Hmmmm, a $50,000 shirt order.....
Those are not the only schools that participated, not sure why you'd list only some of them (without at k asr adding, 'and others' or something.
Local YMCAs participated too.
(without at least adding 'and others')
"ninety percent of white third graders meet math and reading standards, compared with about half of black students. OUCH !

"One quarter of African American and Latino students don't graduate on time, compared to eight percent of white students. SHAMEFUL !

"black students are suspended at four times the rate of white students. NOT FAIR !

"Among the country's largest 200 school districts, Seattle has the fifth-widest achievement gap between white and black students" Seattle Liberals are all for the Negro in principal, but in real life not so much...

So instead of wearing shirts promoting a cause that makes heroes of violent thugs why don't these clowns stop oppressing and failing the black students they have stewardship over?

Physcian, Heal Thyself; you hypocritical hack fucks.
Thank you teachers!

(Hope the Stranger will cover the governor's debate. Good discussions about funding education, teacher retention, and closing tax loopholes. Bryant is surprising me for a Republican. He sounds more like a Dem. Not trumpy at all.)
@5, Bryant opposes ST3 and light rail, very reactionary/republican.
According the the US Census, nationally, 66% of black children are growing up in single parent households. Compared to 25% for non-Hispanic white children.

Still wonder why there's a gap?

While single parenting isn't a death sentence, it is expressed as a significant disadvantage in establishing academic performance, educational achievement, nutritional standards, behavioral norms, etc. The net output/deficit isn't about teachers and students. This performance gap is fundamentally about choices, and an indictment of the apologists for bad choices.
@6, but Bryant countered with expanding robust RR buses throughout the region. That would cover more ground for less dollars and still have dollars for McCleary. There's social and health services to cover and right now, WA mental health spending is in the pittance compared to the rest of the country. That's gotta change, especially if people want to tackle drug/mental health treatment seriously.

The two aren't as far apart as I thought. The next weeks may show more difference.
1-The success of a school's students will depend most of all on the quality of the families sending kids to the school.

2-Black children born to and raised by married parents do very well. America works just fine for Blacks, if they let it
@7 - is your statistic controlled for current socioeconomic status, family history in education, and place one lives? If not then your implied message that "those people needs to stop fuckin'" rings hollow. Control for those factors and you'll see that race only has a little to do with it (meaning whites in similar situation have children out of wedlock). What little difference there is is clear ascribable to institutional racism.

Consider this influential aspect for instance. Black men in America are far more likely to encounter police than Whites and Asians even if all other things are equal. Data clearly shows extra contact with cops can be assigned to institutional discrimination. So of course there are more incarcerations caused by more frequent contact (would be the same with any race).

Then these men go in the penal system, which has a dynamic of retaining those who enter it in the first place. This effect also transcends race btw. One of many problems that results is that there are then significantly fewer men in Black communities than women. Again, universally and completely outside of race (and history for that matter), when male/female ratios tip a critical mass guess what? You get high rates of out of wedlock pregnancies. Because when there's many women to choose from, men universally tend to choose many women. And they don't work as hard to make themselves marketable. Conversely women get more competitive and far more willing to "steal" men out of relationships. Again this is how it goes totally outside of race as a factor. (The converse is true too - not enough women and men become marry-me toe-the-line romantics who strive at self-improvement).

So anyway David Brooks pushed out those same statistics maybe 5 or 6 years ago, similarly implying "you immoral people just need to zip it up. Outside of that then it's their own problem." Doesn't work like that though. All people embedded in similar social situation behave similarly. Change the social situation (by, for instance, squeezing down the school-to-prison pipeline) and magically you'll see people behave differently.
Race has nothing to do with it.
That is the point.
Whites making the same choices have the same outcomes.
Change the lifestyle choices and the lot in life improves,
no matter what the skin color.

Having said that;
Blacks murder (usually other blacks) at 4-5X the rate of other demographic groups.
And rates of other violent crime are similarly elevated.
(A black American male is 1000X as likely to be shot dead by a thug as to be unjustly killed by police)
That has an impact on victim communities, as well as the families of the murderers.
And represents a tough nut to crack on the way to lowering incarceration rates.
11 I can't respond to your incoherent response to my post - if you can't see why it's incoherent the your cognitive bias is such that you can't be helped.

