Uber is doubling down on efforts to discourage Seattle drivers from organizing. the stranger


I would ask the writer of this article to please understand Uber didn't make me against the potential union, it was the increasingly rude tactics of the pro union drivers and a Teamsters rep I met at a city sponsored meeting, but my own experience dealing with the Teamsters union when I delivered newspapers for the PI.

Instead of blaming Uber for those drivers who want and deserve a voice in a decision made by a City Counsel and Mayor most drivers never will vote for as we live outside Seattle City Limits, talk to random Lyft and yes Uber drivers and ask us why we are taking either pro or anti union stances. That is an article I'd like to see and would likely surprise your readers.
There was a full-page ad from one of these anti-union front groups on page 5 of the print edition that carried this story. Heidi's story was on page 9. That was weird.
It shouldn't require the will of 50% of all employees to form a union. Hell if even only 2 employees wanted to forma union with just the two of them as members, they should have that right. They won't be a very strong union with just 2 members. However, they should have the right to form if the so choose.

The thing that chaps my ass about this ad is the line "If it weren't for Uber". This implies that Uber saved this poor, downtrodden man, and he owes this company his very existence. All praise be ti the company! Hallelujah,our lord and savior the great Uber! What arrogant nonsense. This man, and the other drivers like him, are the ones doing all the work. Uber could not exist of it went for the work he provides. If anyone saved anybody, the drivers saved Uber, not the other way around.

Uber's investors do no work. None of them drives a car for the company. They've never broken one bead os set for the profits they enjoy. Its the work of the drivers that they make their money off of.
Same shit that I saw at Honda of Kirkland. They feed you a line of shit about unions then fire you if you are vaguely interested in bringing in the union. When you have no insurance (really you do have insurance but nobody will accept it) and haven't seen a raise in years why not vote union? These companies screw themselves.

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