And they will make these days up in the summer.
The one way to make sure you make it in a meritocracy is by skipping classes.
@2 -- Meritocracy? Meritocracy ?!! Holy shit, you think we live in a meritocracy? After this election?
My daughter is there. I'm so proud of her.

@1- It's an unexcused absence (unless your parent excused you), not a snow day.

@2- The academic high performers are the first to walk out.
"Just because we're against Trump doesn't mean we support Hillary."

This is the view of many.

Most electable candidate indeed.

Ahhh... the comedic stylings of Seattle Public Schools, where US News & World Report recently reported the two best high schools (Roosevelt and Garfield ) have an educational proficiency score in the high-50's, on a scale of 100, and 53% of the students don't meet the minimum level of mathematics proficiency for college at graduation.

So, keep walking your asses out of Garfield. And go make me some hot fries with my order. And be quick about it.

Because maybe if you weren't busy protesting, you'd be in class learning that the Philippines flag in that photo, is being run by dictator Rodrigo Duterte who is busy rounding up and killing drug addicts, and told Obama to "Go to Hell" and called him a "Son of a whore.." Yeah, the world is on your side kiddies! Perhaps you'd be more comfortable in the 3rd world sewage canal your parents were so keen to flee.

No, America isn't perfect. But these kids are fucking mindless, bleating idiots.
@1 Back when I was skipping high school, the punishment was a detention. When did the school systems start scheduling make-up days after the end of the regular school year?
Students in both Shoreline high schools and one middle school also let a demonstration.
(led demonstrations, that is)
@11, you think kids don't keep up with the news? They have access to the internet, they watch tv, they live in a world of social media. They are swimming in news and information..
Hey! Sean Nelson of 'The Stranger'! Bernie WOULD'VE won !!! ( and in fact he DID win the DemocraptricKKK Primary: But those provisional ballots in California and other empirically sound evidence of Hillbot-borne electoral shenanigans in TWELVE other states such as exit-poll discrepancies and Ass Media collusion . . .. need some proof? Go to a real journalist's site such as Greg Palast, and ask Bev Harris and the good folks at WikiLeaks and JAMPAC!!! Pah!!! -- & & & & & & & )
@6- Kids from at least 6 private schools were there, but do not let a complete lack of knowledge stop you from spouting bullsit on the internet.

@12- Your president sucks shit through a straw.

@15- Were you having a seizure when you wrote that?
So are they protesting a democratic election? Do they want a Parlementary system? A mob rule election?

Like it or not, the election was fair and followed the rule of law. If they need a "Safe Place", the entire City of Seattle is one.

I think the main complaint is they aren't going to get all that free shit anymore.
Lots of schools north of the ship canal walked out as well. Hamilton and Jane Addams middle schools. Ballard, Ingraham, Hale, and Roosevelt High Schools. All peaceful. All respectful. So proud of our kids.
@17- The democratic election in which the guy with less votes won, nothing to complain about there right?
@19 read just a widdle-widdle bit about the Constitution. Any time. No rush.

@7 Sorry to disappoint. I didn't vote for him.
Yeah, whatever gave these molly-coddled little ingrates the idea they have a right to express concern or outrage about the guy who brags about grabbing women's genitals; just appointed an avowed white supremacist/anti-Semite as his chief strategist (not to mention hiring a bunch of Wall Street lobbyists to help with his transition); wants to immediately deport 3,000,000 human beings; and whose supporters have already harassed, threatened, assaulted, and killed people because they don't appear to be White male heterosexual Christians like themselves.

I mean, really, the NERVE of these ungrateful guttersnipes...

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