The Stranger's Endorsements for the November 2016 General Election

Vote Against Cheeto Jesus, Fascism, Racism, and Sexual Assault! Vote for Hillary, Democracy, Women, and Pragmatic Incrementalism! Vote for Higher Wages, Clean Elections, the Climate, and Light Rail, Too!


So you endorsed I-732 (wow! great!) and the other awesome ones... but continue down the neoliberal path with Adam "Clusterbomb" Smith (and still ignoring progressive primary opponent Dan Smith), Cyrus "I voted against TPP before I voted for it, no wait, someone else voted for me" Habib, Trump supporter Duane Davidson over write-in progressive Eric Miller... are you sure you guys are mentally stable?
Throwing Communities of Color under the bus for a climate policy that aims for a ~2% cut in carbon emissions per year from a hydro-powered state responsible for ~1.3% of the total emissions in the United States would be Peak Seattle Liberal.
Hutch dear, our cars aren't hydro-powered, nor are those ships and planes you see all over the place (and, it should be noted, while Seattle is 94% hydro, just across the lake, it's only 66%).

And just how does it throw "communities of color" under the bus? Is there some special non-white people's tax levied as part of it?

@2, yeah the "under the bus" thing just doesn't stand up to any scrutiny...

1. Doing nothing (which is the alternative to i732) is totally irresponsible to the ppl most likely to hurt by climate change, which is mostly p.o.c. locally and globally
2. I732 has the biggest antipoverty tax change in WA in forty+ years
3. When polled, a majority of POC support i732..
4. I732 doesn't mean we can't do more later

I'm glad the stranger endorsed. I'm voting yes.
@1: The primary is over and a statewide write in candidacy is just plain stupid, not to mention pointless.

@SECB: Can you nice white Capitol Hill kids please stop talking about "communities of color?"
Wow, pleasantly surprised... shocked... stunned to see The Stranger endorse I-732. I'm a longtime supporter of revenue-neutral carbon taxes. See the Carbon Tax Center.

The genius of a revenue-neutral carbon tax lies in its simplicity and common sense. But its simplicity and its common sense also present its great political challenge. Kinda like why Social Security would be so difficult to enact in our day and age. Unlike cap-and-trade there's no gaming the system, if only because there's no system to be gamed, so you don't have the Wall Street Goldman Sachs constituency on board. And unlike panaceas like "Hey, let's just invest more in clean energy," there's a recognition with a revenue-neutral carbon tax that you don't get something for nothing. Yes, it is a tax. Yes, it addresses a market failure through a market-based mechanism.

And really, there's nothing more offensive to some special interests than plowing the tax savings right back straight to be people, with no middle-men to siphon off the proceeds.

Without knowing much about I-732 for a while, I was taken aback by the complicated arguments against it, but then it eventually dawned on me that the arguments weren't about flaws in I-732; they were the same, old complicated criticisms of revenue-neutral carbon taxes in general.
As the "lone" opponent of I-1491 according to The Stranger. I'm hoping you take a moment to consider my concerns around I-1491:

1. It stigmatizes and profiles people with mental illness as being dangerous and violent whereas 95-97% of all violent crimes are committed by persons without mental illness.

2. It ignores new and existing laws, including "Joel's Law" passed in 2015 that already empowers families to petition courts for involuntary "treatment" of loved ones in a medical facility.

3. It doesn't provide a treatment model - it simply takes firearms away from a person and provides no support or help for them. Proponents claim it will reduce suicide citing Connecticut's firearm removal law which is completely different and includes a treatment model which takes 55% of the defendants directly for treatment.

4. It compromises Due Process including allowing for immediate lower court hearings without the accused being notified or present to defend themselves.

For more information please visit for this "lone" viewpoint.

