who voluntarily choose to meet up with a stranger (whether a known -- to us -- creep like MH or otherwise; wouldn't a responsible adult going into such a situation with any stranger be on the alert to signs of being taken advantage of?), drink, and maybe have kinky sex. You can't have it both ways: "Don't blame the victim" AND "These potential hook-ups of his won't be able to take care of themselves unless we intervene!"
@34 bingo. scum? sure, he seems like it. but the stranger is scummier for posting his personals sites posts here as evidence of, well, nothing. its becoming clear that the stranger has a vendetta against MH and is okay with bending the rules of the internet to get what it wants. its disapointing.
also i find it ironic that just above the button to post a comment here theres a sentence stating that by posting i'm agreeing to the strangers terms of use but by posting screen grabs and putting MH on blast the stranger is violating fetlifes terms of use. this is why people are scared to post anything on sites like that. thanks dan savage!
@36, incisive

BTW, does no one else spend time commenting elsewhere on the Internet? Like, say, at any of the many sites that use Disqus? Why in the world do we have to use this lugubrious system that requires us to scroll up & down memorizing numbers? And there's no way to see branching off responses. Maybe it's a cost thing...
@37 i agree. how am i one of two number fives? the stranger used to be cool, so maybe its trying to pretend its still 2008 and it mattered?
Lisbeth Salander would know what to do with him. right?
Why is he posting about sluts in Vegas if he's not in Vegas?

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