That and I picture as a pasty, lonely suburban boy sneaking warm pudding cups from mama's cupboard. And then talking excitedly to the TV though a soft rosy mouth full of tapioca. It sounds like "pudding puuuuuuuuddddding puuuddding puudding pudding puuuuuuudddding!!!" That's pretty much all I take away from your posts, Pudding Boy is erupting again.
1) There were way more than 2000 teachers wearing shirts yesterday. At my school, we wore shirts that were from our Black Student Union, not the ones that the article talks about. I know that other schools made similar choices. I'd put the number closer to 3000, perhaps more. It was a really powerful, symbolic visual show of support, and I'm proud to have participated in it.
2) This is about way more than wearing a shirt. The institutional racism, especially toward black and latinx students, needs to stop. I know that there are many factors outside of the school that contribute to these performance discrepencies, and many of them are HUGE factors. Yet, we still approach education from a dated, middle-class perspective generally. It's hard to argue against the sad fact that black students are kicked out of school at much higher rates than other groups. There ARE things we can improve in public education. There is also a lot that communities can do to improve as well.
3) Commentor Comitatus: I can't even. I wish you'd quit adding your spiteful, disturbing, intentionally offensive comments to every thread. If you can't see that #blacklivesmatter is an important movement for our time that is bringing attention to issues that need attention, that the 'thugs' you speak about are a super small minority and not really part of the movement, and that there are DEFINITIVELY multiple systemic problems that add to people of color having it much harder in our country (including schools and police), you are not nearly as smart as you think you are. Rather than call out people who are trying to help, why don't you do something more than blame the victims. You rancid piece of fucking shit.
We are sorry, for you, that you find the truth disturbing and offensive.
BLM is founded on and promotes a false premise. A huge Lie, actually.
It draws attention away from problems that actually impact the black community.
Identifying the problem is a prerequisite to correcting it.
As is recognizing that the majority of things that must be done are things that only the black community can do.
Until the root issues are addressed, all you are doing is flailing at symptoms;
ineffectually flailing while the problem grows ever bigger.
We get that you feel so enlightened and proud for wearing your little shirt.
Careful not to wear a hole in it patting yourself on the back.
Leftists LOVE these kind of meaningless showy displays that make them feel so morally superior.
The "thugs" we speak of are ubiquitous and terrorize black communities all across America.
And murder black Americans at 4-5X the rate other demographic groups are murdered.
BLM and clueless twits like yourself embolden them, and further tie the hands of police who risk their lives actually doing something to help black communities.
If you really want to help educate yourself about what/who really takes black lives and have the courage to call out the organization that tries to makes heroes of the criminals.
But the shirt need not be a total loss,
perhaps if you shove it up your ass you can still derive some pleasure from it.
12 Thank you for taking the time not to respond.

Ask the terrorized black residents of Chicago about the " super small minority" Thug population.
Chicago, where than less than 20% of murders are solved.
Where it is possible to literally get away with murder.
Where the community will not cooperate with police for fear of themselves being killed.
Where a police officer was recently brutally beaten by a super small minority Thug, but refused to defend herself with her weapon for fear BLM would get her fired.
The way Darren Wilson lost his job, even though the Dept of Justice found he was attacked, assaulted and super minority (or is it super predator?) Thug Michael Brown tried to seize his handgun; the DoJ found Wilson acted appropriately. Did Wilson get a medal for risking his life?
Lost his jobs and got death threats from BLM.

THAT is what you are promoting.
THAT is whose side you are on.
THAT is who you are embolding.
In fact, the "super small minority" thugs BLM makes heroes out of murder more black Americans in just a year than were lynched in the whole country in the past 135 years.
Perhaps you credulous fighters for justice could don white hoods at your next march.
Nice try, but no cigar.

1- The police are paid with tax money - our money. As taxpayers we have every right to expect law enforcement to respond appropriately to the situations they encounter.
Shooting unarmed suspects is not an appropriate use of force.

2 - Criminals killing innocent civilians has nothing to do with police killing unarmed African Americans. They are two completely different problems.

3 - The Black Lives Matter movement is not making heroes out of 'thugs', that is coming straight out of your diseased mind.

Comparing the actions of criminals to the actions of law enforcement is ridiculous.

Full disclosure: my father in law was a police officer.
A suspect tried to take his gun once. He restrained the suspect, he didn't kill him. That is what he liked to call good police work.

CC, you are nothing but a racist, and all you are doing is spewing alt-right talking points.
You obviously live a very sad life. You have my sympathy and my pity.
Suspects who resist arrest may create a situation in which shooting them is the appropriate response.

Suspects, armed or otherwise, who attempt to take an officers weapon should be shot.
We like to call what your father-in-law did an anecdotal story about a guy who got lucky.
The next officer that criminal tries to take a weapon from may not be so lucky.
Michael Brown will never threaten the life of another police officer (or shop keeper) and the world is a better place for it.