Thank you for your consideration.
Yes! Good call on the I-732 endorsement. We need to start taking action on climate, and waiting for the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy to get its shit together will not cut it.
If you put ballot in mail without a stamp it will get mailed anyways
Can you please do a version of this page with altered photos of the candidates? I would feel better about the election if they ALL wore lipstick.
But if I voted for I-732 and the $13.50 minimum wage then that would help poor people the most. Cool

Undecided about which of the two women running for President to vote for. May just flip a coin after tonight's debate
@9 you can drop your ballot off at Seattle Central College and the University of Washington in the postage free drop boxes too
@ 12 Sure that too
Please listen to The Stranger on State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Erin Jones has:
-changed her views on different issues for LGBT people at least twice
- from The Olympian's endorsement of Chris Reykdal:

"Despite her enthusiasm for education, Jones missed several opportunities to vote on public school bonds or levies for North Thurston Public Schools, where her children were enrolled. Reykdal has used this to question her commitment to local schools, but Jones quickly acknowledged to us that she was “irresponsible” not to vote."

In other words, she wants you to vote for her but couldn't be bothered - several times - to vote for school levies.

- two ed reform PACs and Vulcan have paid $167,600 for a mailer in support of Erin Jones. This action comes out of national Stand for Children office in Portland, Oregon.

Here is how it breaks down:
-$50,000 from Stand for Children Inc.
-$9,000 from League of Education Voters PAC (Education Voters Political Action Fund)
-$108,600 from Vulcan Inc.

This is the second-largest independent expenditure so far this election season, after a $194,300 IE from No on I-732 people.

- she's using a former lobbyist for Stand for Children, a notorious ed reform group AND hired Christian Sinderman's group to work on her campaign.

Vote for Chris Reykdal - he has the skill set for an executive job, understands what it means to be an low-income student, and is consistent with all his statements on issues, including LGBT ones.
Only 2 initiatives before I scrolled to the bottom, as I realized I was reading the works of a maniac. A new personal best. Yes, take bad ideas and make them worse. That's totally going to work out.

But hey, the internet can always use more articles like this that outline the ravings of madmen.

Thrilled to see the Stranger endorse I-732, both the most powerful climate and the most powerful antipoverty measure on the Washington ballot in 40 years! Taking action on climate change is too urgent to reject a thoughtfully crafted proposal in preference of an uncertain alternative.
I-732 does more for POC and working families than anything this state has done in the past 40 years by lowering sales tax by 1% and funding the Working Families Tax Rebate AND putting a tax on carbon. Climate change affects POC the most. Frankly getting tired of the "Green Establishment" acting like they have a monopoly on climate policy and that anything that doesn't include them or their pet projects is "not good enough."

We don't have 10 years to wait for them to come out with a "better" plan. YES on I-732.
Beautifully stated, mrutas @17. The only thing people in power hate more than a bad idea that did not come from them is a good idea that did not come from them and thus for which they cannot collect any IOUs. And that doesn't make them corrupt or crooked or evil; it just makes them human.
We need to elect Eric Holt to the Senate in the 18th.
This looks like the same group of schmucks you've been pushing for the last 20 years. I think as my last offical voting act before dumping this state altogether I'll go all tax-hike and republican and see if Seattle gets any closer to affordable housing, lower crime, more qualified police, and better wages for the working class so they can afford the insanity the liberal idiots of media, local and state governments call a "cost of living" as really, who needs working folk in the city! You know, just for the shits and giggles of it! Have fun and heres hoping you dont need a nurse, policeman or waiter anytime soon!
I-1491 only reinforces the (Mistaken) Notion that Mentally Ill people are responsible for a significant portion of gun violence in our Country.

They're NOT! Every reliable study that's been done has shown that the seriously mentally ill are more likely to be victims of a violent crime than the perpetrators.

So right there the idea that it will make Washington "safer" goes out the window.

What 1491 DOES do is erode Due Process by setting the precedent that someone can be stripped of a constitutional right without a chance to defend themselves in court.

While many people claim that it protects Due Process by requiring a hearing there is no requirement that the subject of the hearing be notified much less allowed to attend. That's NOT a safeguard.

