Since this guy and Donald Trump apparently owe a lot of people and governments money, could we stop calling them (B)Millionaire's. It strokes their ego's too much.

Instead of "billionaire real estate mogul", how about "massively in debt slum lord"?

What's today's media good for if not public shaming?
At least Sam Israel had the excuse of being crazy.
And that guy on the left is holding a bag o' dank nugs, amirite?
He is the one who is most responsible for killing the monorail.
He was infamous in the 1980's for petulantly not paying his City Light bills for many of his buildings downtown. And in fact the city caved and forgave him hundreds of thousands of dollars of bills. He didn't pay many of them until 2004.

You think you or I would be able to get away with that? Hows that for entitled?…
I won't comment on his City Light accounts, but I will say that his son's Bar Mitzvah party was epic. Literally no expense was spared. I don't think I've ever been involved in anything more extravagant than that, and I worked on Benaroya weddings and Bill Gate's 40th birthday party and housewarming party.

And I should also note that his ex-wife is just a dear. Seriously, one of the sweetest people. Not as sweet and dear as Mary Gates (God rest her soul) but a close second.
Is that some anti-Semitism I detect here? In the year of our L-rd 2016 I just can't believe people are still anti-Semitic. After all that Jews have done for left-wing movements!
gkcfan dear, just who are you describing as "anti-Semitic"?
"It’s impossible to look at Seattle and not see Martin Selig."

So you're saying that Selig is Zelig????

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