Its sooooo hard to decide whether or not to vote for Trump!
It's just sooooo hard to decide whether or not to vote for Trump. HG

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant has spent months refusing to say whether he'll vote for his party's presidential nominee, Donald Trump. At times, Bryant's maneuvering has been downright gross to watch. Today—after Trump said he would ban Muslims from entering the United States, after Trump attacked the parents of a slain Muslim soldier, after he suggested his supporters shoot Hillary Clinton, after the Washington primary election—Bryant finally answered the question.

Bryant told Joel Connelly at today that he won't vote for Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant, saying his breaking point came when Donald Trump took out after a Gold Star family, said Monday morning that he cannot vote for the GOP presidential nominee.

"I am not going to vote for Mr. Trump or Secretary Clinton," Bryant said in an interview with Bryant is going to take a "serious look" at the Libertarian ticket of ex-GOP Govs. Gary Johnson and William Weld.

So brave.

But even while Bryant furiously Googles "gary johnson 4 prez?" he will continue to campaign with the help of far-right backers, including multimillionaire and Trump supporter Foster Friess. Friess, who also backed Rick Santorum's presidential super PAC, has given Bryant $2,000 and his wife has donated another $2,000.

As Sydney explained this morning, the Friesses are joined by a prominent light rail opponent and a company pushing for coal exports on the Salish Sea.

You can only run so far from the party when you're on the ticket and living on its donors' dole, Bill.