Says the mom in tennis shoes who had no political experience either.
@1, exactly. But it's not exactly like HUB is doing that great of a job anyway.
Looks like the Mom in Tennis Shoes is upset some of her cronies which personally profit from HUD might be getting kicked off the gravy train.
@2, HUD (not HUB) does whatever job the Administration and the Administration's appointed Secretary decides it should do. It doesn't run itself. Who's the head of HUD is extremely important.

But then you either knew that, or you just don't care.
@2, did you mean HUD?

I'm not sure what HUB is. Herb and Utilitarian Buds? Hothouse Ultraviolet Beets? Honey Unt Baclava?

As for Senator Murray, she's got a lot of experience in the Senate. More than Ben Carson has in government, that's for sure.

I know I shouldn't feed trolls like you two, I just felt it important to say something whenever you have a hole in your logic larger than a deep bore tunnel.

Wait... that's it! It's Hell Under Bertha!
Well, he is a black man . . . and . . . housing projects . . . and urban! #trumpsense
Duh, i doubt Ben Carson is qualified to drive a car, he's asleep all the time.
@4, @5: Did it occur to you that "HUB" is a typo? Of course it did, and you know it. But the temptation to get your digs in was just too overwhelming.
@1, she was a member of the WA State Legislature as her first political experience. she didn't run a major federal bureaucracy for her first government job.
@10 All true, but the main point of #1 appears to be a misogynistic dig, so l doubt the poster is likely to care.
@7 - You can wake up a sleeping person... you can't wake up a person who is pretending to be asleep.
Its not like anybody is going to write a post about how Patty Murray is wrong and Ben Carson will be a great Secretary because blah, blah, blah. Not when they can dash off a rickety charge of hypocricy-zzzzzzzzz. Its the one size fits all snark.

Go Patty Murray.
@1 & @2: Said two typical trolls scared stupid about a well-qualified woman doing a kickass job.
By the way, she's serving her fifth term as Washington State Senator--get your facts right.
Go, Patty!!
@14: I have the utmost respect for our senior Senator. How rude of you to think otherwise.

@10: Thank you for the correction.
Can we all talk about how Ben Carson's "relevant" experience here is based on his impoverished youth, the escape from which he fictionalized heavily in his autobiography?

The man knows nothing about the issues he's going to pretend to tackle.
In what other field is experience is a detriment? I really can't think of any? Sports? Hell no. Business? Give me a break. Medicine? Not on your life. Seriously -- you would be a fool to pick a surgeon who has little experience over a guy who has done an operation dozens of times.

Only in politics do idiots think that knowing nothing about the field is a blessing. But that is the Republican way. They hate government and have run against government for a long time now. So if they fuck it up by having an obviously incompetent guy run things, then no big loss.

@6 -- Nailed it. They should make him secretary of basketball (even though he has never played or coached, but you know ...).
@19 - "Only in politics do idiots think that knowing nothing about the field is a blessing."

Actually, idiots think that in a lot of fields. But I get your point.
@20 you say, with that glazed over look
If DJT or anyone in his cabinet is ever thoroughly investigated, I suspect that the question, "what didn't you know and when didn't you know it" will come up often.
HUB is the Husky Union Building, as anyone who ever went to UW knows.

Usually being a POC is a good enough (and only) reason for the Stranger to back a candidate for office.
Carson was a brilliant and innovative pediatric neurosurgeon who saved many children's lives during his long medical career. Unfortunately that seems to have led him to develop "the God complex", whereby he believes he's the most qualified expert on everything. Since he left the operating theater, he's demonstrated a scary lack of understanding of some very basic issues. As for Trump, he probably thinks that appointing any African-American as HUD Secretary will work well because don't they all live in public housing?
Carson would be the first HUD secretary to actually live in government housing during his lifetime.

I recall hearing a lot from democrats and liberals about how we need people with a broader range of experiences outside of that of white people, especially in government. What is wrong with a little diversity, anyway? I thought diversity was the only thing that mattered. C'mon, he is a POC! That's good enough.

You're such a boy! You should go write for one of the late night talk shows!
Clever boy!
OMG, right off the get go, #1 and many after, see the hypocrisy of the left. You have to ask the standards of the left, is there actually a correct choice for HUD if it is picked by a republican. The answer is, there is never a good choice according to the left.

I hope Trump crams it up their cram hole (la fleur) for the next four years.

Atleast the stranger will be a writhing pit of whiners for that long.
@30: Learn to take a gentle ribbing, chicken little. It is hilarious how little you guys can take, and how much you love to dish out. So thin skinned. Sad!
@33: Well, I guess you are halfway there. Keep in mind that literally the only thing between your "the sky is falling!" hysterics and a belief that the country is on the right track is a handful of former Obama voters staying home in swing states.

The people are the same, and society is the same as it was before November 8th. Being a drama queen isn't going to change that, and neither is Ben Carson being in charge of HUD over some other rich dude who does not care about poor people.
HUD and Education are always on the GOP chopping block which tells you how the party feels about these departments.These seats are awarded as plum political appointment, usually to placate some social/political group or another. In terms of presidential succession, HUD secretary is pretty far down.

Watch for who Trump will apppoint as State Department head instead. This selection will say a lot about Trump. I might be a tad too optimistic, but the fact that he hasn't announced one tells me he's in a serious quandary- balancing dealmaking, rewarding loyalty, and in over his head in international politics. Whoever it is will have to be good enough to cover Trump's early morning tweets without demeaning the presidency, smart enough to sway enemies and allies, and keep Donald happy.

#34 has it right. BC's another rich dude who doesn't care about poor people.

I'll add for whatever reason, he's deliberately poking at China. Might be a good strategy which only Trump can get away with in winning better trade concession from China. Having the power to threaten your country's big corporations (especially ones with big, juicy federal contracts) tells China, this guy might be more than bluster. Who knows at this point. Our tech industry wants more access to Chinese markets, but can't because of China's anti-competitive regulations and restrictions (some of which would allow piracy and govn't hacking) so they may side with Trump.

He's not measured and cautious like Obama. He's aggressive and unpredictable. That drives nation's like China absolutely bonker. Trump has them somewhat nervous right now. China is 2nd richest country and one of our biggest trading partners. Comes down to the economy and Wall Street profits once again.
this had has a vote on our nuclear program and a few years ago was hauling her short fat ass around a soccer field with the other soccer moms.. sure,that makes complete sense..
HUD is a complete disaster anyway, maybe an outsider is what we need..
Fuck all you anti-govt troglodytes. Assholes. Every god damned one of you.
What @40 said.

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