An organization that claims to care about Black Lives would focus, like, a thousand times the attention on 3-4,000 Black Lives slaughtered by criminals every year than it would the very few lives taken unjustly by police officers.

BLM cut it's teeth glorifying Michael Brown and promoting a Filthy Racist Lie about what happened to him.
It created an atmosphere in which credulous dimwits felt justified mass murdering white police officers, because they were white police officers.
That, you ignorant little fuck, is racism.

We have a little game here on Slog;
it is called "See if Anyone can tell us how many actual unjustified killings by Police there really are".
With the attention the topic gets you would assume it happens all the time.
The way it works is you cut thru all the crap about criminal thugs who were killed while resisting arrest that BLM and the Leftist propaganda machine (aka The Media) glorify to see if there is actually ever Anyone killed by police without justification.
It's much more difficult that it seems.
Care to play?
The criminal that tried to take my father-in-law's gun is in prison.
He isn't threatening any police officers anymore.

Sure, I'll play.
I'll list them one by one.

Michael Brown is the first. You see the police officer couldn't have shot him without his weapon, therefore he was no longer struggling for his weapon.
Therefore he shot and killed an unarmed suspect.

The fact that you think police officers have the right to shoot unarmed suspects under any circumstances shows you know nothing about police work.

You are nothing but a racist piece of shit.
Good luck with that.

Just tell me when you're ready for the next one.
The Department of Justice found that Brown assaulted the officer and was trying to take his weapon.
The Dept of Justice found that the officer acted appropriately.
The Dept of Justice discovered that the entire Hands Up Don't Shoot fable was a LIE.

Sorry, wrong.
Michael Brown's dead body was on the street for hours. The only evidence that was found was his DNA on the gun. How do you think it could have gotten there?

Here's a question for you, if it is ok for the police to shoot anyone who resists, why is Cliven Bundy still alive?
Take it up with Eric Holder.

So far holding at Zero.
Do you agree with the DOJ about Hillary?

What about Cliven Bundy? Shouldn't he be dead?
@21: "The fact that you think police officers have the right to shoot unarmed suspects under any circumstances shows you know nothing about police work."
If by "under any circumstances" you mean "under all circumstances", you're right. If you mean "under some circumstances", you're (amazingly) wronger than Alleged. There are many situations under which it is not only justifiable, but 100% justified.
Hell, there are situations under which even a civilian is justified in shooting an unarmed person. If A takes an aggressive stance towards B, threatens to kill B, and then suddenly reaches into his (A's) jacket pocket, B would in that moment be perfectly justified in using lethal force against A.

Sorry, if you refuse to tell me why Cliven Bundy wasn't shot, you lose.

I'm not sure what state you live in, but in some states you (a private citizen) are required to retreat if it is at all possible, even in your home.
Why won't you answer my question?

Why didn't law enforcement kill Cliven Bundy?

Also, who said you were keeping score?
@28: The duty to retreat only applies if it's actually plausible to do so (that is, if retreating doesn't put you in greater danger). If a guy standing in front of you explicitly threatens to kill you and then appears to be drawing a gun, no court will say that you should have tried to run away rather than defend yourself.
Think of it this way: if someone threatens your life and points a gun at you at point blank range, is it reasonable to expect you to attempt to run away rather than exercise self-defense (even with lethal force)?
Alleged, is there any particular reason that you're asserting that there have been "Zero" unjustified killings (of black men or of people in general) by police officers? You've been informed of the case of Laquan McDonald on multiple occasions.
Is your memory going, you decrepit old liar?
"If a guy standing in front of you explicitly threatens to kill you and then appears to be drawing a gun, no court will say that you should have tried to run away rather than defend yourself."
If you shoot, and he doesn't have a weapon, there is a very good chance you will be convicted.
Unless there are witnesses, or a video with audio, it will look like you shot a defenseless man.…
Here is a quote: "We are referring to the “doctrine of competing harms” and the “doctrine of necessity.” Put very simply, you are allowed to break the law (in this instance, kill), in the rare circumstances where following the law (not killing) would cause more injury to you or other innocent humans."

I've been playing with CCa bit, but if you can only find one case of an unjustified shooting I'll give you another.…
If you want more names, let me know.
I should also mention that Laquan McDonald's killer hasn't gone to trial yet. The officer that killed Chapman has already been convicted.
Someones here seems decrepit but it isn't us...

Remember, Adam, the objective is to list black men killed by police without justification.
If you can find any.
So far the tally is zero.
You don't have to list them one by one, the whole list will be fine.

