We're Fucked

Fuck Fuck Fucking Fuck. So Fucked.


My stomach hurts from drinking so many liberal tears 48 hours non-stop. Thank you Stranger and your fan base.
Holy Mother of God, the Rapture is upon us! Repent now before it's too late!
So, basically me and my brothers won. My gay LBGTQ for Trump brother.My twice divorced straight Native brother. And me who voted for Clinton who was my sixth choice, and elected Pramila, and I-732 (which you Old idiots will regret killing) and ST3.

Bygones. You had to insist on not letting Bernie win in a fair fight.

Hope you're happy, cause you're in for a lot of racist homophobic shit I've been trying to tell you is most of American voters, voters that hated Clinton trade deals.

Enjoy. Unlike you, I'm a dual citizen, it's easy for me to live in Canada.

Either become The Resistance or be sheep.
I just love the optimism of this generation. It's so inspirational to know that the tech savvy millennial youth can't get over the fact that life is not perma-good in their favor and that sometimes the system that they live in and enjoy every day works for everyone, not just them. Clearly, not everyone is benefiting from that system and want something else. Time to grow up kids! We know you've been handed everything all your lives and you feel entitled and need to throw your temper tantrums by screaming into bullhorns and marching but now it's time to grow up and accept democracy for what it is - not a one sided, one size fits all system. "Even this evil is productive of good. It prevents the degeneracy of government, and nourishes a general attention to the public affairs. I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical". Thomas Jefferson, Third President of the United States
I wonder if Jayapal will attend any votes in the next two years. Hope she is able to find the House Chamber.
The tears of unfathomable sadness are so yummy! They're yummy guys!
We sure are fucked. If we get out of this without a mob style dictatorship or an all out fascist government we'll be lucky. Wait, it could be worse... the republicans.
The Left Hate has been granted another 4 years. Give you something to do, I mean, what would be doing if Clinton won?
Oops, sorry about the typo. Anyway, don't think The Stranger doesn't love the election, more fire and brimstone headlines for the next 4 years and more female sexually degrading advertising money.
I'm a 57 year old gay man, probably older than a lot of the readers here. Settled down and married for over 20 years. Just a boring middle-aged married guy, far from the "entitled millennial" a previous poster described. I'm honestly shocked at how saddened and deeply depressed I am over Trump's election. This is a major turning point in the world as we know it, and likely not in a good way.

It's all well and good to take the view of the contrarian and say "ah, well, things needed to get shaken up". Yeah, it makes you look hip and oh-so-edgy. But once you get past that, you're going to have to deal with the dark reality of what has happened here.

I've dealt with coming out in the days before it was acceptable. I've survived with HIV for 30 years, as I watched every one of my friends die. My parents are long deceased and my remaining family supports Trump. My partner just went through cancer treatment.

I've seen a lot that's saddened me over the past 57 years. But this has shaken me to my core. This is not the world I thought I knew. This is not a world progressing to a higher ideal. This is a world completely rejecting decency and compassion. And for the first time, I truly feel frightened.
@10: I'm still reeling. This is indeed, a nightmare.

Did U.S. voters forget the rigged election of 2000 ruled by the Supreme Court in favor of George W. Bush? Hillary won by the popular vote--as did Al Gore. Burn, red state idiots, burn, and good riddance. Trump's laughing at you. Good luck getting help from him if there's a flood, hurricane, severe drought, mudslide, or other national disaster where you live.

At least I can honestly and proudly tell my 10 year old great-nephew that I voted for Hillary. She is my president.
Sharing a petition to request that the Electoral College vote for Hillary Clinton on December 19th: https://www.change.org/p/electoral-colle…

Though some of you may despise the Electoral College, it is here for precisely this reason: To exercise the will of the popular vote and protect the public at large in an extreme circumstance. This is an extreme circumstance. We must protect ourselves from this racist, xenophobic, fear-mongering, misogynistic, climate change denier, con artist who will drain us of every dollar and undo all the progress we have made over the last 8 years. Please act now by signing and passing the petition along. Thank you for your time.
If you keep telling yourself that she lost because she's a woman we'll never get the democratic party back on track. She DID NOT lose because of her gender. The right is perfectly capable of electing a woman: they loved Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman. Black republican women (look at Utah) have won congressional seats. And don't say they all represent "internalized misogyny." That's profoundly demeaning. You do not know what they think or believe. It is not your place to say you do.

