North Dakota will no doubt relish ignoring arrogant assholes like the Seattle Shitty Council.
Have you ever thought that the Seattle city council spends a lot of time doing stuff for other cities in other states while we have a lot of issues locally that simply are not being dealt with? Not that other issues are not important, but can't they fight for issues they believe in on their own time like all of the other activists. I thought we elected these individuals to work for the city. It has the sole responsibility of approving the city's budget, and also develops laws and policies intended to promote the health and safety of Seattle’s residents. The Council passes all legislation related to the City’s police, fire, parks, libraries, and electric, water, solid waste, and drainage utilities. Yet, our budget is a mess, our city parks are so bad in places that you can't take a child to them, and has anyone heard any issues about city police lately?

Seattle Times is reporting The Stranger is being sued.
@1, @2, @3 go away trolls.
@1, @2:

You know what? Fuck you. It's the tribes' drinking water today, it could be yours tomorrow.
@1 @2, how DARE you point out the obvious failures of virtue signalling !!! It's a microagression !!
@4: I wouldn't call it "trolling" to point out the ridiculousness and futility of the Seattle City Council demanding that another state do something.
@2, And yet, just one Slog post below this one is about the NCAA moving all their events out of North Carolina. Why? In part because states like Washington and cities like Seattle decided they would not allow taxpayer money to be spent on travel to that state in protest over HB2. It wasn't just a symbolic gesture. That meant people like college coaches and staff would not be able to fly to NCAA events in NC on the public dime. City or state trade representatives would not be able to travel to NC on the public dime. Those actions have a real effect.

Sometimes when the city council votes on some issue that seemingly doesn't directly effect Seattlites, it may seem like an empty gesture. But protests agains NC's HB2 is a perfect example of how these gestures are not entirely empty, and can have concrete effects on other cities, states, and countries.
I wonder when the sick sadistic dog handlers that attacked the American Indian protestors including unarmed women (one pregnant) and children will be charged for the crimes they committed.
Shorter @1/2:

"This thing has no immediate, direct impact on my life, therefore it is irrelevant to me, and should be to everyone else, too."
@6 "signalling"
alt-right buzzword
@10 wins it. It's wishcasting until it ain't. (Then it's "meddling", and that means you're winning.)

And "signaling" is the term for communication you're aware of but won't listen to.

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