Nude Pot Farmer on San Juan Island Sophie Jane Rice

Jenny Rice posed for this photo on San Juan Island on the day Trump was inaugurated. Her sister snapped the picture. "We set everything up in the barn and then I stripped down, put my stickies on, and froze my buns off," she says—it was cold that day. She posted it to Instagram (@j_e_n_n_y_r_i_c_e) and Facebook. The next day was the Women's March. "Approximately 1,500 people participated in the march here in Friday Harbor, which is A LOT considering our small population. I wore a men's suit to the march and a number of people came up and expressed how they felt about the photo. I've only had positive feedback in person," she says, though many online comments have been "completely moronic." One person called her "a 'whore' publicly on Facebook but later removed the comment and sent me a private message apologizing and said it was the flag on the ground he found so offensive." As reported in a recent Stranger feature "The Fight Over a Weed Farm on San Juan Island," Rice's business San Juan Sungrown was run off the island after Rice's neighbors objected to the grow-up and sued her. She sent this protest photo to The Stranger along with the message: "As you can see, I'm pretty angry. And I see my own problem with my neighbors as a microcosm of what's happening to our entire country."

How is the problem you had with your neighbors a microcosm of what's happening to our entire country?

My local government gave me the right to farm my own property, then turned around and supported my neighbors in taking that right away. Then they proceeded to watch dumbly as an entire vendetta unfolded that essentially ruined lives. All because a few people didn't like the kind of farming we chose to do. The only reason why these people were successful in doing what they did was because they had money and we did not. If you have money you can get what you want and if you don't you're shit out of luck. 

Why did you pose without clothes on? 

The point of the photo is the reaction to the photo. People who react positively are mobilized because they just get it. People who react negatively get stuck in this mindfuck because their brains can't get past the nudity. And you wouldn't believe how many men are offended by this image. And keep coming back to it to be offended by it again and again, I might add. But it's MY body. And it rejects objectification. If you're offended by me using my body to express my opinions then you can go ahead and just stay stuck in that mindfuck while the rest of us get to work on society. 

When you say "not my president," what do you mean? If you're a citizen of this country, he is your president.

I disagree. I don't accept this election and you don't have to either. Trump is a big orange egotistical joke being played on Americans and I for one don't think it's very funny. Icelanders overthrew their entire government because of bank fraud and normal everyday people were selected to rewrite their constitution. America could do the same thing. The women's march was named the largest one-day movement in U.S. history... now we just need to keep marching. 

Are you going to make more protest photos?

I'm planning a series of political protest photos for 2017, one for each month, which I will make public on social media. I hope The Stranger will share them for me!recommended