Clinton lost because she is an insider politician who has spouted neoliberal ideas for over 20 years. She lost because she does not appear to be genuine. She shifts her beliefs to best suit her career (I know, I know, that's politics, but people are sick of that.) If her policies had been a man's, she would not have been so popular with the progressive left, who seemed to think having a female president was more important than the policies of that female president.

Clinton represents everything that has become wrong with the dems: She's too fiscally conservative (and even socially, if it suits her chances), she's too disconnected. She, like many wealthy elites, is greedy. She is an insider. She does not connect with the needs of the rust belt.
Correction to above (#13): I shouldn't have said you don't know what they (republican women) think or believe. I mean you/we don't know what they have internalized. To say you do is demeaning and invasive.
@13 "Black Republican women" don't win in Utah unless 1) they are a convenient token tool needed to strengthen an argument & 2) the opponent is a Dem. The GOP/Party of Trump found the most controllable black woman sheeple they could possibly find to run & could possibly be elected due to an obedient electorate that picks its candidates at the wardhouse. She's as crooked and corrupt as they are, but dumb enough to think that she actually won her elections based on her "qualifications". Truth is, they needed her so they could point to her when they were accused of being racist/anti-woman. But Mia Love does/says nothing that her puppeteers don't want her to say.
I love the "Diverse for Seattle" line.

Meaning: "The party was as lily-white as our editorial staff, but we still want to pretend it was not, and hope you do the same."
@15: Wow, you just proved Mikara's point exactly, Bravo. Pretty misogynist and racist to think that these women can't have achieved this on their own and that they only won because the white males made it so. Way to completely attempt to rob them of a great achievement.
We are not "f_cked". What a pedantic and silly analysis

1) We have three branches of government.....one in which we find a President which many find objectionable. So what of it? It isn't the first time, nor will it be the last time.

2) Both the republican and democratic party have been made to look very foolish. Not only for their complete lack of vision on this election, but also their erstwhile leadership.

Both parties will now understand, what they have been made to understand, that they have "common ground" and that if they work together and get things done, the specter of another Trump will diminish.

3) Finally we have the Supreme Court which despite all the conspiracy "theories of stacking the deck" on justices, has an extraordinarily fair, honest and unbiased record on matters of law. Even the legislature or President is bound by the rule of law....and this country only need look back to the Nixon era (in an even more hostile era of human rights, civil rights and times) to see this is so.

Perhaps, our writers and editors at The Stranger simply lack perspective.

@15 Of course they'll win if the opponent is a dem, even a white male dem. This means that even those conservatives (so often quickly assumed to be bigots) are capable of voting for the policies instead of the gender/race. (Not all of them of course, but enough to put her in office.) And the ones that put her in office are white males and white females. If it was as simple as sexism, they wouldn't vote for her no matter what she believed, or said she believed. Maybe Mia Love does actually believes what she says? Maybe she does have agency? It's very demeaning of you to say that if someone does not hold your opinions they're stupid puppets. Love took it upon herself to convert to LDS, to move from NYC to Utah. She sounds like someone with a lot of agency and ambition to me. I disagree with her, profoundly, but that's not the point. The way you dismiss her in that way is EXACTLY the kind of attitude that so many blue collar, "far removed from the coastal elite left", types find so off putting.

Yes, it's possible for a conservative republican woman to be her own person, no matter how much you disagree with her. And Palin as well: she outshone McCain. She was VERY much her own person during that campaign, going against him on certain issues, unapologetically. That does not sound like a puppet to me, or a demure wallflower who is towing the line of a conservative patriarchy.

