Protecting Legal Weed from Trump

The Crucial Mission of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus


Yeah, Trump will probably start a war with Russia or China or both but yeah..weed should be our number one priority.
Washington DC is the place that is probably most at risk. Jason Chaffetz (the head of the committee that with oversight of the city) has already shown he intends to meddle in DC issues. There is not downside to this kind of meddling. Citizens of DC have no representation in Congress (despite the fact that they pay more tax than 22 states) and it mollifies the right wing in their states.
When the Feds wanted to raise the drinking age to 21 in all states, they threatened to withhold Federal funding for Interstate highways from states which did not comply. That worked.

There is all ready talk from the Trump administration about withholding federal funds from sanctuary cities over immigration issues.

The same could be one to states with legal weed. Just withhold Federal funding if they don't comply. Legal weed can't generate enough tax's to make up for that. This is what worries me.
2 missions.
I got to the second paragraph and noticed a glaring factual error. The article states that 135 million equals "63 percent" of the United States population, which in the 2010 U.S. Census was almost 320 million. The correct statement is more like "42 percent."
President Trump said that he believed in marijuana for medicinal purposes and I expect guidance from the federal level to support what he said.
The best hope for the cannabis industry is to support program driven cannabis therapy models to ease pain and suffering.
We must put the compassionate face of the industry forward and embrace those business models that are caring for our suffering citizens.
Veterans for Compassionate Care is a program driven PTSD and Opiate Secession Treatment model that can withstand any scrutiny as our medical and scientific experts develop this pilot program for national deployment for treating our suffering Veteran community.
The sick and dying must have access to this healing plant…
If those in the cannabis industry hierarchy the wise men and women must begin to add a compassionate element to their business models and support the programs that ease pain and suffering of our Veteran community.
Hoping the Congressional Cannabis Caucus will: (1) encourage the federal gov't to leave marijuana regulation to the states and (2) take up cannabis banking issues.…
politics makes for some strange bedfellows at times, but seriously... Dana Rohrabacher? Probably one of the ten vilest people in America but since he is pro-pot the cannabis lobby is willing to snuggle up to him.