Will Trump Kill Legal Weed?


There are quite a few other things Red and Blue america agree on - the preservation of Medicare and Social Security, for example. But that doesn't mean the incoming government won't try to destroy those things anyhow - there are other constituencies (malefactors of great wealth, rich crackpot ideologues, etc) that want them destroyed.

The War on Drugs is a very important jobs program for the rural working class - somebody has to guard all those prisoners. And Jeff Sessions was even turned off the Klan when he found out they smoked pot - its one of his most famous quotations!

Hell if I know what's going to happen, but if there's anything this recent election taught us its that popular will is not the most important contributor to how things turn out.
When Prohibition was enacted, the alcohol industry (manufacture, retail, saloons) was the 5th largest industry in the United States. Moralists don't give a shit about profits.
With all this hysteria, it's good to consider the worst case scenario. - All Sessions could do is, at most, close down stores and large commercial grows. - The feds cannot force state and local police to go against state law and arrest consumers.

In the eight legal states (and to varying degree in the 28 medical marijuana states) it will always be legal to possess, consume, grow and give away small amounts of marijuana. - This is the form of legalization achieved in Washington, D.C.

So, at worst, we would all be on the D.C. model for a few years. - Then, with the sky falling nowhere, restrictions on sales would gradually fade.

It's also encouraging to note that one of Trump's transition team members is Peter Thiel. He is a major backer of the Marley Natural line of marijuana products.


We have elected the grifting administration. Sure, there will be legal weed. It will carry the Trump name. I figure Donald Jr. will just "happen" to invest in it.
Sheesh, another article asking whether the Trump administration will usher in the end of the world or just be sorta awful. Every last thing the Trumpistas have done to date has been worse than our wildest dreams, and we're still weeks away from them moving into the White House. The only upside is that we won't worry so much about Jeff Sessions cracking down on legal weed since we'll be thoroughly distracted by the fascist police state and environmental catastrophe that's to come. For the love of all that was once good and decent, I'm so glad I didn't have kids. We are *all* in big, big trouble.
Trump will use it in his toolbox of threats.
A lot can happen in 43 days....
Funny he mentions these recreational business have a lot on the line to lose... I 502 in washington, (shutting down medical collectives) destroyed a lot of peoples lives. No one voted for that to happen. Initially medical was suppose to be left alone... And no ones sticking up for us. FUCK REC! Boycott i502! Support your underground weed man. Bring back mom and pop shops.