Junior, this is Adam's game.
You had your turn.
We gave you Laquan even though he was armed.
His tragic death was over two years ago;
so that works out to less than half a killing a year on average.
Like I told you before, you aren't the one keeping score here, I am.
If we're going to play this game, it's going to be quid pro quo.
For every name I give you, you are going to answer a question.
Here is a name for you William Chapman.
The officer who shot him was convicted.
He was actually the second person that the officer had shot and killed, but as you already know police officers have to go above and beyond egregious to be convicted of shooting anyone.
Now that I've given you a name that you can't refute, answer my question.
Why didn't the police kill Cliven Bundy?
@ # 11 Understand this, you can't talk racism to white people because White people don't think in terms of we, they have the privilege to interact with the social and political structures of society as individuals. You are “you,” I am “one of them.” Whites are not directly affected by racial oppression even in their own community, so what does not affect them locally has little chance of affecting them nationally. Black people think in terms of we because we live in a society where the social and political structures interact with Black people as black. Black people don't see a shooting of an innocent Black child in another state as something separate from them because they know that it could be their child, parent, or them, that's shot. The fact that racism happened at a geographically remote location or to another Black person is only a coincidence, an accident. It could just as easily happen to any Black person — right here, right now.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
White people have no need, nor any real desire, to think in terms of a group. They are supported by the system, and so are mostly unaffected by it. They are affected by what they think is an attacks on their own character. To say “people in the North are racist” is an attack on any white northerner as a racist. They are unable to differentiate their participation within a racist system because it's not done to them. They are not profiled, and able to move where they want to. White people in general decide to vigorously defend their own personal non-racism, or point out that it doesn't exist because they don't see it. The result of this is a repeated argument, a Black person says “Racism still exists, it is real,” and a white person argues “You're wrong, I'm not racist at all. I don't see any racism. Their immediate response is not “that is wrong, we should do better.” No, their response is self-protection: “That’s not my fault, I didn't do anything. You are wrong. But here is the irony, of it all, Black people know, that no calmly debating White person want to admit: The entire discussion of race in America centers around the protection of White feelings.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The reality of thousands of innocent people raped, shot, imprisoned, and systematically disenfranchised are less important than the suggestion that a single White person might be complicit in a racist system. White people who can't or don't want to see will say, Black people are just being overly sensitive,” or “too emotional,” or– playing the race card. Or even worse, they are told that they are a racist (Does any intelligent person actually believe a systematically oppressed people have the ability to oppress those in power?). White people may not believe or understand racism because they are not affected by it, but I know they see all the shootings and killings of Black people in the news just as I do. God said love your neighbor as yourself, if we as a human race see the sufferings of others and pretend we don't see, turn our back and don't lift a finger or our voices to help, KNOW THIS there is a punishment waiting for us on judgment day. When it comes to God he has no respect of person, there are no privileges because of the color of your skin, we will all be judged because of what we did or did not do according to God's will. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
God's words about injustices and there are many in the Bible, tells us how he feels about it and what he will do to those who participate in it or go along with it. Proverbs 31:8-9 Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteous. Micah 6:8 He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord. Ex 23 Do not put an innocent person to death, for I will condemn anyone who does such an evil thing. Isaiah 58:6 “Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke? Isaiah 10:1-3 Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees, and the writers who keep writing oppression, to turn aside the needy from justice and to rob the poor of my people of their right, that widows may be their spoil, and that they may make the fatherless their prey! What will you do on the day of punishment, in the ruin that will come from afar? To whom will you flee for help, and where will you leave your wealth? Exodus 23:1-3. You shall not join hands with a wicked man, You shall not fall in with the many to do evil, siding with the many, so as to pervert justice. Proverbs 17:15.

Chapman was a teenager with a criminal record, store security called police on him for shoplifting.
The officer approached Chapman in the store parking lot and attempted to arrest and cuff him.
Chapman resisted and struggled with the officer, who attempted to use a stun gun but Chapman knocked it away.
The officer said Chapman charged him and he fired two shots.

Paul Akey, a construction worker who was nearby, said Chapman "went after the officer with throwing fists, and it looked like he knocked a Taser out of the officer's hands."

Leroy Woodman, 27, who was working for Scorpion Steel of Delaware on the day of the shooting, said Wednesday that he and a co-worker were on top of the Wawa structure when they saw the police officer and a man in the parking lot.
The officer had the man against a car and appeared to be trying to put handcuffs on him, Woodman said.
"He and the officer started tussling," Woodman said. The officer pulled out his stun gun. Woodman said he could not see whether the officer shocked the man. The man knocked the stun gun out of the officer's hand.
"The officer pulled his gun and stepped back," Woodman said.
Then, Woodman said, the man charged the officer, who fired.
"As soon as the guy dropped, the officer put his gun away and dropped to the ground to give him CPR," Woodman said.

