Vacation from the Law

One Detective's High Times on the Taxpayers' Dime


when I travel for business, I pay out of my own pocket and submit receipts for reimbursement. Once I tried to get reimbursed for a cheeseburger and they rejected it (correctly, it was covered by my per diem). So why the fuck do government employees get to spend whatever they want with no justification or oversight? Why did they pay for expensive hotels in the first place??
"Since I was elected, I get to make the rules." Urquart.

That is the difference. The Mayor, Council, Chief, don't get to make the rules. The SPOG contract makes the rules and the Mayor, Council, Chief, et. al. can't change them because the old contract stays in effect until their is a mutually agreed new one. SPOG got rules in the Sherrif's union did not, and now SPOG, as long as they are willing to accept the wages under the old agreement, has veto power over any changes. Further, if they get to an impasse, they are perfectly willing to go to arbitration (which is required under State Labor Law for public unions that can't strike under the law) and have an arbitrator impose a contract. Arbitrators generally come down on the side of the cops.
Why doesn't the Stranger look into the multitude of Deputies who have taken Whistleblower protections against Urquhart? Urquhart believes he makes the rules yet feels the rules (or laws) don't apply to him. That's the story you should be writing.
I love it when the Left suddenly cares about being responsible with taxpayer dollars.

Welcome to government. It's this shit across the board.

So why the fuck do government employees get to spend whatever they want with no justification or oversight?

Ansel makes it quite clear that Atwood was fired because SPD employees don't get to spend whatever they want with no justification, that there are in fact very specific spending limits, and that the fraud was discovered precisely because there is oversight for these expenses.

Maybe you read a completely different article about all this, and just dropped in here to vent when you saw the headline?
@1 I work for a government, and generally it works that way - I've never been high enough to have my hands on a charge card.

What's more reasonable is why it took so long to "catch" this behavior - it's difficult to spot if you aren't explicitly looking.
@all: It is not SPD, it is King County Sheriffs Dept.
#4, !!! And don't forget to vote for ST3.
She is a shitbag but the idea of checking on potential recruits and watching them in action is a good one.
Take the polygraph equipment out to the dumpster and throw it in. It seems to be correct more often than not but it's unreliable and results can be interpreted subjectively. Read F. Lee Bailey for the Defense for a factual discussion by someone who regularly relied on polygraphy.