Is there a reason the headline didn't use the word "Whatcom?" As a rule, I don't read "articles whose headlines start with the words "this," or "you."
Hooray!! Bless you Whatcom County Council for your decision! We have to keep up this fight to protect our desirably sustainable part of the world and stay free from dirty fossil industrial giants.
Congress's abysmal lift of the ban on domestic oil exporting must stay challenged and stopped if we are to slow global warming from climate change altogether. The future of this planet and future generations depends on what we do right now.
Don't even start with the clickbait headlines.
It seems symbolic since it's only 60 days. In the end, they probably have no real authority. Or, not as much as they think they do. If the State and Government want it, it will happen. Irregardless of what Whatcom County thinks or wants.
I live within 5 miles of the proposed export terminal (one site at least), on the state highway that leads to cherry point. I was present at the county council public hearing regarding the comprehensive plan and spoke in favor of banning future fossil fuel exports. Many other people had already spoken about the global impacts of exporting thousands of tons of fossil fuels annually to China; also many people had spoken in support the Lummi tribe and their
Opposition to increased ship traffic that would disrupt thier treaty rights, so I chose to speak purely about the local effects (after expressing my solidarity with former speakers). The highway I live on is already a very dangerous road, with several fatal accidents in the last couple of years. Dozens of tanker trucks daily go up and down this road from the refinery to the freeway at 60 MPH, putting residents in danger as they try to pull in or out of their own driveways. A large percentage of residents with driveways on this highway are elderly farmers who have lived here all their lives. Greatly increased truck traffic related to new export terminals would only increase the danger. These same deisel trucks are responsible for fumes that increase the risk of asthma, cancer, and other health problems of local families. Perhaps I would be willing to bear these increased risks of there were a clear benefit to the community in constructing these ports, but that is
not the case. Very few new jobs are projected - and most of those temporary jobs related to
Construction. In no way does that short term, limited benefit balance out the long term and irreparable harm
To our community, our landscape, our marine resources, and our relations with indigenous sovereign peoples. I have confidence that the county council will do the right, forward thinking thing and ban fossil fuel exports from whatcom county in perpetuity.
@1 this writer is all about the page hits and attention. except more this now.
@5 gueralinda: I live regionally within close proximity to Cherry Point, too, and share your concerns. Hooray to Whatcom County Council and all of us opposed to fossil fuel exports
for stopping the dangerous transporting of crude oil and coal by rail.
Ignore @4's typically ignorant comments. He's just a trolling idiot.

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