I hope The Strangers editorial staff remembers that precedents cut two ways, by endorsing 1391 your setting the stage for all sorts of rights to be curtailed in the future, maybe by a guy named Trump...
@7 I agree with you 1000%
@7 and 21, after the atrocities that have been committed by mentally ill people (Cafe Racer an egregious local example), it's hard to make the case that mentally ill people maintain an unfettered right to keep and bear arms. I'd rather we err on the side of public safety.
"But sometimes you gotta stop hand-wringing, grab incremental change when you can get it, and then keep right on pushing toward perfect."
YES. Let's pass I732 and get a monumental carbon tax passed in Washington and then we'll keep right on pushing. I732 will be a huge momentum boost to the environmental movement, effectively reduce our emissions, AND do it all by giving money back to Washingtonians! Absolutely worth it. Thank you Stranger for endorsing!
Yes on I-732, awesome! The Stranger gets it - there is no need to pit the perfect against the good. Also nice analogy to Initiative 502.. so let's lead the nation in another policy that will soon spread faster than climate-induced wildfire!! Also LOL at Will's comment "But if I voted for I-732 and the $13.50 minimum wage then that would help poor people the most." See? There are MULTIPLE ways to help low income families and communities of color! Stoked!
So The Stranger endorses another regressive sales tax, again put on the backs of the very poorest of the poor. What a surprise!
Washington State is already the WORST in the entire country for taxing the poor - worse than Alabama, Florida and every southern state. Yet The Stranger wants to dig us even deeper in the hole. This is an $18,000 tax for every man, woman and child in the region. And only 1 in 100 people will use it.
I'm all for intelligent mass transit, with an organization that can be monitored for incompetence. This proposal is just a black hole for taxes, with more empty promises that many of us will never see turned into reality. Who doesn't think these fools will come back again in a few years, asking for more money? How much over budget from the original proposal is this latest version? Don't look to The Stranger for these answers. They don't have any.
And speaking of holes - what happens to this project when the next 9.0+ mega earthquake hits? The entire tunnel system get crushed like a beer can under the foot of a drunk hipster. All $54 billion dollars gone in an instant.
Reject this folly.
forestwater @26:
I'm all for intelligent mass transit, with an organization that can be monitored for incompetence.

Ah yes, the "intelligent" mass transit system designed by people who hate mass transit. Let me guess. Buses, buses, and more buses! I'm sure you'll be out there campaigning for our new bus system. Just like you'll be fighting for that progressive tax system you're apparently such a champion of.

And about that 9.0 earthquake. If you maintain that a brand-new light rail corridor built to the latest earthquake standards isn't going to hold up, how the heck is anything else going to hold up? If you're that afraid of an earthquake, maybe it's time to move inland. Or do we live in a magical place where the only infrastructure susceptible to an earthquake is transit infrastructure and the only public agency guilty of incompetence is the transit agency?

Wait a minute though. If the ST3 projects are never going to become a reality anyway, as you're so confident, then maybe we don't need to worry about that infrastructure being destroyed by an earthquake.
Stranger, thank you for your endorsements. They help me make my decisions on issues and candidates I not totally familiar with.

Keep up the good work!
So first question-- what is so wrong with Jill Stein?? She seems alright & she seems to have a grasp on the issues facing our country. Second and this is not a question but a true observation there is no way in hell that I am voting for Nicole Macri & neither should you. I had to endure my time at the DESC and I can tell you that she is far removed from what the true issues are of the homelessness in Seattle. The Staff at the DESC are corrupt & they steal the belongings of the homeless & then sell them in their little thrift shop. Not to mention that more than 5 people that I know had items stolen from them while they were in a locked room accessible only by the staff of the DESC ! We are not talking clothing & other sundry items we are talking computers, digital cameras and phones. Taken from people who are on Social Security & who are in some capacity mentally disabled. So DO NOT vote for this person. She is part of the problem that exists in the whole system. We need to vote in somebody who is kind compassionate & not a part of the corruption that plagues this city.
Why do you guys and gals at this rag deny my access to your comments section ? You afraid I will tell the truth about Hellary and your other bourgie candidates?
NOW you let me post comments: For WEEKS I attempted to log on using the very password I used to get on today . . . WTF?!? Hasn't the WikiLeaks Affair and the Electoral-Fraud Lawsuits in HOW MANY states taught you ANYTHING about the D.N.C. ? ---
So happy to see the Stranger endorsing I-732! I hope everyone will go out and vote yes on it!
I'm glad to see I-732 is on here! Climate change is HERE and it's time to take action now - this initiative is a great place to start. I fully support I-732, It will reduce C02 emissions while funding the working families rebate, which is a huge anti-poverty effort. I say, let's pass the nation's strongest carbon tax and let Washington lead the way in implementing a carbon tax in other states.

