Trump Might Not Stop Legalization, but the Pot Industry Might Become Whiter


Did you interview any black owned pot business for their take, of is this article yet another race baiting stew of extrapolations?
I'm a lot more fearful of Giuiiani as AG, literally in a cold sweat. The fucker is a couple notches south of Stalin on the authoritarian scale.

Thanks for that reminder about Christie though. Totally forgot about that. So we're screwed no matter what basically.
I'm black and have thought about getting into the Cannabis industry. I am afraid to get into it due to being black and marked as a target to the government, who tends to have racist ways of enforcing their laws. For example, let's say the Feds decide to do a raid on state-legal pot shops. They might bust 15 shops. If a city has 4 black/latino owned shops, those 4 shops will be busted and the owners will be prosecuted where as the other 11 shop owners might get their cases thrown out due to technicalities.

Does it sound like I have a tin foil hat on? Sure but many people in the black community do not trust the federal government when it comes to abuse of power and racial targeting by the federal law enforcement.
So-called "white" people have been using cannabis longer than anyone on record, so what's your point? None of them wanted this made illegal, either.

Blame the newspaper industry, or the war machine, but blaming an entire ancestral population group, or at the least the European Western half in this case, is definitively absurd--borderline racist.
In Colorado it wasn't just "legalized", it was passed
as an Amendment to the State Constitution. That means if the Republicans want to fight it, they are going to have to sacrifice their holy grail of "States' Rights".
@1 and @2…

And if you don't want to take my word for it:…

@4 This is exactly what I'm talking about here. I wish I had some better news for you, bud.

@5 I usually can't even with you "white feelings" types, but today I will. It's not "definitively absurd" or "borderline racist" to acknowledge that structural racism exists, and that it exceptionally prevalent in the cannabis industry. It is, however, borderline racist to do what you're doing, which is the moral equivalent of standing on someone's chest and asking them why they can't get up.