Prosecutors charged the officer with First Degree Murder.
A jury that included 8 blacks refused to convict the officer of murder, instead convicting him of voluntary manslaughter (the killing of a human being in which the offender had no prior intent to kill and acted during "the heat of passion", under circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to become emotionally or mentally disturbed.)

The officer shot Kirill Denyakin, a Kazakhstani man, in April 2011
A grand jury cleared Rankin of wrongdoing in the shooting of Denyakin.

The officer responded to a burglary call, according to witnesses, a drunken Denyakin was pounding on the door trying to get back into the apartment at which he was staying.

The officer testified in a federal civil trial that Denyakin turned to him, charged at him with his hand in his pants. When Denyakin refused the officer's commands to halt, Rankin fired 11 times, killing Denyakin.

In a civil suit brought by Denyakin's family, a federal court jury ruled in favor of the officer, finding he acted reasonably.

Let's add it up:
Criminal, caught in the act, resists arrest, struggles with and charges officer.
Majority black jury refuses to convict officer of murder.
Sounds like a tragedy, but had Chapman not fought with and charged the officer he would still be out stealing from WalMarts.
The officer was convicted of wrongdoing.
The death was ruled unjustified.

You also failed to mention his three-year suspension after the first death, or the fact that he posted Nazi propaganda on social media.

Apparently you don't know how to play by the rules, so I don't see why I should play any sort of game with you.

And you still haven't mentioned why Cliven Bundy shouldn't have been killed for resisting officers with deadly force.

You lose.
@36: You insist that there are no ("Zero") cases of people being wrongfully killed by police officers. And then you concede that an example does exist proving you wrong, but because you're asking the question of someone else, you're entitled to just ignore the evidence I've provided you.
But here, let's put this one to bed. Over the 2003-2009 interval, there were about 400 arrest-related deaths per year attributable to homicide by law enforcement. And of those police killings, a full 25% were of people who were not accused of any violent crime (including simple assault). That's 100 people every year who are killed by police officers even though they weren't engaged in any sort of violent conduct. (source)
Any questions?
Anyone resisting arrest does not make the list.
Chapman explicitly was cleared of murder ("cold blooded murder!" as Slog likes to squeal)

Plenty of questions.
First, what are the names of the 100 per year and date and location they were killed.
Sorry asshole, that's not the way it works.

The officer was convicted. That's it.

You can fuck off now loser.
So we're still at zero?
No, you're at less than zero.
@42: Okay, better put basic reporting of figures on that list of Shit Alleged Doesn't Understand. There's fluctuation; total arrest-related deaths attributable to police homicide vary over the study interval from 375 in 2004 to 497 in 2009. And even if it were exactly 100 such deaths per year every year, IT WOULD BE A DIFFERENT HUNDRED PEOPLE KILLED EACH YEAR, YOU DIMWIT.
So basically, when presented with evidence proving you wrong, your response is to sputter meaningless bullshit. Nice try, you sad little worm.
Are you saying police resurrected a thug or two?
Not sure how we feel about that...

This isn't hard.
Provide the name, time and place of death of any individuals unjustly killed by police in America, if any, say, just in the past year. You could start with just the first ten, if that makes it easier.

We are always eager to learn something new.
For example, we had never heard of Chapman. Sadly, his story sounds almost exactly like Michael Brown, a well documented case of a criminal who died attempting deadly assault on an officer. (In the articles his mother whined that his case wasn't receiving the attention Brown's did; perhaps activists realized his killing was justified and displayed an uncharacteristic and rare degree of scruple in not exploiting it...)
But as far as we can tell the list will only include a couple of names a year.
The Chapman story is different, because the officer that killed him, Stephen Rankin, was found guilty.

You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.
Chapman became 'enraged' when the officer 'calmly' tried to discuss the shoplifting accusation;
Chapman refused to comply with the officers lawful orders,
Chapman physically struggled with the officer,
the officer attempted to use non-lethal force but Chapman knocked the Taser out of the officers hand,
multiple witnesses testified Chapman was charging the officer,
even the state's star witness at the scene gave statements that Chapman was 'preparing to charge',
the officer is heard on the Taser recording saying several times 'get your hand out of your pocket' during the struggle before the Taser was knocked from the officer,
immediantly after the shots the officer began CPR and is heard pleading that Chapman not die.
The officer had attempted to use verbal and then non-lethal force but Chapman continuously escalated the encounter.

And yet, a (black, female; shades of Baltimore 'social-justice warrior') prosecutor charged the officer with First Degree Murder, alleging he killed with PreMeditation and Malice.
Not even the 8 black jurors bought that.
And they gave the officer 2 1/2 years instead of the 10 the prosecutor sought after the lesser conviction was handed down.

