This issue really interests me and I don't have a clear opinion yet -- I can see both sides.
God Murray is a petulant shit. O'Brien or McGinn need to step up and run against this clown.

I would have been willing to tell them who did it for $64,500. They're just throwing out tax money down the drain.
We NEED to get Murray OUT. He's got anger management issues, he's vindictive, and he's BAD at everything!
Nice work, Ansel. Amazes me that the city would spend this much on taxpayer money to fix nothing.
@2 Doug you poor dumb wanker. We ran McGinn out of office, and he's never coming back. Bad as Murray has been, he's better by far than the lot you liked. So just get over it.
Who is going to run against Murray? He's already got most of the Council backing him. His fundraising is already in full swing. I can't imagine anyone who would take him on. The guy has a lock on money and endorsements.

O'Brien? Don't make me laugh. Sawant?
I understand the impulse--this is the kind of thing about Murray that's absolutely maddening--but he's got like a 70% approval rating. He's very likely to weather a challenge at this point.
This reminds me of Mr. Fuddlesticks. What a waste a resources.
Thats over half of what seattle plans to spend on dog parks this year. Considering seattle has over 100 000+ dog owner citizens thats fucked up.

@Ansel - you guys dropped the ball reporting on the cities master dog plan. So far one mention in the daily news round up, and that mention was incorrect. It said Seattle might improve/increase the amount of beach access, which the plan explicitly recommends against.
Reminds me of mr. fuddlesticks. What a waste of resources. hopefully, the dailyshow will pick up this story too.
Perhaps no one wants to run against someone with an anger management problem.
Tell the attorney / investigator at the informant's name is deep throat and they used to meet at the underground parking garage Under The Stranger. Remember kids you can't get charged with perjury if you don't say nothing plead the Fifth! Attorneys love that for billable hours.
I thought the article was interesting, up until you mentioned Black Lives Matter as if it is a credible and viable organization.

There is new warped form of political currency these days, it is based-off of how grieved, offended, victimized and triggered a person can get when someone says or does something that contradicts their 'Generation Snowflake' point of view.

If I've triggered any of you, please feel free to go to your safespace. Maybe you can get trigglypuffs autograph.
@14: Excellent point. I'm sure if we just elected Republicans to run the city, police reform and accountability would be just around the corner. When you look at the party of Donald Trump, common-sense institutional reform to restore accountability and professionalism, with a focus on protecting racial minorities from authoritarian violence is the very first thing that comes to mind.
@14 - First, thanks for clarifying to us kids that fifty years is half a century. That's extremely helpful. I'll bet you're the type who also points out - in writing - that "it's Billions with a B" when you complain about budgets you don't like.

Second, Ed Murray is NOT a progressive democrat. He is, at best, a middle-of-the-road centrist democrat who is brought half-way to the left kicking and screaming only after appointed blue-ribbon commissions arrive at a consensus to compromise on what should be done on any given issue.
@16 You made my point for me thank you.
Ansel just cost the taxpayers 65k. Well done.
"Ansel just cost the taxpayers 65k. Well done."

At least blame the one one who leaked the contract, not the reporter it was leaked to. But even the one who leaked it didn't make Murray piss away $65,000. Murray made that choice, and he didn't have to.
This is total fucking bullshit. We need to show Murray the door in 2017.
Murray must be having tizzy fit.
And yes, ditto @20 - Murray is no progressive. He's a centrist at best, DINO when it suits his control-freak tendencies. This establishment candidate is worthless.
Well, if Ansel and the people he's worked with on police-union stories suffer any honey traps, black-bag jobs, wiretaps, computer penetrations, or assorted other dirty tricks, we'll know who commissioned them and who carried them out.

For what it's worth, Ed Murray hasn't gotten my vote since he voted to give Microsoft amnesty on over a billion dollars in evaded state software-license-royalty taxes and penalties at the height of the state budget crisis, back in 2010. (Ditto for Jamie Pedersen and Frank Chopp.) As for what he's done since becoming mayor, if you like it, I guess you must be a Seattle property owner who never has to drive or take the bus anywhere.

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