We can still hate cis-het white males though, right? I mean, they have it coming.
" 27 youth in the jails."

Several of them are murderers. What should we do with them, send them home and ask their moms to keep an eye on them?
What do we do with youth like this then:

"a juvenile Caucasian female, was arrested for the death of Emmanuel Gondo, who was found shot to death inside his car in the Rainier Valley area on February 10."

Or the three who murdered Tuba Man?
@2, yes, that's mandatory!!
I wish they would just build that jail already, so that we can move on from this stupid, stupid, stupid issue. If Murray is deluded enough to deny the building permit (which I'm not even sure he can do) they should just build it down in Kent and sell the land the current jail is on for development. Actually, they should just do that anyway? Why does Seattle have to get all the jails?

But seeing as how the entire city block that the old Public Safety Building was on is still vacant fifteen years after the building was demolished doesn't give me hope. The money that would have been gained by selling it to a developer would have built hundreds of the affordable housing units everyone is always yakking about. But we're holding on to the hope that someone will come along and build low-income housing there, on some of the most valuable land in the country because, after all, poor people deserve to live in the mess that is Pioneer Square.
"just build it down in Kent"

Not a bad idea, especially since South King County is becoming such gangbanger paradise and general sh*t hole.
This region is big on grand gestures but when it comes time to put our money where our mouth is, to live out our professed values, not so much. Today, even after the trauma of the election of a maniac and the reality of what this nation has and will become, despite our lack of funds to even properly fund our schools, despite all we know about racial bias and who it harms, the City and County plan to plow ahead and quietly break ground on a new jail and courthouse on a day later this week when nobody was supposed to notice, Christmas week. That's pretty lowdown. They say we need a new courthouse for the judges (the current building is only 23 years old) and we supposedly need 115 detention cells for kids, when the current average need is around 40 and it’s gotten down into the 30s, and that if we offered services and changed some draconian laws for status offenses, we could easily get that number down significantly further.

Why do we want a new courthouse/jail when buildings are SUPPOSED to last more than 22 years. We've been mislead about the falling-down condition of the current building.

Who do they want to build this building for? Is it worth it? It’s a very loud and clear message to our youth and the entire community that it’s BUSINESS AS USUAL in juvenile "justice," and that we’re going to ignore the science, and the very recent DOJ study, the negative economics of locking kids up, New Zealand’s and other’s successes around the world in dealing with the bad decisions that youth often make (especially in a traumatized society like our own) and dealing in a holistic, healing, humane, and productive way, and despite the clear and obvious racist realities of our current criminal “justice” system and in all of our institutions, every single one – despite all that, the County is going ahead with this $210 million boondoggle and creating physical space to lock up more kids when there are alternatives that are culturally appropriate, noninstitutional, cost-effective, bonding, and healing, with better results for our society down the road.

I just don’t see how the City and County justify this idea that started years ago when the world has changed so much since then. I’m hoping the Executive will step up and do the right thing and save us a shitload of money in the process. More than the money though would be the message to our youth that we’re not going to throw them away anymore.

And thank you, Rick Stolz and everybody.
This DOJ study on youth incarceration came out last week:…
"the trauma of the election"

Need a safe place cuck?

" Is it worth it?"

On this I agree Why spend the money. Keep the little murdering/stealing/raping POS in the current building for all I care.
Mandyv dear, What courthouse are you talking about? It's a juvvie jail. It's not 22 years old, it's more like 60, and it's a horrible place. And if groundbreaking is this week, I have news for you: the permits are already issued and approved, the contracts are let, and there's no going back.

I'm all for alternatives to jail for kids, but we have to realize that some children will need to be incarcerated, and they need a decent facility. This ongoing "protest" is just the sort of thing that makes people think that liberals are looney.

And you realize, don't you, that even if this idea were to succeed, that money would not be made available for some alternative method of dealing with juveniles. It was approved by a vote of the citizens to build a new jail. That money would have to be returned to the taxpayers and the process would have to start all over.
Slight correction: Our Dear Mandyv is correct that there is a courthouse as part of the Juvvie center. That, in my opinion, is an improvement. Didn't they used to try juvenile cases downtown?

But I can still find no mention of a groundbreaking this week.
I'm all for making Washington a Trump-Free Zone. Let's start with running Doug "I'll Suck the Fossil Fuel Industry's Dick for a Free Steak" Ericksen-R, Ferndale, out of state ASAP.
Ericksen proudly appointed himself Trump's Washington State campaign manager---obviously more important to Douggie than actually representing the voters in the 42nd District.
FU Washington, and F your electors....
This is very good, however we need to take proactive rather than merely reactive measures.

The Emoluments Clause offers us one more chance to discredit, if not outright dethrone, Trump.

Donate to a lawyer who will sue Trump on the Emoluments Clause.
Thank you to all of our elected officials for standing up and speaking out against President Twitter Troll and his hate-crazed, racist, sexist, xenophobic policies. Washington state will not fall to the fascist RepubliKKKan lunacy gripping the Red States.
FUCK YOU ALL! I can't believe you liberal, pansy, snowflake bigots can get away with blaming Donald Trump for your own misandristic, heterophobic, and Christophobic problems all because he turned Republican and he's not even in office yet. Obama didn't do shit for this country other than run it almost to the ground the eight years he was in office, and you blathering idiots regard him as a god! The homelessness problem IN THIS STATE got worse because of him! 4,505 people in King County in 2016, anyone? I hope Washington State loses its Federal funding for being a sanctuary state, and putting all its native and natural-born residents in jeopardy! I hope you same jackasses realize that without a juvenile justice facility, teenagers will never understand the consequences of their actions; it's not slavery to correctly punish children in the Justice System. Furthermore, You all are hypocrites to believe that Washington State is going to be a "hate free zone", because once a Christian like me voices my opposition to ANY matter you stupid Social Justice Warriors come up with that's against the very God you hate, it is considered hate speech, 1st Amendment rights are being censored, and I am (or some other Christian is) being prosecuted for committing a hate crime against you Christ-haters. Yet when Muslims, who hate gays, women, blacks, Jews, AND Christians, by the way, say ACTUAL hate speech in regards to THEIR RELIGION, it's considered all right. Oh, AND Muslims all you infidels dead. Allu Ahkbar! You know the very God that none of you believe in will be judging you, and the Lake of Fire will be your destination! Repent or perish!

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