Police officers do not have a particularly dangerous job and usually on-the-job injuries or death involve a motor vehicle collision. Taxicab drivers and night clerks at convenience stores are more likely to be shot or murdered on the job and a long list of occupations are many times more hazardous. I agree with Mark Roe that the law needs to be updated.
Good Luck getting THAT through the Republican-controlled state Senate
@2 Thank GOD for the R senate. They'll likely tell them to stick their new cop-hater law up their ass. Metaphorically.
The NRA's top priority now that the federal government is completely republican controlled is to make concealed carry laws have state-to-state reciprocity. So, regardless of whether your state makes concealed guns illegal, if someone goes to another state that has that law, and gets a permit, they can take it to your state legally.

So I guess, fuck state's rights, when it serves them.
Has the committee had any police officer from another state testify how it is that they can possibly do the job that some of our officers say they can't manage?
It doesn't immunize prosecution for murder. It immunizes prosecution for manslaughter. It allows the police to make an unreasonable mistake in the use of force. Murder =/= Manslaughter.
Yes! Exactly!
So are are republicans FOR state's rights, or AGAINST state's rights? It seems like they're for them when it suits their purposes and against them when it doesn't. Driver's licences? Fuck states rights. Conceal and carry? Fuck states rights. Abortion? That's for the states to decide. Health care? That's for the states to decide.

Make up your fucking mind already. Are we The United States of America? Or are we The 50 Separate States that Happen to Exist in the Same Continent? You can't have both (according to typical republican dogma). So which is it?
@9 You forgot the more glaring contraction in typical republican dogma: get the government out of my life, except for the bedroom.

In terms of driver's licenses vs ccw licenses vs marriage licenses, it is an interesting argument to have but it likely comes back to the state governments having a compelling interest in their actions.…
That's what's so maddening, that the US Constitution and other various legislation, are vague enough that any interested and opposing parties can state their claim and both can be right and both can be wrong. The founders wrote the Constitution to specifically be vague on many points exactly because they wanted debate on issues but I doubt they foresaw what a shit show congressional arguments would become.

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