Hypocrites like Mark Miloscia who scream the loudest about Christianity are always the meanest, most hateful assholes you'll ever know.
Re: espanol desaparecer

The Latinos for Trump pendejos are running a close second to the Gays for Trump morons in faceslapping, obtuse stupidity.
Trump is not lying when he says he will take care of environment and workers, he just means it in the mafia sense of "take care of".
The article says the Spanish translation may return when the White House finishes completing its IT staffing.

There are far more important things to be upset about today.
"Anti-Abortion Lawmakers Are Pushing Three Bills in the State Legislature"

If the SLOG did some real journalism instead of just regurgitating what the Seattle Times has, they'd note that another bill - SB 5320 (Requiring notification to parents or guardians in cases of abortion) actually has a hearing This Thursday!
Or as the Onion says, "Mike Pence Disappointed In The 200,000 Husbands And Fathers Who Permitted Women To Attend March."…
29 year old, not "50 ish", took a concealed firearm onto a campus where they are banned, fired pepper spray at protestors, then when someone defended themselves against that assault, got frightened and fired at close range.

weapons charges, assault, man 1. when is he being arrested and charged?
Just curious, but who gives a flying fuck about the guy from Federal Way? But the most shocking thing is that you just said him not liking the protests = we live in fascist USA.

Fuck I hate my country.
attempted, obviously.
@10, I'd allow anyone to speak or protest, and encourage more of both.

It's a good thing when the dumb people speak; so you know they're dumb. There are plenty of them on both sides of the spectrum. You are a prime example.

I think they're coming.
The "digital transition" which administrations go through is relatively new and tricky, but the site will not be complete until later this year, according to the administration.

So it should not surprise anyone with a working brain that items are going to be removed, added, or changed in the meantime.

Yes, it definitely takes one to know one...
I grew up in Mark's parish. Had no idea he was such a fucking asshole. Might move back to fdub to vote against him.

He didn't say "I don't like them". He said they are "unChristian" and "unAmerican". That's pretty fascist.

You are an idiot who can't read. Don't come here wasting everyone's time if you can't even read before you spew.
Who cares what the fuck he said. He said some stupid shit. That's fascism in action?

Fuck I hate my country.

Serenity now!
@19, I took issue, if you are able to scroll up, of the calling of the US a fascist state because a guy said some stupid shit. Do you agree that the US is now a fascist state because a guy from Federal Way said some stupid shit? Yea or nay?

No rest for the weary. SydBrownstone on the beat. Thank you!
"But the most shocking thing is that you just said him not liking the protests = we live in fascist USA."

Uh.. the article said no such thing and thats a reach even for a troll. And what are you so tightly wound up about all the time? Did an SJW give you herpes? You put much effort put into pissing and moaning about bullshit that you sound just like the people you despise.

Wait, who's speech was suppressed?

Who is trying to silence others?
@24, "Welcome to your fascist USA!"

@20 Yeah the thing is numbnuts, there's plenty more evidence than this guy's rant that this country could be slipping into fascism, like your Dear Orange Leader's inauguration speech for instance: scapegoating of foreigners, check, authoritarian bluster, check, apocalyptic hyperbole regarding the state of the country and the world, check, nationalistic spittle-spewing, check...In truth fascism is a nebulous term. Interesting article on Slate about this very subject:…
Seems to me the best definition here is 'populist ultra-nationalism'. Tack on extreme authoritarianism to that definition (although I would say that is implied by ultra-nationalism). You're free to argue that it would be inaccurate to label Trump a 'populist ultra-nationalist' who also shows many signs he will govern as an extreme authoritarian. As for full-on fascism, we would likely need some sort of major crisis for that to take hold.
@2 - "HypoChristians" ;>)

Yeah, when a lawmaker, whose job is to supposedly represent people, is telling some of those very people he represents that they are "un-American" (?!?... paging Joe McCarthy... please pick up the red communist line...) --when those Americans are exercising their clearly very American First Amendment rights... that's just insane. Miloscia is an attention-monger who needs to be ignored.. then fired. Who tf does this guy think he is? Some pro-theocracy "moral minority" who can tell people how to live? In America? Fuck him, and twice on Sundays.
McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence. It also means "the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism."

Miloscia is a McCarthyist. Sad!

Seriously people, --especially you journalists-- we need to stop saying "fascist". It's emotionally loaded, and functionally useless. Nearly everyone can and does use it against their perceived enemies, no matter what ideology they have or oppose, and it just makes one sound like a reactionary.

Don't be a reactionary, be accurate: Authoritarianism.

Corporate Authoritarianism.
Sounds like someone got up on the wrong side of their crib this morning. Might be time for a nap and a binky, IS. Do you need a juice box, too?
@28, stay with me here as I am forced to repeat, yet again: When someone stupid from Federal Way says stupid stuff, does that = we live in a fascist state?

