Ride-sharing doesnt replace mass transit. It supplements it.
Ride-sharing doesn't replace mass transit. It supplements it. Sound Transit

Attention light rail skeptics who claim Uber's self-driving cars and carpooling services are going to solve traffic and make trains unnecessary!

Today, the ride-sharing company endorsed Sound Transit 3, the massive light rail expansion measure on your November ballot.

In a blog post, the company's Pacific Northwest general manager explains how ride-sharing supplements, not replaces, mass transit:

Here in Seattle, we have evidence that it’s possible for the use of rideshare and mass transit to significantly grow simultaneously. This is good news from our perspective, but it’s perhaps even better news that the circumstance is not unique.

In March, the American Public Transportation Association released a survey of 4,500 people across the U.S. confirming that those who routinely use shared modes of transportation—like bike-sharing, car-sharing and ridesharing—are more likely to use public transit. Furthermore, these people are less likely to drive, more likely to walk and save money on transportation overall. The survey also shows that people who use ridesharing in conjunction with mass transit are more likely to forego car ownership.

This is the future of transportation. There will be less car ownership and people will come to rely more on a mix of mass transit and other transport options to get where they need to go, even as self-driving vehicles become a bigger part of the picture.

Read Uber's full statement here.

Sound Transit 3, listed on your ballot as Proposition 1, would build new light rail lines to Ballard, West Seattle, Everett, and more. Ballots are out now and due November 8. Our endorsements—including YES on ST3—are here.