The jury never heard about Chapman's four previous convictions including two on weapon's charges and an assault.

It is certainly true we could imagine how the officer could have reacted differently.
However he testified that immediately before the shooting he had 'tunnel vision' (suggesting a reduced flow of blood to the brain, possibly a precusor to fainting) and was afraid Chapman would not stop attacking him.
Did he panic? Certainly possible.

It would be awesome if all police officers were Vin Disel/Dwayne Johnson type hulking he-men who could dispatch criminals with their fists (the prosecutor sneeringly said the officer 'brought a gun to a fistfight'?! wtf- he was issued a weapon by the city, she acts like he out cruising bars looking for fistfights....) but the reality is they are often regular guys (or women) who may not physically be capable/confident to intimidate suspects into submission with their mere presence.

As we have said before, when a suspect turns a routine encounter with police into a 'fistfight' they deserve what they get; if the officer can subdue them non-lethally that is great but if not it is on the criminal who is assaulting the officer.

But we tell you what, Adam; we will give you Chapman.

We'll put him on the list of unjustifed killings.
We think your standard of what you expect of police is unreasonably high, and apparently you are willing to expect zero personal responsibility from the criminals police have to deal with, but we will give you Chapman.

He was killed 18 months ago.

So far we average .66 unjustified killings a year.

Anyone else for the list?
You are beyond ridiculous.

There was a judge, a jury, a conviction and a 2.5 year sentence; but you still want to blame the victim.

I don't see any reason to continue this conversation.
You seem to think that police officers killing unarmed people is a good thing, if those people are black.
You think anyone with a criminal record is a target.
You think a police officer claiming a suspect is resisting arrest is justification for killing them.

You live in your own little world.
A world where 'innocent until proven guilty' has no meaning, and where the police have the authority to summarily execute citizens.

Why do you waste so much of your time here?
Wouldn't you be happier some place like Downtrend or BreitBart? Maybe the Daily Stormer?
You still haven't told me why Cliven Bundy and his gang of thugs weren't killed by law enforcement for resisting arrest.

Was it because they had guns, and could actually resist, or was it because they were 'conservatives', or was it because they were white?
No one else for the list?
@47: So, are you claiming that the DoJ just fabricates this information?
If someone is unarmed, is killed by a police officer, and is never even accused of any sort of violent crime, what justification is there for the police killing him? Can you answer that?
I've given you plenty of examples. Eric Garner, for one, who was put in an illegal chokehold by a police officer after passively resisting arrest for illegally selling cigarettes. Or Walter Scott, who ran from a routine traffic stop and was shot in the back by a police officer who attempted to plant a weapon on him after the fact.

Your argument seems to be that if you don't read their names and backstories individually, the victims of excessive force don't count. To which I say to you: you are troubled by unemployment figures, yes? Does it matter to you that you do not know the names of everyone who is out of work?
And once more, what is the justification for a peace officer killing someone who was unarmed and not accused or suspected of a crime of violence?

We'll give you Walter Scott, no questions.

Eric Garner? You know better.
Eric was resisting arrest, (this wasn't his first rodeo- he had been arrested by the NYPD thirty times on charges such as assault, resisting arrest, and grand larceny)
He died from asthma/heart disease/morbid obesity.
In hindsight it might have been a poor idea for him to take on a squad of New York's finest in a wrasslin' match...
The Grand Jury refused to indict the officer.
Was racist police misconduct involved? Ask the only officer disciplined, a black female sgt.
Garner's case: Awful but Lawful.
Your 'list' is pure bullshit.


You still haven't answered my question about Cliven 'welfare rancher' Bundy and his gang of murderous thugs.
They pointed guns at law enforcement.
They killed two officers.
And they were heroes to assholes like you.

I've had enough of your double standard bullshit.

Now now; don't feel bad.
It's not your fault.
The game is rigged, as Donald might say.
The Left has brainwashed the credulous masses into believing that innocent black men are gunned down by police every day in America.
However, if one actually spends even two minutes studying the facts they quickly realize that "cold blooded murder" by police is exceedingly rare.
Unacceptable in any numbers, but none the less exceedingly rare.
Now you know.
Spread the word.

You are buttsore because law enforcement didn't gun down Cliven and his Clown Posse?
Can't help you there.
However it may cheer you up to know more whites than blacks are killed by police in America.
Feel better?
You are a slumy, foul creature, aren't you.