To be a woman, especially a black woman, among white conservative men, and to be successful in her career in doing so, shows genuine ability, I think.
@15 and to add to that, what about all those Muslim women who CHOOSE to wear the veil? Who follow Islamic practice? Are they "stupid puppets" of a Muslim patriarchy? By your logic, they would have to be.
@18. And all three branches are (or will be soon) Red. They will rubber stamp each others works of selfish hatred. With a bible thumping twist. They will further stacj thd deck in thier favor. We are fucked. This is not thd time to look at it as though it is a glass half full. This is catastrophic for our freedoms and an absolute win for open hatred from thr religious right. I still question the vslidity of this election.
@ 21,,,, you don't know anything of the sort. You are hysterical and acting out of fear not reason or experience.
@17, 19 - You have no idea how fucking racist Utah is. It is very subtle - not the overt Southern racism - but you are quietly frozen out/marginalized unless you are needed for something, then you do only what they allow you to do. There are wonderfully qualified, intelligent black & white & Native & Asian & Latina & Pacific Islander women in Utah with agency, both GOP & Dem, but because they DO think for themselves and will not allow themselves to be used by the establishment, most of them don't get very far in the old-white-man, LDS-controlled theocracy that is Utah. Mia Love is a fraud & a hypocrite who will do anything to make the GOP happy. She's the reason her parents got a green card - yet she would fuck over any and all immigrants to follow the GOP-Trump-Pence Party line. She's total hypocrite about student loans, and has huge ethical issues, among them using her congressional funds & staff to run her campaign. She and Chaffetz are part of the Planned Parenthood witch hunt. She does nothing without the explicit direction of the GOP. She may say something to make it sound good or give the semblence of independent thought (I object to Trump - so I'll write-in Pence), but in the end, she will do just what the Trump-GOP wants her to do, because if she doesn't, they'll get rid of her. Utah is a theocracy. It is NOT like the rest of the country. So seriously - fuck off.
@23 I'm not saying Mia Love is a good person. I don't know Mia Love, and I don't know what is said between her and her colleagues/bosses behind closed doors, and neither do you. None of what you said, not one thing, indicates to me that she's not her own woman. And the way you've described her doesn't make her sound much like a puppet, either. Sounds like she's a pretty powerful villain, actually. So which is it? Villain or puppet? Weak, self-hating/internalized misogynist or power-hungry ambitious enemy of the people? You have confused the issue profoundly. She may be "bad", but she's still female, and she still has agency, and she was still voted in by white conservatives. If you have to tell yourself that it was because she was some kind of "not-really-a-woman", remove her humanity in the process, then go right ahead, if that's what you need to keep to your worldview.

And I know Utah has its fair share of racists. I also know downtown-fucking-Manhattan has its fair share, too. I grew up in the rural south and am about to marry a Pakistani immigrant Muslim, so believe me, I'm sensitive to this. But I also know that it's not as simple as plenty of coastal elites would like to believe.
@18 What you describe is basically a high school textbook description of the way our government is *set up* to work. That doesn't mean that in the wrong hands things can't go astray. With Trump, a Republican Congress, and a Trump Supreme Court we have the strong potential for a perfect storm; one that can very likely set us back 50 years or more on social issues.

I'm curious why you think it's a conspiracy theory that Trump will try to stack the deck of the Supreme Court. ALL presidents try to stack the deck. Why would Trump be any different? With the potential team he is setting up, Giuliani, Gingrich, and other power-hungry extremists it seems unlikely that they are going to be vetting a black lesbian for the next opening. It's going to be an ultra conservative white male all the way.

Yes, we are always going to have presidents that some of the population does not like, but this is far, far out of the norm. A large portion of our population just elected an unstable racist. And that is very, very disturbing.

Fucked? Tell that to everybody who voted - or WANTED to vote for - Bernie Sanders ( who DID win: ask Greg Palast & Bev Harris . . . or the good folk at JAMPAC and the professors at Stanford . . . . https://www.startpage.com & https://www.blackboxvoting.org & http://www.gregpalast.com ). WHERE WERE THE PROTESTS AGAINST THE HELLARY/D.N.C. KABAL OF ANTI-SOCIALISM DURING THE SUMMER???
To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.
No participation trophy this time.
NEWS BULLETIN: You were, and are, fucked no matter who was elected. You just can't seem to come to the self-realization exactly how FUCKED you are.
To quote Harvey Milk, "You gotta give em hope"

Listen, what we need right now isn't "Holy shit, we're screwed". We are screwed, and I think just about everyone realizes that. But what we need right now is a plan for what we're going to do to get unscrewed.

Everything we can do to discredit Donald Trump- whether its a recount, a protest march, constant pressure on our electeds to resist Trump's administration at every level, publicly shaming anyone associated with Trump, reaching out to those who voted for Trump out of desperation and making the case for how socialism can help them better than fascism, uniting the Left rather than dividing it and therefore weakening it, crafting a better vision for the 2020 election and how we're going to win it, honest reflection on where we erred and how we can improve, and developing an action plan to make victory in the 20168 byelections and the 2020 Presidential election happen- we must do all these things, and we cannot waste time on a pity party.

Victory is something you do, not something you feel. There will be the later to explore our feelings, but for now we must do whatever it takes to achieve victory moving forward.