Hundreds showed up to protest a new police precinct, temporarily shutting down a city council meeting.
Hundreds showed up to protest a new police precinct. HG

#BlockTheBunker Activists Temporarily Shut Down City Council Meeting: Hundreds of people filled council chambers and an overflow room. As those in the downstairs overflow room headed upstairs and demanded to be let in, the council left the dais. Eventually, Council President Bruce Harrell reconvened the meeting.

The Council Was Considering a Resolution about the New Police Precinct in North Seattle: The city says the precinct is necessary because the existing one is old and crowded. Activists say the money should be spent on social services instead. The resolution, introduced by Council Member Lorena González, called for a racial equity analysis of the project, but punts the decision about how much the precinct should cost. It passed 7-1 with Council Member Mike O'Brien voting no and Kshama Sawant absent.

After the meeting, Palca Shibale, an organizer with the Seattle Black Book Club, criticized the council for introducing and voting on the resolution in the same day. "The community input you heard today from the crowd was this is not a resolution that we want," Shibale said, "and obviously it was very disappointing to see that our citywide elected officials did not listen to that... I was looking at a council table with women of color and did not feel represented. If they really have our interests in mind they will stand with the community and that's not what we saw here today."

A deadline is coming to the Jungle.
According to Union Gospel Mission, 120 people remain in the homeless encampments known as the Jungle. City of Seattle

City Expected to Announce Plans for Clearing the Jungle: City and state officials have quietly opened a new temporary encampment near the Jungle and outreach workers are encouraging people in the Jungle to go there. Now, the mayor's office is expected to announce a new plan for how city and state officials will clear the area under I-5. But sources in the mayor's office would not say whether they will announce a date by which everyone living there will have to leave. And when I made the rounds of city council offices yesterday, none of the three council members most involved in this issue—Sally Bagshaw, Mike O'Brien, and Lisa Herbold—had heard from the mayor. According to Union Gospel Mission, 120 people remain in the area. UPDATE: Late Tuesday, the mayor's office told me the Jungle announcement would no longer be coming on Tuesday. It may be released later this week.

Seattle Times Reports Martin Selig Owes $2 Million to City Light, Selig Immediately Pays Up: Yesterday, the Seattle Times reported that billionaire real estate developer Martin Selig owed Seattle City Light nearly $2 million in unpaid bills and late fees. By the end of the day, Selig had delivered a check for $1.4 million to the utility.

Selig Has Also Disavowed Donald Trump: "Do you know what it’s like being a Jewish Republican in Seattle?" he told the Times. “The repercussions of what you hear from people is stunning."

Speaking of: Very Brave Republican Bill Bryant Finally Answers the Trump Question: He won't vote for Donald Trump, but he won't vote for Hillary Clinton either.

The Seattle Auto Shop Run by Women, Queer People, Trans People, and Allies: The mission of Repair Revolution, writes Tobias Coughlin-Bogue at Broadly, "is to offer those same populations an alternative to traditional auto repair shops, where they are all too often taken for a ride."

The 18-year-old injured in a shooting in Mukilteo last month is out of the hospital.
The 18-year-old injured in a shooting in Mukilteo last month is out of the hospital. HG

Mukilteo Shooting Survivor Released from Hospital: In a statement, Will Kramer's familiy asked for privacy and said, "Will has been through more than any 18-year-old, or any human being of any age, should ever experience.

Police Look for Suspect in Shootings of Two People at Kent Homeless Encampment: Police say they believe the victims were targeted by one person and are looking for a "scruffy, red-haired man," but are offering few other details, the Seattle Times reports.

Should the Seattle Police Department Reconsider Its Use of Blast Balls? That's what the city council was wondering yesterday during a briefing from the department about its crowd control techniques.

Seattle City Council Endorses Initiative to Protect Hotel Workers from Sexual Harassment: Initiative 124 will be on your ballot this fall.