When Republican Bush prepared for his war of aggression against Iraq, progressives were out protesting in the streets in the thousands.

When Democrat Clinton announces plans for her war of aggression against Syria, progressives a̶g̶a̶i̶n̶ ̶t̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶s̶t̶r̶e̶e̶t̶s̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶r̶i̶g̶h̶t̶e̶o̶u̶s̶ ̶a̶n̶g̶e̶r̶ vote for her.

tsk tsk
Ah, the Stranger asking for another 50 years of one Party Progressive Democratic rule. Love what you got? Then go vote!
Jayapal is against I-732, and what she says about it makes me question her political effectiveness. She's going to be making tweetable speeches for years without making a bit of difference as a legislator. Start a talk show instead, she really would be good at that, and let's try Walkinshaw here.
I've never been so eager get my voting out of the way. Good riddance to this election cycle.
Also, thanks for putting together these endorsements. I don't always agree, but would be worse off without them.
This confirms the establishment creds of The Stranger's SECB and publisher (who used veto power to compel the endorsement of I-732.) Calling Hillary a liberal? Excusing Adam Smith for giving cluster-bombs - a war crime - to Saudi "Most of the 9/11 Hijackers" Arabia? Apologizing for the open door to law enforcement misconduct that is I-1491? Holy fuckballs, shatman, is this crap "recommended" by Goofle and Microshaft's billionaires? There was a time when I'd care what The Stranger said. Now I just wonder if Dan Savage really ever had a soul.
@38: Endorsements should be used only for entertainment purposes; it is your civic duty to evaluate candidates separately from commentary and hyperbole put forth by any media outlet.
"Do you want an evangelical Christian running the state's school system?"

So, you wouldn't want Jimmy Carter running OSPI? Don't be such a bigot.
#41: I agree, don't be a bigot. Vote Reykdal

"I never knew of any word or action of Jesus Christ that discriminated against anyone"-Jimmy Carter, September 2014, Colorado

SEAMEC Questionnaire of Erin Jones
19. Do you support legislation that would prohibit Conversion Therapy (reparative therapy) on
[ ] YES [ X ] NO

your endorsement and the progressive voter guide talk about the same issue with I-1501 and yet they recommend voting yes while you say vote no. I think the SECB may have mixed up which way to vote on this one given that the language on my ballot suggests that voting YES will exempt caregivers' info from disclosure rather than permit its disclosure.
@29 What's wrong with Jill Stein in as a candidate for president is that she has no chance of winning. If she were in a strong third place position, looking at her views and contemplating endorsing her might be worth thinking about. Jill Stein is doing so abysmally that she's not even mounting a credible threat to Gary Johnson's very distant third place position. Honestly, there really are two presidential races going on: there is the real race between the only two parties who have any chance of actually winning, and the race between the Libertarians and the Greens to see who is the biggest joke of a party. But I will say one thing in Jill Stein's favor, unlike Johnson, at least she knows what Allepo is, even if she's not willing to say anti-vaxxers are idiots.
@36 that's my fear of Jayapal too. If she opposed it because of the potentially imbalanced economic impact, that would be one thing. Opposing it because it's green but not green ENOUGH is the sort of position that diehards eat up but that doesn't actually make for effective governance.
I don't know enough about Jayapal and Walkinshaw to blindly follow the Stranger endorsement. After reading up in the voter pamphlet, I think I will go with Brady Walkinshaw. We need some young blood, his voting record and education credentials look good. I am an older woman but "we need more women in DC" is not swaying me on this one. We will have Hillary, Patty, Maria, Elizabeth, Nancy to name just a few. Plus, he's for the carbon tax. Now Brady you will look out for us women, won't you?
I wish I could vote for Jayapal, but all of us — people and children of color and also those colorless — don't have two years to wait on all of us doing our part to limit climate change. I'm like a single-issue voter against Trumpocalypse — and that issue, where this House vote is concerned, is not living under the Puget Sound in 20 years. Walkinshaw seems to be a real progressive on climate change. I hope he gets through.
It really shows how impartially the Stranger considers the arguments and candidates of both parties that they noted that "Suzan DelBene gave some of the snooziest testimony during our endorsement meetings, but her Republican opponent, Alex Storms, was way worse."

