I went to this meeting today. Public comment was ended early. Nobody was allowed to speak against this new law. If a landlord can't take a security deposit, then your credit better be perfect or no rental for you. Or maybe landlords will just put all their units on AirBNB; higher rents and a built-in security deposit. Hey City Council stop micro-managing other people's business.
Yay! strong democrat politicians for standing up for working class of Seattle! We're going to vote for you again in the next election cycle! NOT! What major city with our growth and financial resource increases needs a work force that can live with a roof over their heads and food in their home. I mean obnoxious metrosexuals can pull their own lattes and wait on their own clueless asses in over-priced restaurants and certainly can act as their own nurse in the hospital when they keel over as something internal explodes or are shot or mugged going home. Great forward thinking! Of course, as one of those workforce preparing to leave the state for better livable conditions - and they do exist - I would sincerely like to wish the constituency of Seattle (and Washington State), and the leadership of Seattle both corporate leadership and our hard-working, decision-making municipal leadership, "Good Luck - You're Going To Need It!!
The essence of the law is a good idea. It's too bad there has to be so much deception in the stats getting to it. Are rents for 1 bedrooms in Seattle $2,000? Maybe, maybe on average. That's because there are some that are far higher. Going on a site like zillow and looking for two bedrooms under $2,000 you find many. Many under $1,500. When I was young I always shared apartments with others to afford the rent. Seems like CAN wants everyone to be able to live in a high priced 1 bedroom. Their stats are just dishonest.

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