Despite the term used almost exclusively as anti Jewish, Islsmophobia is also anti Semitism.
Also, after bold words from Dow Constantine about Port of Seattle police convincing Sound Transit to suspend service to the station closest to (though about one half mile from) a political demonstration, now that the heat is off, it sounds like there are no plans for related change in policy. In a statement, ST implied that police have the authority to unilaterally decide to suspend public transit and order it so (in the form of a "request" for such), and that the status quo will be maintained.

[Sound Transit CEO] Rogoff and [King County Metro General Manager] Gannon confirmed that both agencies will continue to comply with legal requirements to honor requests from local law enforcement agencies to suspend bus or rail service due to safety and security concerns.

There is zero indication in the statement that authority to suspend service rests with anyone other than police. It is worded in such a manner to imply that transit agency leaders must approve non-emergency service disruption requests from police, but actually states only that such requests will be reviewed at an unspecified time--possibly after-the-fact.

I hope Constantine will respond to requests for clarification.
Not only is the fan hitting the shit, we're all going to a hand-basket in a hell.
I think if police have a concern for transit riders' safety, they should communicate that to riders so that we can make an informed decision about when and where to exit the bus or train. In this particular case, nobody riding the Link during the service disruption ordered by the port staff would have been put in any danger by being allowed to exit the train at its scheduled stop across a parking garage from an airport inside of which many people were voicing dissent.

The suspension of service ordered by police (or "officials"?) served only to significantly impede many people's ability to peaceably assemble.
Rain dear,
Agreed. We're steadily heading this way thanks to fans like you.
Co-sponsoring legislation is the very least Cantwell and Murray can do. They need to get on the TV to be heard. Maria, call up KIRO and tell them you'd like to make a statement. They'll come running. Patti, call up KING and KOMO and do the same. In a media saturated political environment you have to get your face on a screen to be heard. Pro-forma legislative support statements from your offices or on your websites aren't going to cut it. I'm sick of seeing Chuck Schumer representing the opposition views. I want to see MY senators front and center.
@4, It was for the police's safety (or more realistically their convenience) and not for any safety benefit of the protesters or travelers trying to catch flights out of Seatac. Therefore, from the point of view of the police, "Fuck 'em!" let 'em sit at another station and miss their flights or miss their opportunity to peacefully assemble and exercise their first amendment right.
I wish I had known about this when it was happening so I could have shuttled people in there (including Charles Mudede) by car.
@7: Please help bring attention to that. I suspect that Port Police, Sound Transit, and King County Metro, would have us believe that the no-transit-agency-leader-review-needed loophole in this hole-riddled policy is related to public safety.

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