"Race remains the most volatile flash point in any accounting of police shootings. Although black men make up only 6 percent of the U.S. population, they account for 40 percent of the unarmed men shot to death by police this year, The Post’s database shows. In the majority of cases in which police shot and killed a person who had attacked someone with a weapon or brandished a gun, the person who was shot was white. But a hugely disproportionate number — 3 in 5 — of those killed after exhibiting less threatening behavior were black or Hispanic."

Yes, more white men are killed by police than black men. It shouldn't surprise you or anyone else, considering the fact that there are about four times (4×) more white people than black people in the USA.

You may be the next innocent victim.

I'm sure that makes you feel much better.

"The Post found that an average of five officers per year have been indicted on felony charges over the previous decade; this year, 18 officers have been charged with felonies including murder, manslaughter and reckless discharge of a firearm.

Such accusations rarely stick, however. Only 11 of the 65 officers charged in fatal shootings over the past decade were convicted."

If you are shot by an officer, they will probably get away with it.
If you are white, black, innocent or guilty, the officer will always have the benefit of the doubt.

Officers are rarely charged, and almost never convicted of murder.
Those officers that are convicted are usually convicted of lesser crimes like manslaughter.

Here is a link for you CC.
It contains a video of a police shooting.
A 59 year old is shot.
He is delirious. He had just been tazed.
He ran from police. He was a heroine addict, and he was afraid of going to jail.
Officers tried to stop him for an expired license tag. He was driving without a license.
He is shot lying on his back in the snow.…

Let me see if I have thus straight.
You think it's ok for police to kill unarmed black men because they kill more unarmed white men.
That is your position, right?
Let me ask you this:
If the next unarmed white man the police kill is you, will that be okay?

I forgot to mention, the 59 year old unarmed drug addict in the video,
the one police shot while he was lying in the snow,
He was white.…

His name was David Kassick.

I'd like you to add his name to your 'list'.
@54: Eric Garner passively resisted arrest; he did not attack the police officers, but rather pulled away from their attempts to cuff him (whereupon they tackled him). Regardless of whether the police committed any crimes in his case, the officer who put him in a chokehold violated department policy in so doing and was parked behind a desk as a result. And finally, the frailty of the victim is not a defense; one is responsible for the injury one inflicts, not the one one intends to inflict (eggshell skull rule).

And more to the point, are you conceding that there are indeed (at the least) ~100 wrongful killings by police officers every year? Or are you claiming that it is justified for police officers to kill suspects who are unarmed and nonviolent?
Eric Garner resisted arrest.
The officer, the police union and experts denied it was a 'chokehold'.
No injury was inflicted, the autopsy found no damage;
Garner was killed by his morbidly obesity.

The 100/year figure certainly sounds alarming.
We would love to know more.
Provide the name, time and place of death of any individuals unjustly killed by police in America, if any, say, just in the past year. You could start with just the first ten, if that makes it easier.
If there are actually a hundred listing just 10 should be simple.

You can't even get your facts straight.
"The medical examiner concluded that Garner was killed by "compression of neck (choke hold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police." No damage to Garner's windpipe or neck bones was found. The medical examiner ruled Garner's death a homicide. According to the medical examiner's definition, a homicide is a death caused by the intentional actions of another person or persons, which is not necessarily an intentional death or a criminal death."
A homicide is a homicide.
I'm sure the police didn't intend to kill him, but they did.
The police killed Eric Garner. That is a fact.

Let's not forget this:
"On July 13, 2015, an out-of-court settlement was announced in which the City of New York would pay the Garner family $5.9 million."

Regardless of what the police, the police union or your 'experts' denied; Garner's death was a homicide, and the taxpayers of New York paid for it.

You may want to pay closer attention to the facts in the future. If you do, you won't look as stupid as you do now.
@60: So are you claiming that the DoJ fabricates their statistics?

But here, I'll play your game. Here are 10 people who were wrongfully killed by police while unarmed and nonviolent in 2015.
Bettie Jones, 55, Chicago, IL
Keith Childress Jr., 23, Las Vegas, NV
Andrew Thomas, 26, Chico, CA
Jeremy Mardis, 6, Marksville, LA
Felix Kumi, 61, Mt. Vernon, NY
Samuel DuBose, 43, Mt. Auburn, OH
Walter Scott, 50, North Charleston, NC
Eric Harris, 44, Tulsa, OK
Anthony Hill, 27, Chamblee, GA
David Kassick, 59, Hummelstown, PA

You've been shown DoJ statistics showing that ~100 unarmed, nonviolent people are killed by police officers each year. (And these statistics come directly from the police, who have no incentive whatsoever to inflate that count.) Skeptical, you asked for 10 examples, and now you have them.
So, are you going to concede the point? Or are you going to move the goalposts again in a pathetic attempt to avoid being proven wrong?
that's so great that you have time for Commentor Comltatus. thank you all.

i mean, Commentor Comltatus , you are a racist, right? you think black people are more violent and more criminal than white people? i just want to be clear on that.
FBI statistics show that black Americans are murdered at a much higher rate than Americans of other races.
BLM never mentions that.
More than 4000 murders a year.
Are you clear on that?
61 62

Homicide is not murder.

