I used to care about small businesses but given that the entire political establishment from our local Socialist on up to Obama/Hillary/Trump/Bush don't give a flying fuck about small business. know how it ends.
If they have to be out by "September 31", they're in luck, because that day will never come.
@3 Aaaaagh! Thanks, fixed.
Businesses of all sizes: Leases Are Your Friend
I think that Our Dear David wins this comment thread.

It would seem to me that if there is indeed a shortage of commissary kitchen space, that would be a very easy demand to meet. Commercial kitchens are very straightforward and not all that expensive to set up. Maybe there is some entrepreneur out there looking for an opportunity.
@6 They actually are very expensive to set up. Commercial kitchen equipment is very pricey and gets beat to hell in commissary kitchens, and there are a lot of insurance issues.
Also, while it might not be interesting to many readers, this ultimately has the potential to shut down interesting, local food businesses. Unless you love Subway and Five Guys, this is not good news.
@7 exactly. People just assume that kitchens run themselves and are cheap to set up. 'I have one at home, so that means you can have one set up too...' They don't realize that one hood set-up can cost thousands of dollars.
A commissary can hold an eclectic mix of chefs that share ideas, bred creativity and solve problems for each other while expanding out food culture. Disbanding a working kitchen displaces a lot of that family and culture.
Seattle food trucks are fucking bullshit in the first place, they charge more than restaurant prices for food prepared by lower-cost workers, and have essentially zero service or seating.
Oh my! "Thousands of dollars" for a range hood. How unfair!

I worked in and around commercial kitchens for decades, and I'm well aware of the cost of equipment. Anyone with experience and a sound business plan can get the financing and, properly run, it will recoup its costs quickly.

It's a commercial kitchen, that's it. No dining room, no other overhead. You can romanticize it all you want, but it's a commercial kitchen.
It's just another example of Amazon driving up costs in this town. Sure, you can go out and find a new commissary space. Guess what? It's now at Amazon rates. You're welcome.
"Some entrepreneur" was how this commisary kitchen was set up in the first place. Then the financiers of the project saw an easier way, ousted the original vision, and were able to shuffle off or assimilate those who disagreed with the new Atlas Kitchen bottom line.

The amount of money invested in that building is in the millions (yes, I know this for a fact). Chuckling about a few thousand dollars for a range hood and dismissing commissary kitchens as a simple thing for "anyone" to set up is so silly. Then go fucking do it. Because the last people who thought that's what they were doing had the rug pulled out from under them. At the Downtown fucking Cookhouse.

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