DelBene is running against Robert J. Sutherland.
Was going with Jayapal bc of Bernie's endorsement, but I getting concerned since he has endorsed Clinton and compromised for the sake of the corporate order. Another endorsement of his, for example (elsewhere), is (I heard) a charter schools advocate. Which doesn't jell.

I do not support giving the Juvy center ANY money. I agree that we must starve these people to death & force them to let them out. That's how bad it is.

Since this is position in the House of Representatives, I'd also like very clear evidence with respect to candidate's views on single payer health care, taking money from any of these interests - and whether they are committed on that front not to accept certain compromising funds; also opposition to NAFTA and the TPP, and their positions on foreign policy matters.

How do we NOT have any discussion of these issues. Love Bernie but I'm not parking my brain at the door for him, either. And certainly not for the Stranger which has made such horrendous recommendations in the last election and was a total sell-out to the corporate wing of the Democratic Party.

Also - saying that she'll lead the next charge for an Obama - say WHAT ?? Obama is one of the reasons we're not voting for Clinton.

We've had with the corporate baloney.
Where do you stand on the elevated park on the waterfront SECB? I'm a maybe.
Okay. Not surprised. But what'll you do with yet another rent increase? Do you really wanna be a suburbinite?
besides... 732 won't make a dent in climate change. Just more loopholes.
Erin Jones is not anti-gay/anti-trans. As an LGBTQ person who is voting for her, please do better research! She's an amazing woman and much more qualified for the job!…
A simple for the record: imprisoning political opponents is how Lenin, Stalin & Mao rolled as well.

Trading Due Process for "safety" has a lousy track record.

If we start picking out groups and saying they aren't entitled to their rights pretty soon none of us will have them..

No on 1491!
Why would ANYONE vote for a lying, corrupt, mass murdering NWO / Globalist
POS like Hillary Clinton...?
There are those of us liberals that have moved out to Legislative District 31 -- and part of it IS in King County. Include us next time! I don't want to do my own research (kidding, not kidding)
Sorry. Cannot vote for either candidate for the position of State Treasurer. Nope. No way gonna vote for a Republican, just because of what that fucking party stands for. So, what's the difference if one or the other wins.
Why not recommend, or even talk about, the Berniecrat Eric Miller for state treasurer?
Superb and cogent "Opening Statement" except for the snarky and, frankly, illiterate reference to "antediluvian Seattle congressman Jim McDermott." (Someone needs the link to at The Stranger.)

Iconic, legendary, committed, heroic and truth-telling would have been much more appropriate and accurate. Of course, if your writer's "historical knowledge" extends back no further than Y2K and The Florida Chads---and no, the latter was not an emerging Hip Hop group in South Beach---what the hell can be expected.
Please read these articles about Pramila Jayapal before voting for her.

The Jayapal's response to Walkinshaw's recent ads:…

An in-depth look at Jayapal's attendance and her campaign's claims about it:…
Just awful political advice from the Stranger.....imagine that...

Apparently, the editors at the Stranger are too young to remember the near weekly scandals with the Clinton Whitehouse.

Hillary needs to wear convict orange, not the mantel of power.....

As for local elections, Jay is a proven idiot whose term in office has been plagued with neglect. He is more concern about being green than being Governor.

All Measures, Initiatives, and proposals on the 2016 ballot should be rejected.

They are poorly written, cost too much, likely unconstitutional or take away too much freedom from citizens.

BTW: Don't vote for any incumbent Supreme Court Justice. ..they clearly do not understand the WA or US Constitution.

