Not to mention, there is a bank out there making interest off of his hate-money. And businesses accepting his hate-money. And taxers being collected on his hate-money.

Better burn it all down, just to be sure, since everything the money touches must be infected with hate as well. That's how it works.
They're just shining light on this cockroach, not making calls to ban him or burn it all down. The more light shined on hatemongers the better, imo.
@5 Certainly worked in the election, eh?
Milo isn't exactly Richard Spencer Jr. He spends more time trying to troll people by spouting off "wow look at what he said!" shit that he doesn't bother defending.

What that means is Yiannopoulos isn't a bee-line to KKK talking points. He makes quotes and references that get softies all wound up but he has largely been treading water with his fan base. He doesn't have anything interesting or of any intellectual depth to say.

The GoFundMe won't get pulled down for policy until the actual content of his speeches is clear, but either way is $14,000 that big of a deal? Is this douchebag that big of a deal? I've listened to the guy speak on podcasts and he's not managing some kind of Nazi brain trust, more like (barely) managing his own image as some kind of neo-fag badass or whatever he paints himself as.

I remember when Slog had more interesting stories instead of these outrage-baity articles of no importance. Lose good writers -> lose search rankings -> increase unique content rankings by posting about dumb bullshit that kids at Shoreline Community College are going to get SO MAD about = stay afloat?
@5: I have no problem with increased light-shining, but the guy's whole career is about getting as much attention as possible, so...

This country is full of a lot of uninformed, misinformed, and/or stupid people.
If this were an ISIS apologist touring campuses to radicalize college students, we wouldn't need to have any disengenous "free speech" debate. Dylan Root stands in court proudly affirming his commitment to hate and violence. How do you think these kids become so well indoctrinated? Who do you think teachers them what to reply to every challenge?

There's two parts to executing a terror campaign. One is the terrorist who pulls the trigger. The other is Milo Yoannopoulos.

How ironic that the Left is organizing to ban an admittedly flamingly gay, black-loving Brit from speaking freely on a college campus! Grab the books and some matches!

Milo is an attention whore, and entirely insensitive to the sensitivities of The Snowflakes, but he is evidently not a racist. Now, you've all become so accustomed to screaming 'racist' at anything you find disagreeable that you can't imagine you'd actually have to listen to him before reasonably forming that opinion.

Let's not be so lazy with that "R" slur, or eventually the roommate that burns your toast is a "racist!," and the person slow off the mark at a green light is a 'racist.' (I'd reference the "Boy Who Cried Wolf.", but can't be bothered to translate a gender-neutral title that won't trigger your bullshit).
The defense of Milo is (evidently) "half of it's a joke".

That is a joke of a defense.

Also the fact GoFundMe exists (to some extent) by taking 5% off the donations people make crowdfunding medical treatments and such is so fucking sad. Our society is terribly broken.
Our society is great, we just keep paying so much attention and getting so fucking upset over things that don't directly affect us because people on the internet got a head start on caring deeply about them before you did any given day.
I disagree with you so that makes you a rapist, racist and anything else I can come up with.

But at least The Stranger can be relied upon to give Milo more press coverage: it's Sarah Palin all over again.
I'm no expert on Milo--and I'm certainly no fan--but I have listened to the Rogan, the Gad Saad, and the Rubin interviews as well as various lectures online, so suspect I've spend more time with him than the majority here. My take is that there's two aspects to his thing: On one hand, he's a provocateur makining purposefully extreme statements, and I can almost guarantee he loves the kind of hate he gets from people here. However, if one gets a little deeper into his thinking, he is someone who actually uses facts to back up his opinions, which is more than I can say for many regressive liberal commentators. He also openly supports second wave feminism and I simply see no evidence that he is racist or anti-Semitic (unlike many on both the far right and far left, he openly supports Israel). If someone is of the mindset that anyone who criticizes BLM, Islamism, intersectionality, 3rd wave feminism, or the cult of identity politics is inherently racists, then sure, Milo is your worst enemy. But I'm quite sure responding with name calling is just playing right into his hands.
By calling clearly bigoted speech and antagonistic actions (eg. projecting someone's face on a screen and taunting them) a "joke" is to willfully deflect from the issue and blind oneself.

