It's just common sense as large businesses overthrow our labor market. If you've never worked at these companies, you have no idea how tenuous your employment is based on their rules. Minor protections go a long way, if for nothing else, to be able to work a 2nd corporate, shitty paying job without getting fired for the other one.
Also, this made planning vacations/visiting family easier with my partner. Impossible before that. You know, stuff White Collar folks take for granted.
The State legislature is going to get involved in this. They're going to repeal the part about when a business can hire a new worker rather than have another employee work. A business has the right to have as many, or as little employees as they want. that shouldn't be legislated. Businesses that have Clopennings are just going to go to a 4 hr shift for the person that opens. and for the one that closes. I would if I owned a Starbucks, or similar business. This doesn't take place until July next year. So the businesses are free to make multi-shifts now and reduce hours.

People will be getting 2-3 4 to 5 hour shifts so the clauses won't kick in. There's soooo much work around here. that the worker is going to be worse off and get less hours for forcing this issue. If I owned a business I'd just hire more workers and cut hours so they don't qualify as a "Full Time" worker. That will happen a lot before next July., Think I'm wrong? just wait and see.
@5: Sure, employers can be dicks about it. It will kill any employee loyalty that they might have, increase shrinkage, and then the city will turn around and amend the existing laws so those loopholes won't exist any more. But, whoo!, at least some employers will get to pretend that they're lords of the manor for a little while longer, and that makes it all worth it.
Yeah right. There will be zero enforcement. This is going to be just like the paid sick leave ordinance... the city council pats themselves on the back for supporting workers, while employers ignore the law with impunity.
@7 No laws because they all fail?
Many years ago, before I became a Municipal Career Gal, I was a Society Hostess at several of Our Better Hotels. At one of them (the Olympic), I had a job where I had to call to get waiters at the last minute, as wealthy people - being the parasites they are, and lacking basic life skills - often don't plan ahead when they want to entertain. I rather like the idea of a last-minute surcharge when Richy McRichPants or Tessie Trustfund want to get the crowd together to brag about Richy's new yacht or look at Tessie's pictures from Nepal.
Used to be you got paid extra for working some weird shift or on a weekend. Why did we get rid of paying more when you don't work a standard m-f 8-4:30?
"If I were a large company with employees covered under this proposal I would seriously consider leaving Seattle. Simply sell off, close or withdraw your business. The city has made it very clear you are not wanted here."

Oh sure. Starbucks or Safeway or Four Seasons or Hyatt are all going to pack up and leave because they have to be a little more careful in scheduling.
@11 I hear land is cheap in near Othello. Maybe Macys and REI will consider relocating or just close up shop altogether?
@8 New laws without fully funded enforcement mechanisms are just feel-good tripe that allow people to continue ignoring the problems of the working class.

We seriously might as well have not passed the sick-leave ordinance, because it is simply ignored by employers, and there are no consequences for ignoring it. Why should I believe this one will be any different?

Yeah, can you imagine how much business would BOOM for these companies by relocating to the sticks? Not to mention the commute - I mean, what the hey, if you already have an hour long drive from Bothell or Auburn, what's adding a few hours more one-way? Although I suppose a certain number of their corporate managers wouldn't mind relocating to a major metropolis like Shano or Royal City where land is presumably cheap and the cultural amenities are unparalleled - if you enjoy engaging in things like cow-tipping, that is.

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