Thank you for posting this article. Wanted to see how I'd stack up against your "picks" Glad to say my votes are all contrary to your picks. Knew I was doing something correct.
@61 seeing as your name is captainstack, i'm assuming you wrote those articles. Why promote your own articles which attack Pramila? Kinda seems strange
@44: You sound like one of those one-votes-for-vaginas Hillbots/Man haters . You DO know the Ass Media is run by the same bassturds who fund BOTH the Republicans and Blue-Dog "Dems" like Hitlary, don't you? --- & . . . . And have you been keeping tabs on all the electoral-fraud lawsuits against the DNC? They will NOT go away on November Ninth . . . . --- & & . Pfft!!!
What about Leg District 45? Goodman/Valderrama?
@64, Why promote articles I wrote? Because I want people to read them... Why else would I write them?
Listened to a good interview with Laura Flanders and Jayapal (on youtube). That, coupled with Bernie's endorsement, convinced me, and I'm throwing my bets with her in this race, despite some of my misgivings about the juvy prisons. Plus, I don't think Bernie makes these choices lightly (though we're not voting for Clinton).

I'd like to support the public transporation measure but the Stranger's support for the last one really stuck us with high and unfair car tabs. We're paying almost another 100 dollars and we watch people get on the same buses from Shoreline who paid nothing. While we're riding too.

I was so mad at this paper for endorsing that idiotic proposition.

Would have liked to support this one, but we cannot go with anything that hits us on car tabs after the amount ours went up, no thanks to the Stranger's irresponsible endorsements - typical pseudo liberals without any feeling for people who are getting economically hurt by their selfish arrogance.

And yes - we voted for Jill Stein. Not war mongering, anti-single payer, pro-job killing trade deals Clinton.

Hey Kids: Your endorsements are a great service and I always read them - but also look elswhere. I am a mom with a child in the Seattle school system and should note that the writing was on the wall for Erin Jones in the primary - you screwed up by endorsing her then. For education issues dig deeper, eg check out education blogs such as this one:…

Also note that your own Dan Savage has broken with your board to endorse Brady Walkinshaw:…

Finally, Walkinshaw's endorsement of Kshama Sawant's opponent shows he is in touch with his district. Sawant is a fierce and effective proponent of policies with national implications - such as the minimum wage - that also support her "brand" but is unresponsive to district concerns, eg traffic safety, transit routes and petty crime. Her former opponent, Pamela Banks, has a greater investment in the quality of life in our neighborhoods and city. Walkinshaw has the temperment, and progressive and pro-environment policies to make a difference in Washington DC - just read Savage's withering take-down of Jayapal. She does not even live in the district she is asking to represent.
Also, I will echo commenter 38: "thanks for putting together these endorsements. I don't always agree, but would be worse off without them." It's a big time-saver and a great jumping off point to do more research...
Donald Trump is a Neo-Nazi and I don't understand any responsible leader supporting him - such as the Stranger's irresponsible endorsement of the Republican candidate for State Treasuurer.

Consider the intellect of a person voting for Donald Trump AND in a state where Trump has literally a 3 percent chance of winning. What in the world is stopping this individual from voting for a economically conservative candidate who isn't a foaming-at-themouth racist, misogynistic, narcissistic sociopath?

He could be voting for the registered write-in conservative independents McMullin and Finn, among other counted conservative candidates who are capable of standing on a stage without talking about the size of their genitals - and. who don't think they have a right to sexually assault women because they're "rich stars."

There ARE other options. So what does he gain by voting for a disgusting slob bully who demoralizes and demeans women, African Americans, Native Americans, protesters, politically left people, disabled people, Mexicans, latinos, Jews, Muslims, hey - just about anyone if they have a vulnerable target of some kind.

When do your editors decide to get off the dumb-ass choo-choo train you ride for every damn election saying, "We must vote for the two party system." "We must support candidates who do, too. Even if they're going with Neo-Nazis!"

Do NOT vote for this individual. WRITE IN THE BERNIECRAT ENDORSEMENT FOR ERIC MILLER. Don't park your brain for this pseudo-left newsprint with an increasingly poor track record. Their endorsements are incredibly irresponsible.

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