That's my entire point. There are plenty of elected morons, from Trump to Kshama Sawant, who say moronic things, including that others should shut up. Idiots being idiots does not = omgz we're Nazi Germany in the late 30's!"

The ultimate irony is that you probably think I should be silenced for suggesting that.

@31, ageism much?
What you, yes you, can do to save Americ… (Dallas News)
1. Do not obey in advance.
2. Defend an institution.
3. Recall professional ethics.
4. When listening to politicians, distinguish certain words. - Look out for the expansive use of "terrorism" and "extremism."
5. Be calm when the unthinkable arrives. - When the terrorist attack comes, remember that all authoritarians at all times either await or plan such events in order to consolidate power.
6. Be kind to our language. - Avoid pronouncing the phrases everyone else does. Think up your own way of speaking. Read. What to read? Perhaps "The Power of the Powerless" by Václav Havel, "The Captive Mind" by Czeslaw Milosz.
7. Stand out.
8. Believe in truth. - To abandon facts is to abandon freedom.
9. Investigate. - Figure things out for yourself.
10. Practice corporeal politics. - Power wants your body softening in your chair.
11. Make eye contact and small talk.
12. Take responsibility for the face of the world.
13. Hinder the one-party state.
14. Give regularly to good causes.
15. Establish a private life.
16. Learn from others in other countries.
17. Watch out for the paramilitaries.
18. Be reflective if you must be armed.
19. Be as courageous as you can.
20. Be a patriot. - The incoming president is not.
@30 I'll agree with that, if we can retire the term 'neo-liberal' as well, another word that has been drained of practically all meaning from over-use.

How about populist, ultra-nationalist, corporatist authoritarianism? In truth that is basically a definition of fascism though, and it takes a lot longer to say it (or type it).
There. I fixed it.
@36, ironically, you probably want me silenced.

For the 5th time, the word "fascism" is a very heavy word. Use it selectively and wisely, or you're just as dumb as this guy from Federal Way.

Sorry, did you need a trigger warning, too?
@35 - Nascent oppression is such a mouthful! ;>) We could acronymize it to "punca".

I'm down with retiring neo-liberal, although I think it does have a more specific meaning than the inherent nebulousness of "fascist" (per that Slate article you posted, thanks for that btw).
Perhaps pro-corporate globalist instead? "Free-trade" cultist? (quotes are necessary). Business-elite lap-dog? Hmmm..

@37 - Ha!
@38 - I don't want you silenced, but I sure wish you'd shut up though. Christ.
I think you need a laugh.

Too bad he's been in a coma for 8 years! He would have been outraged at all of the "unAmerican" "unChristian" republicans.…
Idiotsawant, the problem is that you're boring. Not even irritating or annoying, just mind-numbingly boring.
Yelling "fascism!" because your food was cold is definitely a hell of a lot more entertaining than I am.
@30 It all depends on what you mean by 'corporate' because the corporations referred to by Mussolini were 'trade guilds and industry associations' rather than business entities incorporated wrt the law'. The use of 'corporation' in Latin languages is somewhat different than in the English language. Beware of false friends.
Good luck with your word policing, guys. Let me know how that works out for you.
@45 Well, all individual needs become subservient to that of the state under fascism so quelling dissent in the name of the country is fundamental to fascist ideology. This is a 180 degree departure from the enlightenment of Western civilization that opposed religious absolutism. I suspect it shouldn't surprise anyone coming from a religious conservative.
Federal Way's largest employer is WoldVision. This NGO performs relief work in underdeveloped countries such as South Sudan. They are somewhat notorious among relief agencies for their practice of requiring recipients of their aid (including non-christians residing in majority Muslim states) to attend bible studies classes before they are handed any food or supplies. They are also (no surprise) anti-gay- they have a standing policy of not employing those known to be gay, and of immediately terminating the employment of anyone found to have engaged in sexual relations with one of their own gender.

World Vision is something of an anomaly, in that they take no federal dollars. Their donor base has been sufficient to allow them to operate as major players in the world of international relief. In some parts of the developing world, the World Vision compound is the only identifiable non-native structure in the village. Representatives of other agencies, such as the Carter Center or MSF will frequently look for these compounds, as they feature amenities such as satellite TV and an internet connection. That may see commonplace here, but in the rural backwaters of Central Africa, that takes a lot of money to establish and maintain.

So, it should not surprise us that a politician who's district is host to a well-funded religious institution - indeed, one who serves as the main employer there- should reflect their views. It would be more interesting to investigate how much money excel;y he is getting from WorldVision, or as bundled donations from their staff. Big Religion is a real thing when it comes to lobbying. Aside from a few investigative works by the likes of Jeff Sharlet, you rarely see it exposed to any degree.

Almost anything, including watching paint dry or clipping toe nails, would be more entertaining than you...

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