"I'm sure the police didn't intend to kill (Garner)"


Did you buy this list from a Nigerian prince?

We already put Scott on the list.

Three on the list are white.
Most are accidental killings.
The others are cases where the officers felt their life in jeopardy.

We have to admit, we always assumed the number of actual unjustified killings was small, because the cases that received so much attention were blatantly not cases of misconduct.
But after a few weeks of seeing what you girls try to get on the list we are surprised by how very few cases there actually are, even fewer than we had imagined.

If BLM wants to do something constructive they could attempt to teach folks, including black men, the prudent way to respond when encountering police.
Resisting arrest, the case in the overwhelming majority of these incidents, almost always leads to tragic endings.
@67: You asked for a list of ten "individuals unjustly killed by police in America, if any, say, just in the past year".
You never specified that they be black, or that they be the victims of murder rather than manslaughter. Moving the goalposts it is! Whether a police officer deliberately gunned down a person who posed no threat to anyone (in the case of Scott), whether they shot a bystander due to poor training (in the case of Jones), or whether they're so stunningly incompetent that they shoot rather than tase a restrained suspect (in the case of Harris), the end result is the same: someone is dead, killed by a police officer for no reason whatsoever. (Also, you've got some trouble with the definition of "most"; by your standard, most of the examples I gave were NOT accidental killings.) I gave you what you asked for (via the Washington Post), and now you're trying to weasel your way out of the hole you dug for yourself.

According to statistics supplied by police departments and compiled by the Department of Justice, approximately 100 people per year are killed by police officers while unarmed and nonviolent. You wanted examples; you got them. Do you still contest that claim? Where's your evidence?
@66: To paraphrase:
CC: "The police didn't kill Garner, his obesity killed him."
AK: "Um, the coroner found that the police killed Garner."
CC: "BUT BUT BUT it wasn't technically MURDER, they didn't MEAN to kill him!"

Do you have any idea how pathetically foolish you sound? I'm not sure whether you're actually too stupid to know when you're wrong, or too insecure to even consider the possibility that someone refuted your imbecilic claims. Either way, it's not a good look for ya. :^)
Careful Junior;
White Lives Don't Matter, asserting they do demonstrates you to be a racist...
The number of black men Murdered in Cold Blood! by police is small.

The Left and BLM are furiously trying to create a narrative that portrays police as racist.
Trying to smear an entire group,
using lies to whip up outrage,
making martyrs of criminal thugs,
very dangerous business.

We've seen it before.

Today's homework;
Horst Wessel and Michael Brown, compare and contrast.
The case of Chapman demonstrates how the climate of hatred toward police created by BLM and the Left is bearing fruit.

This case is very similar to the Michael Brown case.
In fact, Chapman's mother whined that her son's case wasn't getting the attention Brown did.

However the officer should be the one complaining.

Scrutiny in the Brown case finally found the truth,
buried under a steaming huge pile of lying bullshit created by BLM and the Left.
The officer who shot Brown was exonerated (by the Obama Justice Dept).
(although that did not protect him from losing his job and being hounded by BLM death threats...)

The officer who shot Chapman was not so lucky.
In a case almost identical he found himself charged with Murder by a Baltimore style activist prosecutor and will spend a couple of years in jail.
Behold the future of law enforcement.
Do your job and be hounded and jailed.
Don't think police all across the nation are not noticing.



The Obama Administration Dept of Justice reported that
Black Americans are SIX times as likely to be murdered as whites.

Hillary is running around the country furiously pushing the BLM false narrative,
assuring blacks they are victims of Institutional Racism.
Echoing the lie that black men Murdered in Cold Blood! by police.

All that Rage and Anger and Resentment....

Where on earth will it vent itself?
Nice tantrum.
So, you've got nothing then?

Not nothing;
We've got Scott on the list.

Homicide is homicide.

Wrongful death does not have to be "cold blooded murder".

You're the one worried about "cold blooded murder".
I'm concerned with unjustified killing and wrongful death, that is, homicides.

You keep comparing the victims of criminals to the victims of police misconduct and malfeasance.
There is no comparison.
Criminals break the law by definition.
Police officers are sworn to uphold the law.

What is it that you don't understand?
anybody there?
No response.
I'm not surprised.

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