Sorry, was too busy watching the Green Party trainwreck on CNN.
"He [Republican candidate Bill Bryant] said job creation across the state has been too concentrated in the "Bainbridge to Bellevue" corridor, a message he's been hitting hard as he tries to appeal to more rural and moderate parts of the state."

How is it the State's or the Governor Inslee's fault that job growth in WA is concentrated in the "Bainbridge to Bellevue" corridor?

And what does Billy Bryant - a former Seattle Port Commissioner - propose to do to rectify the fact that the Puget Sound, for better or worse, is the economic engine of WA? Force Amazon to relocate to Spokane? Offer incentives to Boeing to build planes in Wenatchee? Close the Port of Seattle and require commerce to flow through Moses Lake?
Too bad I never received my ballot to vote for Mary Martin of the Socialist Workers' Party: Inslee is a dick ( anti-ganja, no work on a progressive system of taxation for our state, very little work on a livable wage and a state-based universal-healthcare system or single-payer ( unlike Colorado this year . -- & )
@3 very convincing argument.
Inslee is a disaster. Traffic changes have been a joke and forced on different communities. Now we are going to raise 50 plus billion and we still haven't fixed education funding. Teachers union chased out charter schools and we all act like it was for the kids. The state hospitals are a major problem, homeless major problem, drug addition major problem, state jails are a major problem, and it has all gotten worse while Inslee was in office. But enough facts, The stranger will tell us that he is a democrat so we should all get behind him because the other guy has an R next to his name.
No, @3, @5, and @6. Bryant is the disaster. Anyone who grins like the Cheshire Cat while serving in the Seattle Port Commission and green lights a Shell Oil rig in Puget Sound behind closed doors is unfit for the Governor's mansion.
By the way, Inslee could do a shitload more in state legislation if Doug "I'll Suck the Dicks of the Fossil Fuel Industry's Bigwigs for a Free Steak" Ericksen, R-Ferndale, corrupting the Senate and the major cause of little getting done. Blame Ericksen, Baumgartner, Roach, and others for their obstructionist, special interest group tactics and corruption.
@3, @5, and @6: Do you also believe that Republicans will bring Good Jobs Now, too?
And that the fossil fuel industry is the answer to solving all our problems?
No jobs exist on a dead planet.

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