Not to be overcritical concerning the drawing skills of the person responsible, but isn't that facing the wrong way? I believe that picture is of a buddhist swastika.
Woops, here's the link for comparsions,
A lot of racists and anti-Semites are actually too stupid to render a Nazi swastika correctly.
@3 And that should be the story! Local racists too dumb to draw swastika correctly, blame school funding!
Fake hate crime is obviously fake.
My grandfather didn't nearly die in the Battle of the Bulge for this shit to happen to America.
Guess what?

People don't wake up one day and say, "mm, I think today I'll be a racist." What we're witnessing is the true Trojan Horse of racism: First comes amorphous bad feelings (low self-worth, lack of personal validation, persistent economic struggle, frustrations over this and that, fears over safety, an underlying thrum of distrust of the media and the government, etc) and SECOND comes the convenient vehicle to channel these feelings through.

The parallel to the way ISIS appeals to isolated recruits is unmistakable to me. Neither is the mythological DIRECT order>order received>order carried out.
It, the swastika, wasn't hijacked, and if you're interested in more information, then I'd be more than happy to type, though yours is a common misconception which I'm sure is popular in an effort to deny Nazis any historical legitimacy.

Regardless, this painting can't be blamed on anyone, especially considering the form, and especially considering that there have been so many hoaxes (including swastikas and slogans used to mock Trump, one even in the firebombing of a historical "black" African-American church in North Carolina late following the firebombing of a GOP headquarters) in an effort to deflect attention from rioting over the past week.

People create false equivalency to deflect from the nationwide violence at the hands of those who pretend to champion democracy the most. What a trash lead, almost entirely devoid of content. I have to laugh. It could be an actual hate crime, but if it is, then I'd hedge my bet on someone you'd otherwise call "progressive".
A bunch of racist flyers and stickers appears in parts of Seattle between August and October, but I don't think the Stranger ever covered it. The map linked to on this page shows the locations and photos of the flyers:…
@7 dwightmoodyforgetsthings My father didn't serve in the Korean Conflict and I didn't serve during the Gulf War for shit like this, either. I feel just sick. We must all solidify against insanity such as this. Stop the hatred!

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