A "joke" is a socially-constructed viewpoint intended to establish an in-group (those who think it is funny), and an out-group (those who do not), and maintain those boundaries. This can be pro-social, as when jokes are made to point out a inevitable truism of life, or they can be anti-social, as when jokes are directed at a person or group in order to denigrate them and hurt them. Laughing at the expense of others is anti-social.

There is also the concept of punching up vs. punching down, and that is about who has more power. Trump punches down when he makes fun of, say, a reporter with a handicap, or calling all Mexicans "rapists". Yiannopolous is punching down. The weakest form of humor.
As to bringing Yiannopolous to campus, one of the more effective ways to deal with hate speech and bigoted viewpoints is to expose them to vigorous and healthy debate. If Y. is coming simply as a lecturer, spreading his -rather boring- messages, then what a waste. The outrage & uproar will only serve to fuel his self-serving actions.

(I recommend a mass mooning... :>D)

But if he is going to participate in a moderated debate with someone who has more pro-social ideas, then sure, let him attend and let everyone see how the conversation progresses.
The word "Hate" has officially lost all meaning.
Shorter Alt-Right: "of course it's a 'joke' when we say something offensive, that we know is offensive, and that other people call out as offensive - because how could they possibly think we actually MEAN to be offensive when we say things that are clearly intended to offend?"
"Hate tour"

"Milo and his followers can die"
Milo Somethingunpronouncable is an attention whore. This differs from merely being controversial. Lenny Bruce was controversial. In between his raunchy bits, he added perspectives that contributed to the greater conversation. He lampooned the condescending manner in which white liberals treat their token Black 'friends', whom they keep around just to show they're not racist. He highlighted the hypocrisy of the War on Drugs. He discussed how many people died of curable diseases such as syphilis, simply because society shames those afflicted with STDs in ways we'd never attack people affected by any other disease. And of course he used tons of offensive language and upset social mores every opportunity he got. That's controversial.

An attention whore such as Mr Somethingunpronouncable doesn't have any valuable social commentary to add. Mr Bruce sued shock as a means of getting your attention and drawing it to important things which needed to be said. Milo on the other hand just wants you to pay him for standing up and spewing obscenities with no context.

If hats all it takes to land a multimillion-dollar book deal, allow me to contribute the first paragraph of my upcoming book, "Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck"

Swearing is total bullshti. What shitfuck asslick son of a bitch uses goddamn motehrfucking swear words? I mean, godfuck, you shitty ass pissant jackass pieces of shit! What the fuckety fuck are you pussysuckers thinking when you goddamn tiny pricked jackass cocks swear at daddyfuckers who're just trying to fucking get bitch ass through our motherfucking piece of shit day?

There. Now, Simon and Shitster can send their proposal for my book deal c/o the Stranger, and i expect all of you alt-righers to buy copies of my book, which I will personally for each of you by changing the front cover photograph to one of me engaging in watersports with your Dad.
Sam Harris addressed Milo on his podcast in a way I found nuanced and right on. I'm suspect someone out there will enjoy this:…
@24, hate is okay if your side is doing it.
PS, I need a copy editor.

What's the problem - it was just a joke. Geez, you people on the Right are so sensitive!
I've listened to this joker as well on Rogen's show, Rubin etc. and to be honest the guy is a media whore. To give him the title of being a "contrarian" or "provocateur" is to denigrate the work that Hitchens did who really was a contrarian and a provocateur and earned those titles.

By the same token calling Milo a hate monger and neo Nazi is to take those words and make them meaningless as well. The guy's a piece of shit media whore...he's like Caitlyn Jenner or any of the other Kardashians for that matter.
Meh, the Diceman didn't need no go-fund-me to outrage a campus. These young trolls these days, spending all thier parents money on vidya and mouth fedoras. They'd rather be online arguing about who has the worst waifu than pay to bring the top mean girl to town to explain the four uses of the word 'cuck'

@12 Some college kids trying to ban him on campus is not 'the left' and you don't need to worry about triggering anyone with your tired rant on the overuse of the word 'racism', but good work taking it to an absurd end.
I'm pretty sure silently acquiescing to whatever the fascists and racists say is the only way we won't be "playing into their hands".

