Update 11:45 AM: Layha Spoonhunter, a youth activist at Standing Rock who has met with President Obama twice, has put out a plea for others to join him.

Layha Spoonhunter/Facebook


Armed police are moving in on activists who set up a winter camp in the direct path of the Dakota Access pipeline on Highway 1806 in North Dakota. As I reported back in September, the North Dakota National Guard has kept armed security checkpoints on this highway for more than a month.

The Seattle Times' Lynda V. Mapes is on the ground in North Dakota, where a blockade erected by activists has been set on fire. She reports that police in riot gear are moving in on the activists, and children are being taken back to the main camp on Army Corps of Engineers land.

Hundreds of families with children have been camping near the pipeline construction sites for months. A group of Standing Rock tribal members even created a school for the children present at the demonstrations.

Unicorn Riot reports that law enforcement is using LRAD, a sonic weapon, against the activists. Here's a livestream from them: