Glad the judge set the bail at 200k. His bogus kickstarter funds wont cover that
matt has a kickstarter?
doesn't everybody?
if matt hickey has a "bogus kickstarter" campaign I'd live a link and i'd be happy to report it. Also i believe you only have to come up with 10% of the bail amount, which doesn't seem like it would be really difficult to come up with.
@4 $20,000 doesn't seem difficult to come up with? You must have a nice fucking life.
if you have family with a home and they don't want to see you sitting in jail you can easily get a bond. Unless Matt decides to be a no-show to court then there's no problem. $20k on hand, no there's no way I could come up with that kind of cash, but if I was sitting in jail I'm sure that my parent who has a home would do everything she could to secure a bond, including putting her house up as collateral, but thanks for the charming assumption.
or if he has a 401k or IRA he can cash those out.
I wish you could get jail time for being a monsterous creep.
Yeah, looks like Matt has a Kickstarter to get his but fixed.
Maybe we should just call him "ButtCyst" from here on in.
I don't think kickstarter allows you to raise money for bail or to pay a fine. and who says his family wants to help him?
Holy crap, that butt cyst page is real?! I assumed it was just going to be a goofy page created to mock him, but it looks completely legit! I expected to go there and see a $5,000,000 goal, thereby allowing us to "donate" based on it's not even having a chance of being met, but he already hit his target.


(haha, no pun intended there.)
So much for presumption of innocence.
Now he is a horrible monster but after his conviction when he gets paroled out and is homeless and living in a van in Ballard he will be a victim of circumstances that deserves your help. And you will be the monster if you don't help him.
@12 you're totally right. Kickstarter does not allow you to do that, and I don't believe that gofundme allows you to raise money for things like getting out of jail. And you're totally right that maybe his family doesn't want to help him, many families wouldn't. I have no idea what kind of relationship Matt has with his family. As for his gofundme buttcyst page, it looks like it was started in January last year, so 6 months before the story even broke.
2017 will be a great year! There is no evidence and Matt Hickey will be pardoned by President Donald J. Trump!

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