You can't take them at their word: whatever sounds like sedition or inciting violence is probably just a joke. You can't say their words influence anybody's acts. Because free speech. Is the antidote to the evils of free speech more speech? Nope. Yeah, I know, free speech was sold to you on the promise that you'd get to reply, that you *had* to reply, but ha ha no. That would be playing into their hands. Because you're giving them free media.

Just. Do. Nothing.

Doing nothing is the new machine that kills fascists.
Dreadfully amateurish photo - poorly framed, wrong aspect ratio, under exposed, not level, boring. A real masterpiece.

It's not a rhetorical fallacy, because YOU don't get to define what other people find offensive. And who here is even suggesting "the subject can no longer be broached or explored"? Calling out offensive speech is simply that - pointing it out when it occurs. It doesn't prevent people from making offensive comments, since it is a response to and occurs after the comments have already been made.
I hate the fact that you hate me. But I support your RIGHT to hate me!

Voltaire's joke?

I don't agree with what this guy says. But, aren't Universities supposed to be Bastions of Free Speech?

It seems like students are using "Free Speech" to block Free Speech. The students seem so blind as to not recognize his right to speak anywhere at all. They only want Free Speech at the University that "They" approve of.
Who told you what univsities are supposed to be? Let me guess... Y... I... A... N... O...?
Fuck Milo, but also fuck the writer of this article. The implication is that GoFundMe or whatever is somehow responsible or endorses the content of Milo's message, when 1) we all know that isn't true, and 2) it's a soft call for censorship. Those are both fuckhead positions.
Universities should only invite people who have made significant scientific contributions. Milo rather belongs to TV shows.
@11 the Tolerant and Compassionate Left™ everybody.

"Everything I don't agree agree with is hate speech! BTW I hope that you die!"
This is going to be hard to top for the most predictable Slog article of the month.
Who told you the left owed you tolerance and compassion? Who told you universities were bastions of free speech? You guys make this shit up and then squeal like babies when nobody is following your made up rules. Don't come crying to us. Go cry to whoever told you these lies.

Act like an asshole, expect to get treated like an asshole. That's what the left has been telling you. All this compassion for fucking assholes is shit your propagandists made up, and you beloved it. Stupid fuckers. You got duped.

You are the first ones who want to jail radical imams. You are the first ones who want to kill terrorist propagandists with drones. But your own "alt-right" [nazi] terrorist? You cry for tolerance and compassion and free speech. Assholes.
Which Nazi terrorist has killed more innocent people: Obama or this Milo guy? Go.
Obama came into office with very little foreign policy experience and was left with eight years of spectacularly stupid fuck-ups by the Bush administration to fix. Where does one even begin? In any case, I doubt that the power to kill innocent people was one of reasons he ran for president. That said, he has gotten pretty good at it. I also read that the innocent to non-innocent kill ration has never been better. Look at all that Navy Seal stuff. Obama. He's a quick study.

But he has one more mission left. His most important. There's a private dining room off The Oval Office. Donald Trump has huge and very big plans for it. He knows classy, just like he has words. Obama calls him and puts on the charm, flatters him, and invites him to lunch, in the dining room, just the two of them, mano-a-mano, no one else in the room. Near the end of the lunch the President comes out and says something like "Mr. Trump has injured himself. He's not breathing. Call and ambulance." Mission complete.
Shut up with the pseudo-intellectual claptrap, you cracker ass cracker. Nobody is impressed by you reading about logical fallacies on some subreddit. Christ, you clowns. None of you have a lick of talent or imagination, and with a straight face you think somebody is going to be bowled over by a cracker ass cracker regurgitating a list of repetitive talking points. A parrot can do that shit.
@44 A guy that takes his name from noted racist H.P. Lovecraft lecturing others on racism. And yes, it is YOUR ilk that claim colleges are bastions of free speech. You've constantly invoked that in order to stop the regular people from kicking these Commie professors off campus for the last 40 years. BTW, there is no need for an ISIS recruiter to speak on campus because they already exist there. The BDS movement and a whole array of Leftist anti-Semitic organizations are quite popular and supported by numerous professors.

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