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The Freshman Council Member Gets Stuff Done

The $29 million Herbold has succeeded in getting for affordable housing will be available for nonprofit housing developers to pair with other funds. city of seattle


Props, Lisa.
Nice attempt at stealing credit from Kshama, but nobody paying attention will fall for it. Screw this revisionism. Have you forgotten any of these minor issues?
1. $15 - unanimous
2. Rent control resolution - unanimous
3. Indigenous people's day - unanimous
4. Millions in funding for social services - majority
5. Seattle teachers strike support - unanimous
6. Carl Haglund law - unanimous
Heidi, I don't know how you can acknowledge Sawant's essential role in getting the issue "at the table at all" but give credit for "leadership" to Herbold for compromising.

By painting Sawant as unreasonable and Herbold as the do-er, you marginalize an important voice in the political process and miss the point that political pressure is itself an effective strategy. Unfortunately, the right wing understands this much better than many on the left.

Instead of merely criticizing Sawant for not getting a consensus, why not also offer a critique of the council members who block her proposals?
Sawant, for the win. Without her, business as usual would reign.
I really hope the writers around here don't begin framing Sawant as a useless radical as revenge for her totally obvious and expected national third party support. You can never underestimate their ability to hold a petty grudge, though...

Locally, Sawant creates the space for this type of legislation. Without her, this wouldn't get passed. Hell, before she started making noise, Mayor Murray literally said it was impossible to use REET money to finance public housing. Seattle Weekly actually ran a good article about this on Monday - How $29 Million For Housing Went From Im….

Like #3 said, why not offer a critique of the council members that automatically block her?
Sawant is highly effective in Seattle politics, in the sense that if she weren't there, a lot less would get done (by other sponsors). Herbold's work wouldn't have happened. The article hints at this, but the tone is lavish praise for Herbold. Whom I like, but look.

If Sawant could just stay off the national stage -- where she does not effectively play the role of shifting the window -- that would be great.
sigh "affordable housing affordable housing affordable housing" - so just what is the price on that housing? free? $400 one bed room with a sweet view of the sound? nobody is owed a rent that they deem "affordable" in any city. you live where you can afford too. use other peoples money.
Lisa has done a great job this year. It's nice to see her getting some credit for her accomplishments.
Sawant is a fearless and principled politician. A very rare breed. I cannot get my head around the Stranger's consistent hostility towards her. Staking out a far-left position is essential to getting anything done on these issues. What is going on with this publication? I guess nothing drives "lefties" crazier than those to the left of them. Talking to you DS.

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